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  1. Beware of the sick Golfer

    A friend convinced me to play 9 on a day when my allergies had me barely able to breathe and my whole body ached and I played better than average (for me). I think what helped was that I just swung smoothly since it was physically painful to get too aggressive.
  2. Well done. This should have been Taylormade's original color scheme in my opinion.
  3. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    4 Iron. Played back in the stance and delofted probably doesn't go more than 7-8 feet off the ground and if I have a decent look at the green, it's good for a ~100 yard approach depending on how much roll the hole's setup will let me get.
  4. Are you a brand snob?

    No. Data nerd, so results are what matter. But admittedly, looks are also part of the decision matrix.
  5. Book recommendations please

    Interesting taste in books, I may have a suggestion. I prefer to read non-fiction and am a sucker for cold war era history, so I really enjoyed Red November by W. Craig Reed, a book about the covert submarine operations during the cold war. It had a great mix of historical context, technical information regarding naval espionage technology, and recounts of some of the harrowing experiences some of the sailors endured during those operations.
  6. Grip Pressure

    Interesting info, thanks for the replies. I agree that "lightening" is pretty subjective. Who knows, maybe I went from squeezing to holding. Yes, this is still the priority. I actually started taking evolvr lessons a few weeks ago and the backswing sway is one of the two main things I'm working on.
  7. Grip Pressure

    I had a case of the low pulls and noticed that as soon as I lightened the grip pressure of my right hand (I’m a righty) ball flight was higher and straight. Is there any particular reason for this? Or just a coincidence? At address it felt like I would lose control of the club during the swing, but the results are clear.
  8. Your experience with golf lessons

    Until you see what doing the right thing does to the ball flight. But yes, it feels strange. Do the instructors you're considering have websites? if so, when reading about them is there anything that jumps out at you? I decided on one when while reading his site's page about his teaching philosophy, he stated that he happened to fall in love with teaching. To me there's a big difference between teaching something because you can and having a passion for teaching it, so I knew we'd be able to work well together. Read their sites, give them a call, if something jumps out at you, your gut is probably right.
  9. My Swing (Foot Wedge)

    Interesting, I hadn't worked on that during my lessons since I had much more glaring issues to correct. I'm assuming this hurts consistency. I appreciate you pointing this out, I'll make it a practice priority.
  10. My Swing (Foot Wedge)

    @iacas Thanks for the response. I agree that it's not too steep, but I'm not sure if you looked at the video of the nasty pull that I posted. Here are the screen grabs: Backswing: Downswing (looks a touch steeper than BS): Club looks like it's coming over my hands a little: Impact looks like it should have been ok, but it wasn't:
  11. My Swing (Foot Wedge)

    From video it looks like my downswing is on practically the same plane as my backswing. If I come in too steep I can end up trapping the ball and hitting it left. Do y'all have any tips or drills to get a feel for shallowing the club on the downswing. Thanks!
  12. Patents are a strange animal. A lot of it comes down to the verbiage of a particular patent and how vague it is to cover similar technologies that while not identical, would infringe on the particular patent. I think the difference between other clubs filled with a material and PXG is that previous clubs had thick faces and Parsons' irons had thin enough faces to cave upon without internal structural support. The elastomer served to support these faces as well as provide sound/feel tuning. Taylormade's combination of a thin face with internal foam is where PXG smells foul play. PXG's patent is probably vague enough to include a thin faced iron that requires the injection of internal supporting material. Material isn't specified so whether it's elastomer, 'speedfoam', or molasses, it's covered by the patent. Taylormade's case would be to show that their faces don't need the foam for adequate structural integrity, but rather tuning purposes because, as someone's already pointed out, PXG wasn't the first to do that. TBH, I have't read the patents in full and my patent knowledge is limited to what I learned towards the end of studying mechanical engineering in college so as always, this is simply my $0.02 and should be taken with a grain of salt. Just thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss.
  13. Background: A while back I got my driver shortened and to keep the swingweight the same, the shop added weight to the head with what I think was lead powder. Last week most of it fell out and now there's something rattling around in there. I hit it into my net, and even though it looked like it was launching a little low on video, I still seemed to swing it fine and contact felt good. Problem: So I went to the range and after I had hit my wedges and 6/7 irons fairly well, I jumped to the driver and made what felt like good contact only to see that the ball got ZERO height. Absolutely none. Maybe 15 feet only because the range takes a dip right after the hitting area. After this happened several times, I got curious and hit my 5 wood. It's not the best I ever hit that club, but when I felt like I made good contact, the ball flight and distance were exactly like I expected. Normally I'd assume it's the indian, not the arrow, but I can't help but wonder if the weight falling out of the head has anything to do with this since it didn't happen with any other club. I plan on getting the driver weight fixed, but the shop that did it closed down and the other one around here is further and only open while I'm at work. Any input on this would be appreciated!
  14. In How Many States Have You Played Golf?

    Maryland, Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Washington State...7 states plus Mexico.
  15. How many holes a day to improve?

    Have you received instruction yet? Playing a whole bunch could potentially ingrain bad habits. I made that mistake. I moved close to a cheap little course and figured for the price of a handful of lessons I could do the the yearly under-25 membership and play as much as possible to improve. This did help me get to the point where I was playing some fairly consistent golf, but I was really just developing a hodge-podge swing built from tips and compensations. I could put together a decent round, but if my rhythm was a touch off I fell apart quickly. Much like a car being held together by duct tape. It runs...for now. My $0.02 is to first take lessons. It's a lot harder to put a REALLY bad swing on the ball if your fundamentals have been worked on and solidified. Now if you've already taken lessons and just want the reps, then play to your heart's desire as long as you're not powering through fatigue each round. You'll get sloppy.

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