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  1. FlappyGilmore

    old big bertha clubs

    A Wedge = Gap Wedge
  2. FlappyGilmore


  3. FlappyGilmore

    My bag, need some thoughts

    Learn to be like Gary Player and use all your clubs around the green.
  4. FlappyGilmore

    How Much to Tip Your Caddie???

    When I caddied, the norm was to double the base pay. In fact my caddie slips had a sentence that said, "Suggested tip is 100%." ie if the base pay is $24 for 18 holes give the caddie $48. My favorite guys where two regulars who gave me $65 and $75 respectively. I had one guy who told me, "I don't care what your name is unless you have huge tits." Gave him yardages so good he always landed pin high, and he gave me $100. If you want to be forgettable and/or hated tip 100% or less. If you want the kid to like you pay more than %100.
  5. When do you do it: When they are walking, mid-swing?
  6. FlappyGilmore

    Big Break NFL

    It's.your fault you don't have self restraint. :-)
  7. FlappyGilmore

    Big Break NFL

    I really wish you typed who won in your post.
  8. FlappyGilmore

    Big Break NFL

    Her twitter has pic of her on the Wilson calendar. Close enough.
  9. On the 12th green, have some chaffing going on, no one is looking...
  10. FlappyGilmore

    "Who wants to Play"

    I am struggling to figure out how mass texting is not the most efficient thing to do. "Just made a tee time at x location at x time for 4. Text me if you want to play." Or "Anyone want to play golf? Let's set up a four some."
  11. FlappyGilmore

    the term gamed

    I think that we should only start to worry when young players start to say, "I just jizzed on the ball." after a good shot.
  12. FlappyGilmore

    the term gamed

    I play the game with X club. Turns to,"I game X club." I bet it came about because someone wanted to use as little words as possible.
  13. FlappyGilmore

    the term gamed

    It comes from generation Y slang talk. I blame rap music.
  14. Thought I was on the WRX forums for a second.

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