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  1. The only difference in hitting towards the toe for me is the feel. Center contact feels more solid, but there's no distance loss. I've heard of that spot just above the center as the "hot spot" and I get just as much if not more distance when I hit the ball there.
  2. Nothing twisted about it, and FWIW I'm 26 and think they deserve it. Enjoy it, make them consider playing from the whites next time.
  3. Foot Wedge

    Iron Shaft Help

    I understand what you mean. You can start learning about bend profiles and whatnot, there are a few members here that are very knowledgeable about golf shafts. I tend to be very analytical as well, but when it comes to shafts, you have to let go a little. Some shafts just jive with you, others don't. About the upcharges, I'd say there would be one if it's not offered since the shop orders the clubs from the manufacturer, but FYI I've actually never been fitted. Got my Mizunos as hand-me downs and have focused on improving my swing, though I do believe in finding the right shaft. Trying a Callaway Apex head with XP95 vs PX-LZ105 was eye opening.
  4. Foot Wedge

    Iron Shaft Help

    Bad news: mostly everyone (including myself) will tell you to go get fitted. Good news: Since you're considering new model irons, a shop should do the fitting for free when you buy the irons from them. But from someone who would describe as pretty similar to yours, I would not play DG S300s either. Looking at something in the 105ish gram range, maybe higher launching. But again, I won't know until I get fitted for shafts.
  5. Foot Wedge

    $200 R-Motion for Driving Range

    I was kind of confused by this but looked it up real quick and it makes sense that it's more of a "game" than a simulator. Which still beats the heck out of not seeing any ball flight at all. I can see how a sensor on the shaft can get a fairly accurate reading of what the ball flight *should* be based on the swing minus some accuracy since there is no actual reading of ball speed, backspin, launch angle and spin axis. I wouldn't test clubs or base my club distances off it (since I don't think it's a simulator) but for $200 it may be worth is just for seeing ball flight. Otherwise you're almost flying blind.
  6. Foot Wedge

    What do you do with your old clubs when you get new ones?

    I've had a similar experience with my irons. My dad gave me his G2's when he got G10's to get me playing. Then he got Mizunos and gave my middle brother the G10's. After he decided to buy newer Mizuno's I got his MX-23's and gave my G2's to my youngest brother. Old woods and my putter I have given to them as gifts to round out their bags.
  7. Foot Wedge

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    Put on my hiking pants and choke down on the 4 iron...I'll have some work to do from the woods. Seriously though...do a few more slow practice swings to really exaggerate working my right elbow down and keeping the left wrist flat through the downswing. Hopefully that corrects me for the next tee shot.
  8. Yikes. That may have something to do with it. I generally pay $20-25, but I also prefer to walk 9. Some courses I can do under $10 during the week.
  9. Foot Wedge

    Are you a brand snob?

    This post was hysterical. I love the honesty.
  10. Foot Wedge

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    41 (6 over) for 9 holes after work. Could have been better but you don't want to miss the 9th green long and where did I go? Yup, long. Approach on the 9th was out of some damp rough, struck the back end of the green and rolled off and OB. Thought I clubbed down enough, but that wasn't the case.
  11. I get those silly LinkedIn "news" emails and have seen separate articles about what industries my generation (millennials) are killing and saving. Golf has shown up on both...interesting what statistical interpretation can do. My experience seems to be otherwise. My company has a rotation program and with every new group of 4-5 22-24 year olds that come in each year, at least 1 plays golf regularly. When I started a few years ago, there was the one team of "young guys" playing in the company charity tournament. Now there are multiple. And one of those teams has won the tournament 4 out of the past 5 years. I play the cheaper courses and I regularly see not only younger people, but also teenagers. Makes sense since, surprise surprise, they tend to be on a budget. Maybe it depends on the type of course, maybe it depends on the area, I don't have the answers...but I plan on playing golf until I am dead.
  12. Foot Wedge

    Are you a brand snob?

    My signature might say I'm a snob considering I play big name brands, but I would absolutely play a smaller brand. If only my ballstriking was up to snuff for those Wilson FG Tour V6's... I think I remember seeing some beautiful Tour Edge X-Blades? Too bad I suck.
  13. Foot Wedge

    What tee to play from?

    I'm really hoping the twosome in front of me decided on this yesterday. As I was paying, I saw them tee off from the blacks to the tune of a 150 yard pull hook and a slice OB. I sighed to myself and figured I'd go hit some chips and putts to get at least a full hole between me and them. On my way to the practice green I saw them both hit breakfast balls...grand total of 4 tee shots, 0 in the fairway. They were able to a stay full hole ahead of me (though I was walking) so maybe they wised up and played from the whites or were at the least mindful of pace of play, so no real complaints. I just find it strange that so many guys under 30 feel they HAVE to play from the tips.
  14. Foot Wedge

    New Ping i500 Irons, Lost Distance

    I got a chance to hit a few balls with an i500 7 iron during lunch today and it was interesting. I was either getting my typical carry (~155) with higher spin (6000-6200 rpm) or WAY longer (170-175) with stupid low spin, as in 3700-3800 rpm low. Both with about 20* launch angles. It was hard to tell much more though since I hit into a net without the flight simulator (that's only available for fittings), just the carry, launch, direction, and spin numbers. My miss is high and right so I don't know if those were the shorter ones, but the the direction angles were close to 0 and the "sidespin" numbers were pretty low (200-400) although I am not versed enough in ballflight numbers to know exactly what kind of curvature that means. What do you think of the feel compared to the ie1? I wouldn't really describe the i500 as soft to be honest.
  15. Foot Wedge

    Beginner and obsessed

    Don't worry about all the guys around, most people in my experience are just out there to have fun. I personally don't care who I'm playing with as long as they aren't unpleasant. Definitely post a member swing thread as has been suggested and look into lessons, they really are worth the investment. Glad to hear you've been bitten by the golf bug, welcome to the site!

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