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  1. I have been thinking of getting a new set of irons. I've had a chance to hit The Titleist Ap1 irons and It seemed I hit them well. I was also thinking of the calloway x-18,20, or 22's. I was just looking for input on these irons. if you had or have these irons and what you think of them.
  2. When I go golfing I'm not out there to impress anybody. If its a tournemant I will dress a little nicer than usual. Otherwise I go with what feels compfortable. I'm out there to relax and have a good time. Not feel like I'm going to a job interview. Its not the old days were everyone who golfed was rich and could afford "the correct attire". I don't see anything wrong with cargo shorts or a nice pair of jeans. Its not going to help you shoot any better just cuz you look like a pro. if anything I think you golf better when your comfortable.
  3. I have a cd player in my golf cart and love it, to me music calms me down and I shoot better. Just wondering what everyone else thinks
  4. I golf in my cart and I have a cd player there, usually turned on the radio but I enjoy listening to music while I play, I think it calms me down. I'm curious what you all like?
  5. I'm a 4-6 type of guy, me and my friends will shoot 9 to 18 then play one more round of 9 and have a couple drinks. Afterwords head to the club house and have a couple more while discussing how we played that day. Its always a good time.
  6. I own the SC futura and love it. Best putter made! well probably not but still kicks ass.
  7. What is your favorite type of shot to shoot? the one your most comfortable/confident with?
  8. One of the best feelings to me is a monster drive, The one with a perfect lil draw that just flys by everyone elses, lands in the middle of the fairway and gives you a perfect set up for a birdie.
  9. This is kind of a beginner question, I know the appearnce difference, but is the shot difference between the cavity and muscleback?
  10. I need to change my handicap, I'm used to a 9 hole course so I'm thinking 8 as in 9 holes. Thank you for reminding me. I realy like the looks of some of the titleist irons I've just heard there realy hard to get used to. They take alot of time to know how to hit them
  11. I am currently playing some cheap knock offs that I recieved a couple years ago. I hit them pretty well, but now that i'm starting to shoot in the 80s I would like to upgrade. I have graphite shafts right now, and everyone has been telling me to get rid of them and go to steel shafts. I'm ok with losing the distance for the accuracy. I guess my question is whats your thoughts on irons. i see alot of callaway g5's being played around here. I've also thought about maybe going with some mizunos but I'm not sure. Whats your thoughts?
  12. Chances are if you find the right putter you will use if for years to come. People spend 300+ on drivers they use for 2-3 years and sell. I payed 300 for my SC and I have had it for 6 years now and don't plan on getting rid of it soon. As long as you like it and plan on keeping if for awhile I don't think its to much money.
  13. Megaman8


    If my course is realy slow that day and I hit a bad shot, I will take another try at it. But I will continue playing my first ball. Its not a true score if you use mulligans.
  14. I think pretty much everyone of us doesn't want it to happen. But what do you think the actuall chance of it happening is? My honest thoughts is it won't every. I think the game will always be changed to make it more difficult and easier.
  15. I was debating to go with the odyssey 2-ball or the SC futura. I heard so many great things about the 2-ball and everyone around me had one. But once I hit the futura it felt so much more comfortable. They are so worth the money if you get the use out of them.
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