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  1. I almost exclusively walk and if you don't have a very heavy bag and are still worried about the weight, maybe consider carrying less clubs. I've got a pretty light bag (Ping 4-series stand bag) so the clubs are the large majority of the total weight. Also take the time to mess with the straps and figure out the weight distribution that feels most natural and doesn't fatigue you as easily. Load your body properly and the weight shouldn't be an issue. Although all of this is not as important as with a backpacking backpack since as @iacas mentioned, you take the bag off a lot. For backpacking backpacks, the emphasis is much more on ergonomics/proper fit and weight distribution than total weight. If it's properly loaded on your body, it makes a world of difference as opposed to focusing strictly on weight limits.
  2. This is exactly what I thought when I read this. I get that he wants to do all his calculations and whatnot. He's a nerd (not a physicist or scientist because he doesn't actually have a physics degree or career, so that would be disrespectful to real scientists. Don't even get me started on the boner golf digest has for him being a "scientist") and I can dig that, but dude you need to play within the rules. Say you're a football coach and you've got your offensive coordinator sitting there on a laptop running statistical analysis programs in between plays with all your "variables" to try and determine what defensive scheme the other team may run. Awesome, but don't complain when the clock starts killing you. It's a game, not a science. Not to mention I think one variable he's missing from his precious equations is etiquette and respect towards your playing partners. If he really wants to use all the available data to his advantage, compile it and create a decision matrix//DOPE card/some kind of playbook that his caddy can whip out (if that's even legal), go through for 10 seconds and give him a shot/club to use. I wouldn't be surprised if there are plenty of engineers/scientists/doctors out there listening to Bryson and thinking "chill out with your science stuff".
  3. If I'm told to keep my wallet at home, I'm damn sure still bringing my wallet. But that's because if I didn't, the Catholic guilt will quite literally melt my body from the inside out...
  4. Blueprint: 1-piece forging blade iron i500: hollow bodied iron with face welded to chassis, much stronger lofts Completely different animals.
  5. Funny you say that, just this past weekend, I saw an orange ball someone had lost maybe 7-8 yards off the green. The rough was pretty thick on this course but still, surprising that someone couldn't find it that close to the green. Or maybe they just left it...
  6. I would recommend starting a 'my swing' thread. Feel often times isn't real and you'll get more valuable input from the site about what could be causing your miss.
  7. I noticed this too. Having recently bought 4 dozen of the 3 piece Kirklands ,the discrepancy in the charts caught my eye until I took a look at the y axis. I think the differences ended up being 2-3 MPH as far as ball speeds went, not to mention I am smack dab in the middle of the 2 swing speed charts, so their data sets don't even correlate to me directly. Anyways I'm looking at this thinking that ball speed difference pales in comparison to the impacts on ball speeds that quality of strike has, which at my skill level is quite a bit. The Kirkland spins enough greenside for my needs, so I'm not going to worry about it until I am flushing it at, quite literally, a robotic level of consistency.
  8. Thanks for making me feel better. This weekend I felt like I cheated since I hit 2 GIR on the 3 holes where I ended up on the next hole over....it was a somewhat wild day off the tee.
  9. Not quite as long but I know what you mean. I played a 210 yard par 3 on a course that has a 230 yard par 4...
  10. My water bottle. I walk 90% of the time, so it's an absolute must for me.
  11. I've been eating 'huevos rancheros' since I was a kid and nowadays I make them for weekend breakfasts. If you're not familiar with them it's a fried egg on a fried tortilla with beans, cheese, and salsa. I add avocado on there for grins. My fiance likes the tortilla burnt to a crisp and the egg yolk cooked through, I like mine runny.
  12. If you drink are you considered a drunk and a loser? Just something to consider, FWIW I've never touched the stuff. I would have gotten a kick out of that.
  13. Good point, guess I was thinking of torch flame temperature.
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