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  1. I've been trying to figure out the driver with stack and tilt for a while. I have made some progress but still not as consistent as I would like. I noticed this while watching Mike Weir (since I'm left handed). Setup: I flare my front foot slightly and have the ball lined up off the heel. Swing thoughts: For the backswing I remind my self to keep the back elbow connected (tee under armpit drill), and make sure my weight is on my forward leg. The major change for me is now for the follow through I try to finish with my hands higher than normal. This seems to eliminate the duck hook and most of my misses are left but straight (or right for righties). However when I put a good swing in it will be about a ten yard draw with pretty good distance. Hope this helps and let me know if you try this and your results.
  2. I know the Edwin Watts on JTB near Phillips Highway has a good amount of demo clubs. I'm pretty sure they would have that 3 wood as a demo so you might want to try them.