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  1. Thanks for making me feel better. This weekend I felt like I cheated since I hit 2 GIR on the 3 holes where I ended up on the next hole over....it was a somewhat wild day off the tee.
  2. Not quite as long but I know what you mean. I played a 210 yard par 3 on a course that has a 230 yard par 4...
  3. My water bottle. I walk 90% of the time, so it's an absolute must for me.
  4. I've been eating 'huevos rancheros' since I was a kid and nowadays I make them for weekend breakfasts. If you're not familiar with them it's a fried egg on a fried tortilla with beans, cheese, and salsa. I add avocado on there for grins. My fiance likes the tortilla burnt to a crisp and the egg yolk cooked through, I like mine runny.
  5. If you drink are you considered a drunk and a loser? Just something to consider, FWIW I've never touched the stuff. I would have gotten a kick out of that.
  6. Good point, guess I was thinking of torch flame temperature.
  7. This. It's held together by epoxy so about 1000*F of heat might be of concern. I'm no expert on epoxy but I doubt some cold temperature would compromise the epoxy to the point of being brittle enough to fail. I mean it can't be THAT much colder than the garage if that's where you keep the clubs.
  8. Eh I've seen guys act like the scum of the earth wearing coat and ties. It's your character that matters. I've worn t shirts to cheap munis and long pants to country clubs. But I try to treat the course and the players the same way, with respect. Frankly I have more respect for kind folks in jeans than I do for the guy dressed to the 9s who didn't say thank you after both times I pointed out his ball in the adjacent (my) fairway...
  9. That's "bland looking"? To my eye, it's absolutely stunning. The mid mallet head shape is perfect and I really like the cleaner "less is more" look. IF I had to pick something I don't like, I would have gone with a different paint fill. Gorgeous putter and sounds like it was money well spent. I hope it treats you as well as it looks.
  10. I'd say overrated in the sense that they only do one thing that can be done with practice and better technique. Then they're rendered useless by a more versatile club. My dad had that C3i wedge to use out of bunker shots. I gave it a go for fun and it's clunky and basically useless outside of a bunker. He even admitted that he'd only ever use it in bunkers because he didn't feel like practicing that shot. Then he worked on his technique a bit and realized that he could use his normal sand wedge for the same thing as well as hitting full shots, partial swings, and pitches. Now it's collecting dust in his garage.
  11. Where is this figure derived from? It's a bit hard to believe as the wrists don't actually do much as far as "releasing" the club goes. If you're referring to turning over or rolling your wrists to square the clubface that's not what happens.
  12. Do school mascots count? lol I'm in a similar boat, just sub in jeans for khakis and the occasional flannel shirt. I'm an engineer at a factory, so golf shirts are comfortable but still presentable. So if I play after work it's really easy to change into shorts and be set. Although there is one course I've played where I've actually changed FROM a golf shirt into a t-shirt as it was honestly more suitable. It was a nice 'performance' type one but still a t-shirt...
  13. Is the mirror position face on or down the line?
  14. I call this swooping and it is the only way I bid. Unless there are no bids at a ridiculously low price and I bid early so the seller can't pull the plug on the auction. Lost an amplifier that way...seller cancelled the auction on the last day since there were no bids and then relisted at a starting bid $75 higher. Anyways...yeah, swoop in last second and hope nobody else beats you, I thought that was standard operating for ebay auctions. The Ping Putter in my signature was won that way.
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