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  1. My humble opinion is that everything is about perception. So I'm going to ask you to look at your one situation, but from two different angles. First (you seem to be looking at it this particular way) is that you've invested these countless hours and although you are solid (I'd kill to have a shot at shooting +5, want to give some pointers on my swing thread???) you haven't seen the improvement that you think should have been attainable for the time you have invested. All of this is a disappointment to you. Now take some time to look at your situation from a second perspective. You have invested enough time and practice into this game to get good enough where, as far as joe golfer goes, you are good. You are going off to college, which in itself is a blessing not everyone gets, and with competitive golf behind you, you can focus on your major, studies, and personal life. You will meet new people, some of which may play golf. Some of which may be good, some of which may have been casually taught by their father a year or two before, like me. All of which wouldn't mind the chance to get out and play a few rounds with a new friend, and given your knowledge of the swing, wouldn't mind getting a few pointers either. If golf changes from being a source of stress and anxiety to being associated with friends, family and enjoying yourself, all of this will add up to a very positive experience for you. It's hard to look at the big picture when emotions are running high, but in the long run as priorities change during life's different chapters , golf will provide you with much more positive experiences than negative...if you want it to.
  2. Second lesson focused on my lower body. More specifically, correcting my tendency to slide my hips forward to pivoting my hips during the downswing. So I've been focusing on making sure my hips pivot and are rotated more towards the target at impact than before. I struggled with this and noticed that my pelvis pretty much faced the ball on all my swings as I mentioned in my previous post. Now if only it would stop raining so I could go to the range and see some ball flights....video and impact comparison below. Comparison between impact position from earlier post and current videos. Non slow motion video used since it's easier to see hip details.
  3. Pictures didn't embed...I guess I'm still having trouble with that. I'll attach them as files. Fast tempo swing impact: Slower tempo swing impact:
  4. I know that one! I've driven past that course several times but haven't played it. Looks nice.
  5. Was on vacation and didn't get to swing a club for a while but decided to tape a couple swings with a fast tempo that I'd be more inclined to use during play vs a slower tempo swing with a more compact backswing. I wanted to see if I could turn my hips a bit better since part of my hooks are my arm outracing my lower body. Here's a comparison of my position at impact. First fast tempo swing: Position at impact, slower tempo swing: My hips look to be turned more towards the target on the slower swing...should I focus on establishing this on my downswing?
  6. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the link. Started focusing on using some of the proper posture and address tips, flared feet, tucked chin, seeing ball with center vision instead of peripheral. Swing felt a bit more natural and consistent. May have to do with not straining my eyes to see the ball. When I was cognizant of my tempo, I hit higher straight shots/soft draws as opposed to hooks. I need to focus on maintaining this tempo on all my swings. Unfortunately the swing changes have affected my woods, I can't seem to avoid low hooks that dive downwards. If you look at reference video from my lesson, it's been quite the overhaul lately, so I'm being patient with the process.
  7. First, thanks for taking the time to put together the frame comparisons, this helps explain things quite a bit. As for not crossing my line, well I wasn’t really hinging my wrists that well, so I started doing that earlier in my backswing as well as focusing on minimizing my wrist movement at the top of my swing. My instructor had me doing slow swings to get used to the correct position of the club. You’ve pointed out a few things that I was suspecting may be an issue as well as a few things that I was not aware of, so thanks for confirming those and bringing the others to my attention. I’m trying to take things one step at a time, would you recommend I focus on my hip turn? Is that what you meant by my hands being behind my turn? From videos, I was thinking that my hips aren’t turned enough at impact and my arms are outswinging them and creating my tendency to miss left. And Grant’s hips look to be facing a lot closer to the target. But I’m no instructor…
  8. Thanks for reposting those, not sure why they weren't embedding.
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 8 years, regularly only for the last year and a half My current handicap index or average score is: ~90 My typical ball flight is: Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Hook I am fighting a hook and started taking lessons a couple weeks ago. My first lesson, we worked on keeping the club from crossing over my target line to the right of the target. Videos: 7 Iron DTL: https://youtu.be/3bS1r6tOlFE 7 Iron Face On: https://youtu.be/KDdodXJ27_Y Driver DTL: https://youtu.be/YsArO7ZArj4 For reference, my first swing during my first lesson (also with a 7 iron): https://youtu.be/cjFFOJVBDO4
  10. That's a good point, thanks for the tip! I'm north of Raleigh in Wake Forest.
  11. This is long overdue...originally joined just to ask a shaft question but then I started taking golf more seriously and have found this forum to be a great resource. Decided I'll be posting a member swing so I figured I'd introduce myself.... Hello everyone, just turned 25 and was taught to play golf by my dad when I was 16 but never had the time or money to play golf more than 2-3 times per year. After I graduated college I started playing more golf and in the past year and a half really started to love playing and focus on improving my game. Just started getting lessons from a professional a couple weeks ago and wish I had done it sooner...
  12. For this exact reason is why I used my windshield washer fluid on tailgaters. If somebody's close enough they'll get sprayed. If I'm on a single lane road where I can't get out of the way, a healthy dose of washer fluid does a good job of saying "get off my rear".
  13. Thanks a lot for the info, this is really interesting stuff. I guess I got tied up in thinking 'practice how you play' by going straight to playing. I'm glad I have a net at home, by not seeing the ball flight after contact I can forget about it and focus on those slow repetitive swings. @RandallT thanks for the input from your experience. My focus is the backswing as well, so it helps to have a strategy for making this change since I had never taken lessons before last week. Thanks everyone else, patience will have to be a virtue.
  14. Last week I started taking lessons and the instructor focused on setting the club properly at the top of my backswing instead of over my shoulders and to the right of my target as I had gotten used to, which has been causing hooks. (I've attached a picture of before/after, ordered a tripod to start using video with my net at home so I may post a member video) This change brought immediate results during the lesson, but I tried to play a few holes this weekend while focusing on the proper backswing and the results were disastrous. I understand that a lesson isn't magic and a swing change is gradual, so I was wondering if y'all might have any tips for going about ingraining a swing change. I may have been a bit too aggressive in hitting a few balls at home then going straight to playing instead of starting with short irons, 3/4 swings etc. at the driving range. Thanks in advance! Before After
  15. The slightly slower swingspeed is marginal, and offset by better contact if you swing the shorter club better. I didn't see too much of a difference when I shortened mine, but then again it's because I was choking up an inch to begin with. Now the grip feels more comfortable. Be sure to get the swing weight checked so it doesn't change the feel of your driver. Best of luck!