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  1. Judging distance

    I've got a Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport 450 that I got used off ebay for $70. Honestly, i should have spent a bit more since it can hard to shoot the flag from further out and I'll end up shooting what I want to avoid such as a ridge or bunker since at my skill level my goal is to hit the green at those ranges. I may want to upgrade at some point. But for 150 yards in, it does the job well. I'd take the advice @Lihu gave and try them out at a store to get a feel for the layout, quality, etc.
  2. Practicing with Long Irons

    Well I have no business hitting a 3i. It's too hard for me to hit cleanly so I wouldn't practice with it, otherwise I'd just be wasting reps on bad strikes. Going from practicing with a 7i to a 3i seems like a drastic jump. I've grown more comfortable with the 6i so going to a 5i is more incremental in difficulty. Hopefully you have more success practicing with the 5.
  3. Practicing with Long Irons

    I like the thought of this. maybe I'd do more reps with the long irons. Interesting that it worked out for you. I haven't given them too much time since I have been taking lessons and have been more focused on doing what I'm working on correctly. But I've felt more comfortable with the 6i and started giving 5i more reps, which is what brought up my thought to post here.
  4. When I practice at home into the net, I generally use the mid irons (6, 7). The thought here is that both longer and shorter irons only require a small adjustment. Is there benefit to practicing ballstriking with the long irons since they're harder to hit? I'd throw in a few short iron swings so they don't feel weird to swing, but the majority of my swings would be with a long iron. Thoughts?
  5. Rethinking Chipping Strategy

    Really paid attention to this this past weekend during my chipping practice and it's very noticeable. The bounce hitting the ground first let the club skip a little and make reasonable enough contact with the ball for a decent chip. Not as crisp or accurate as a good strike obviously but it's a lot better than digging and duffing the ball for a 4 foot dribbler.
  6. Judging distance

    @Popeye You could get a rangefinder without the slope feature then. This will also help with the cost. I got a simple Bushell off ebay for about $70. It's hard to shoot flags from further than about 175 but I am not exactly flag hunting from 200 yards out. If you're concerned about partial wedge distances, it's a good investment. Say that you know a 3/4 sand wedge will go 75 yards and a 3/4 lob wedge goes 65, the rangefinder will tell you what club to pull. If you do your part and put the right swing on the ball wouldn't it be frustrating to tack on another 10 yards to your birdie putt because you went with the wrong club? That's the difference between a 10' birdie putt and a 40 footer. 10 yards doesn't seem like too much until you think about it that way.
  7. Iron help

    @Jkf10 It's not in your head. Manufacturing and materials improvements have allowed for advancements in weight distribution to make heads more stable on off center hits and improve ball launching in the long irons. Ping i200's have the same moment of inertia value as G15's. What could be in your head is you just getting along with the club. The club that will get you the best results is the one you hit the center of the face most often. Maybe that head/shaft combo is right for you and you just stroke it. If it feels good, just roll with it.
  8. Oldest Club in Your Bag

    Oldest would be my Mizuno MX 23's. I think they're about 12 years old.
  9. One of the Great Things About Golf

    I like that no matter how big or strong you are, golf is an equalizer. If you have the technique, you'll hit the ball far enough and be accurate enough to play well. I'm 5'9" and hang right in there in length with my friend who's 6'5". On the flip side my dad gives up a few yards to me, but he still scores well...
  10. Without fitting, people would probably just test stock clubs and find what works for them. The concept might be similar, such as finding a shaft that works well for you but with more of a trial and error approach with stock setups. I realized the impact of shafts when I was hitting irons comparing them to my mizunos in the hopes of finding one that had a stock shaft that would work well for me, so I could score them cheap on ebay. Nothing was significantly better until one that I realized had an aftermarket shaft. I asked for them to hand me the one with the stock xp 95 and I just couldn't get along with it. I decided to hold off until I'm comfortable enough with shelling out for a true fitted set.
  11. My Swing (Foot Wedge)

    Snuck out during lunch to the nearby course to hit a small bucket of balls. It wasn't a stripe show but this was my first time hitting balls not into a net in a few weeks and since being advised to reduce knee flex. The difference in quality between my best and worst strikes has definitely increased. I can still pull hook with the best of em but I have to get REALLY quick with my tempo for that to happen and I knew immediately when I did it. Good swings resulted in a straight ballflight with good height and consistent results. This is an improvement from where my better swings still went left, just less left. I couldn't hit greens, I'd either hit a straight draw and be just left or compensate and hit a slight push. I'm fine with hitting a few pull hooks today, recently it's rained any time I've had a chance to play golf and I was antsy to see ballflights. Bad swings will always be punished, but knowing my "better" swings get me good results is encouraging.
  12. Rethinking Chipping Strategy

    Basically what I do now. I don't try to get fancy like the tour guys, if I've got space, I try to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. If I'm short sided my 58* obviously has a lot less rollout so it's basically the same swing that stops quicker. If your Vokey M-grind is similar to my RTX 2-dot, we seem to have a similar strategy.
  13. My Swing (Foot Wedge)

    That's very possible. Especially since I'm supposed to hit into the target strip that hangs from the top of the net.
  14. My Swing (Foot Wedge)

    Haven't been able to play in a while because of the rain, so just been doing reps of the toss drill/mid irons. I think it's helping? I had been using my net without the hanging mat since it was a lot quieter to hit directly into the netting. Seemed to hold up well...until yesterday. I put a 7i through the netting and have a fresh hole in the garage wall to patch up. The good news is that I'd been working on starting the ball to the right since I hit a draw, and the break in the netting is right of center. So 1 of 2 things happened. Either my ball speed has gone up enough to tear the netting with a 7i (unlikely) or I'd weakened the right of center spot enough for it to finally break (more likely) Live and learn I guess.
  15. MOI practicality?

    Eh I wouldn't say it's ALL hype since MOI is a quantifiable property, however I will agree that it's something to get people to try it out. As previously alluded to, in the end the most forgiving club is the one you hit best. Launch monitors don't show MOI next to your carry, spin rate, and launch angle numbers.

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