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  1. It means it hasn't been trimmed to playing length.
  2. Foot Wedge

    Different Online Golf Instruction

    Not familiar with any of them other than Me and My Golf so I assume you're referring to free online instruction videos. Evolvr is only the same in that it's online. You work with an actual instructor who analyzes swing videos you submit. It's not free like the others but I highly recommend it since it's personal instruction. Not that there's anything wrong with other online content, but if you watch some video titled "how to fix your hook" for example, good as it may be, it may not address the reason why YOU are hooking the ball.
  3. I'd second what @Vinsk said, small weight and some epoxy.
  4. Foot Wedge

    How Often Should You Change a Putter?

    My pops has that putter! I've used it a few times when I've played a round with friends while visiting and have borrowed his clubs, it's fantastic. He's at the point where all he's done putter-wise is change the grip on it twice.
  5. Foot Wedge

    100 Yard Options

    @Cantankerish Agreed on spending time dialing the distances of your partial swings. I carry three wedges and have stock lengths for 1/2, and 3/4 swings for all three as well as full swing for gap and sand wedge. I don't hit a full lob wedge. PW lofts range from 43*-48* depending on your set. If you have a 44-45* PW and a 52* as your next wedge, I'm not surprised you have such a big gap. I go from a 46* PW to 50* gap wedge. Try a few out and see what works. Also, a rangefinder is useful in this situation.
  6. It absolutely does, I'm not made of money. That said, I don't play premium balls as at my skill level, I don't get the benefit of the additional spin and control (and cost), not to mention that I plan my shots for that. I generally use Bridgestone e6; it feels good, spins enough (hop and stop with a wedge and depending on the green can stop within a couple yards of a pitch mark with a long iron), and is well priced. I don't play those low spinny check-once-and-stop pitches that you see on tour. I play bump and runs and when I hit pitches/half wedges I plan for a bit of rollout. Basically what @Patch said, the differences in performance will be on well struck shots. If you thin one, the balls gonna fly low and roll, no matter what ball you use. And if you hit a wedge perfectly, the ball will spin enough to stop quick (some quicker than others), again no matter what ball. If you have a consistent strike pattern, sure some balls will perform better than others for you. But they won't fix fats, thins, open/closed faces, and swing path problems. Remember my comment on pitch marks? I need to do my part to give the ball a chance at making one...
  7. Foot Wedge

    My Swing (Yossarian)

    Ok I generally don't comment on swing threads because I am wildly unqualified to give instruction, but I want to chip in because my swing looked a lot like yours before I took lessons. Same overswing, same spine tilt, same hooks. But it looks like your grip and hip rotation have been repeatedly brought up as something to fix. Additionally it seems like you head to the range, take a few full speed cracks at the instruction given by fellow golfers and teaching professionals alike, see poor results, and then continue to hit balls, letting the old muscle memory take over. Not a good formula for change. I get if you don't want to waste money on range balls that you hit at 1/4 speed. Get some foam balls or something and SLOW DOWN. Yeah it feels weird as shit but read @iacas's post about practicing and ingrain the right move. You don't even have to hit balls. Do the wall drill and practice your backswing (with the correct grip). Stand in front of a mirror and check your progress. Again, I don't generally give advice and I am not even a good player, but I've attached a picture of my change so you see what you can do when you s low the hell down and focus on what is right in front of you.
  8. Foot Wedge

    The Films and Movies Thread

    FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened. Birdie. I personally loved this documentary. As someone who abhors manipulation and deceit of the consumer, I had been interested in the story but never really dug into it after it happened. Well put together documentary that gave insight into the inner workings of the comically disastrous event that was at times so baffling that I couldn't help but laugh. 97 minutes very well spent...
  9. Foot Wedge

    Course Maintenance Effects On Play

    Totally agree, I just saw it as a good chance to use that line from Austin Powers. 9 hole twilight walking rates at the cheaper courses are my usual outings. My splurging is when I play the company charity scramble at a nice country club nearby. I hate those! Plus by then, you're starting to get happy just to get a round in before sundown.
  10. Foot Wedge

    Course Maintenance Effects On Play

    Only playing local munis? I too like to live dangerously. Don't forget all the little pebbles and whatnot. I'm sure you've had a putt right on line or a chip threatening to go in only to be knocked off course by those cursed greens.
  11. Foot Wedge

    Who Is Your "Golf Villain"? And Why?

    I don't get bothered by athletes (they have their lives, I have mine) but I see how people find him annoying with the whole "scientist" thing. I consider anyone with a career in physics, medical/biological research, most engineering, and many other fields to be more of a scientist than someone with just 3 years as an undergrad physics major. So he does go a bit overboard with the scientific and anatomical lingo, like he's trying to cram his intelligence down your throat. Reminds me of the freshmen engineering students who would do math on their dorm windows like some wannabe Beautiful Mind character only to get a C+ on their Physics 1 exams. My opinion is that a truly smart person can explain a complex issue in a simple manner, not the opposite. Bryson takes 1000 words to say "I strained my shoulder". I don't doubt he loves physical sciences and the data driven/biomechanical focused approach to golf. He's doing his thing and it's working for him, but I don't know if I could sit down for a beer with him...
  12. Foot Wedge

    Watching The Pros Putt With the Pin In…

    I personally enjoy seeing the pros do the same thing I do during my late October $7 after-5pm-walking rate rounds as I squeeze in 9 holes after work before the sun goes down. A little over an hour of sunlight means not bothering with the flagstick and valet-jogs between holes.
  13. Foot Wedge

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Underrated with the same conditions @boogielicious stated. Been there, done that. Boy was it a bad idea.
  14. Foot Wedge

    My Swing (Foot Wedge)

    Thanks! With all the weighting techniques nowadays to move the center of gravity to the center of the face, I wouldn't be surprised if the sweet spot was a touch heel-side since my irons are on the older end. To be honest that picture is slightly better than average strike locations for me since I didn't thin any or let any sneak out to the toe. It was moreso weird to see more strikes on the heel side than before.
  15. Foot Wedge

    My Swing (Foot Wedge)

    It’s been a long time since I looked at strike location since I’ve worked on the full swing. Put dots on a few balls with a dry erase marker and hit some balls into the net. I was really surprised to see that strikes that felt great were actually closer to the heel. And it seems that lately I’m hitting towards the heel more than expected. Below is a group of 6-7.

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