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  1. Spike Marks are the stupidest. Also: not being allowed to repair the hole after the jackass in front of you dug the ball out with their putter. I don't understand why everyone hates stroke and distance. The distance makes sense because otherwise, how do you know where to put the ball? and the stroke is because you would have had to play it from wherever it ended up. It's totally consistent with all the other rules. I mean, I hate losing balls and taking stokes. But, it makes sense in context.
  2. oh dude, i played with a guy today who dragged his cart through the fringe at a heavy traffic club and proceeded to explain to us how it doesn't really make that much difference if he does it. special.
  3. imo a scuff has to make the ball decidedly "not round" for me to put it away. but, i am also willing to put away a ball that starts to get an attitude with me
  4. If you hit it long enough to play from the tips then knock yourself out. Tee it forward is for pace of play and for keeping people in the game for longer. It gives people permission to move up, to stay out there. Part of that is calling the tee boxes by colours instead of by sex and age. But, let's be real for a second here, unless you're Usain Bolt you are taking longer by playing a different set of tees the rest of your group. If other people in your group are playing from the whites why not be social and join them? I think it is just a practical solution. If I'm with three men, I will back up, if I'm with other women, I will play from the reds. I can enjoy golf regardless of the length of the course, most of golf happens from 100 yards in anyway, there are challenges to be had from every tee box.
  5. I liked that you wrote that you had started tracking, I found tracking a huge help in narrowing down my problem areas. Like in weight watchers, when you want to slim down your golf scores, tracking what you're doing holds you accountable for your excesses. Also with putting, (I'm going to be that guy for a second) Think about rolling the ball not hitting it, and just try to get it close and then roll it in, you don't need to go for it with every putt. Weirdly I have seen the idea of not needing to "go for" every putt work for a lot of people. Okay, well best wishes from two years in the future.
  6. B. Only plays a Pro V1.. will not touch any other ball. E. Buys recycled golf balls. I live in a colder climate, so a ProV1 is not the ideal ball for us a good portion of the time, and during that time I will usually play a Bridgestone or whatever I find in the woods. But, in the warmer part of the year I am completely prepared to admit to being a Titleist junkie. There might be a ball I can get a little more distance or a little less distance sideways out of (if you know what I mean) but nothing compares to a ProV1 coming into the greens, it's just too pleasing. Once you start playing ProV1s for a season, if you switch to something else you have to be constantly aware of the ball you're playing and change your game, and your shot plans. It's just a completely different experience.
  7. they can't just make stuff up! As long as you said the magic word "provisional" before you put that second ball in play, then you not only could play your original ball, you had to play that ball. But , if you had not said the word "provisional" before playing the second ball from where you hit the three wood, then your club pro is correct and your first ball was "lost" (no longer the ball in play) as soon as you took a swipe at the second.
  8. I don't give advice unless specifically asked. I have gotten to the point where I don't even watch other people swing anymore, so when people ask if they did this or that I tell them I will have to look closer, then I have to look 'at all'. If you don't see it there's no temptation to correct it. Just catch the ball in the air or off the club face, that takes some practicing. As for who "that guy" is for me, I am fortunate to play with a lot of the same people or people who respect me enough to leave my game alone. I do have one friend who thinks she knows stuff, but I am 10-15 strokes better than her so she shuts up after a couple holes. Often if we get paired up with a couple randos the males will try to give me advice, (you have that teed awfully low... well buddy it's a 12* driver and I'd like to go further out than up) but it doesn't last very long either maybe because I have chronic bitch face? Or maybe because I'm perfect. Probably the former.
  9. Hi All: I have been playing Mizuno TC-29 Midsize since 1996. So after almost 20 years with these in my bag I am considering an upgrade. I still really like the performance of these guys, but there are a couple practical reasons for me to pursue the change. First, the 20 year old graphite shafts are not holding up too well. (they actually held up really well all things considered, but I have had the 3i and the 4i start to splinter, I replaced the shaft in the 4i but the feel with the replacement shaft is completely different.) Second, There are starting to be rust spots on the backs and souls of some of the heads Third, a lot of the hozzel collar jobbies are starting to drift. Also, I am frankly curious to know if upgrades to technology over the last two decades would help me out on the course. I have found the TC-29s to be fairly forgiving, but extremely workable. I don't want to give up any work-ability. Like anyone else, I am interested in seeing if I can get an extra couple yards, and a little more accuracy from something different. But, I don't want to move because of some kind of greener grass delusion. Also, at 5'2" I am interested in perhaps pursuing customization to get some clubs that don't bruise my arm or stab me in the gut with their butts. In the bag right now: Cobra M-Speed 11* Offset Ladies Shaft (needs replacing) Cobra Amp Cell Fairway 3/4 16* Ping Rapture 4h 21* (graphite) Mizuno TC-29 Irons 4i-PW (regular graphite) Mizuno MP Series 52* (regular steel) Mizuno MP Series 56* (regular steel) - out of the bag right now Mizuno R Series 60* (regular steel) Spalding Executive sand-wedge (you read that right) Rossa Monza Spider 29" (cut) Very interested to hear opinions and suggestions
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