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  1. I'm not trying to flame you but if you shoot 110 on average why are you making it harder on yourself? Part of the problem of slow play is people who play tees beyond their skill level which slows play down for everyone behind them. I have no problem with people whose skill justify playing from the back tees but playing behind someone who isn't capable of reaching the green in regulation with any regularity is painful.
  2. I haven't for a while; but when I travel for work it usually involves my being somewhere for at least a couple of weeks. If the weather there is favorable for golf I bring the clubs with me. Of course this usually means I go out as a single or if I'm lucky I can play with a co-worker who lives or was sent there too. That being said; I have had the opportunity to play in Toronto, Vancouver BC, Warsaw, Poland and Scotland. I've met and played with many great people along the way and it's partially financed by my company. My GF had a meeting to attend in Paris last April and fortunately the weather was in the low 70's and I managed to get in a couple of rounds there. Last week I had to attend a funeral for a relative in Honolulu and I got in 3 rounds there. I decided if I waited for others to do things with, I could be waiting a looooonnnggg time. So I just get out there and do it myself. As I've said; I met a lot of great people and have had wonderful experiences. So I say; just do it.
  3. I happen to have a 04 G35 coupe which is pretty much a 350Z with 4 seats even though the rear seats are only good for amputees. In the trunk of my car there's a diagram on how to pack two golf bags in it and when I was shopping for cars, I think that same diagram was in the hatch area of the 350 also.
  4. "It's the Indian, not the arrow..." I decided to look before giving the exact same answer.
  5. If one hits a particularly bad shot: "That was an Indian/Chinese shot: Ugh - Lee" If someone comments that they hit a putt exactly where they wanted to: "In that case, good shot...."
  6. I've only had one negative experience on eBay due to someone advertising something they didn't even have. Other than that, everything I've bought has been as advertised.
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