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  1. I've been hitting the driving range a few times a year with a driver over the last couple of years. Finally got sucked into the world of golf... Bough a set of used clubs. Not sure what my handicap is yet, haven't played on an actual course yet. Thats happening on Sunday.. Should be fun and frustrating... Seems like there is a lot of information on this message board. I'm sure I will have many questions as I progress.
  2. How much did all your gear cost?

    Just getting started in the world of golf. I have picked up all my clubs used. So far: Driver - 70 3 wood - 60 Irons 3-sw - 290 Bag - 120 Total so far $540 Need a putter...
  3. How do you practice?

    I just started golfing about 3 mos ago. I haven't been on a course yet, but I have been hitting the range. I usually bring a few clubs with me and switch around to get comfortable with them. I am finally hitting a course on Sunday. Should be interesting
  4. NY course reviews

    Finally going to play on an actual course rather than the driving range. I live close to Clearview. Do they require you to get a cart?