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  1. If the league manager goes to LM tools they should be bale to remove the randoms
  2. Yeah I think so, I was trying to find it too and can't.
  3. I'll join in so ya only need 1 more now. Just need to make an account on ESPN real quick
  4. Played 36 at Bethpage with the team yesterday. Our 7am round wasn't awful but we went back out around 1:30 on the blue and I was coming up 18 in the dark.....
  5. I voted yes, but I don't think this needs to be put in place for the NHL. I watch a ton of hockey. Seriously, I love it. For the professionals, it's unnecessary. That being said, I think it is a great idea for the other levels of the game (I'd say high school and down). Young players that are not nearly as experienced or talented at controlling themselves on the ice could definitely benefit from it.
  6. Couldn't have said it better myself @Ernest Jones When I take the time to do this I end up with a tap in regularly if I don't hole it out. I've actually holed out at least one time each round the last 4 times I've played.
  7. Maybe 30 seconds at the most every couple of holes while the other people in the group are looking over their shots anyway doesn't sound unreasonably selfish to me. That's almost along the same lines as saying that looking at a putt from both sides of the hole is selfish and slows the game down considerably as well.
  8. I definitely don't take very long. I'm the last person that would hold anybody up during a round. @David in FL Also, I don't have a rangefinder but the only problem I would have with using it is that I like to see the slope of the green and figure out where I'm landing it and account for the roll out etc. If I miss a green and need to save par I'm giving myself the shortest putt I can.
  9. I was wondering how many of you guys walk out your shots around the green - meaning counting the number of steps from your ball to the hole and/or the spot where you want to land it. I started doing it this season and it really helps a lot with consistency and confidence around the green. I've grooved myself into knowing pretty much how hard I need to hit it for X amount of steps and because of it my short game has never been better. Anybody else do this or something similar?
  10. Actually, I just played this particular course Sunday afternoon and everything was completely dry with no evidence of the spray whatsoever... until I looked at the underside of my versa putter that is haha. My guess based off what everybody is saying would be that they're just messing something up along the way and thats whats doing this.
  11. Ah alright that makes a little more sense. I've worked at a few courses and played plenty and haven't had any kind of stains like this before. @SavvySwede you must be right. If it's somewhat common there has to be a way to do it right without staining everything
  12. There's a small 9 hole course near me which I play on a somewhat frequent basis. It's nice for a little golf after work or playing with friends that aren't quite "ready" for a more serious course. While I like the course and its accessibility, recently they've taken to "spray painting" the entire course green. I asked the groundskeeper what they were doing and he said it was fertilizer, but I've never seen anything like it at other courses. I wouldn't be complaining if it wasn't effecting anybody, but it turns EVERYTHING green. My shoes, clubs, balls, clothes, etc. have all turne
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