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  1. Foot Wedge

    How to get a Lean Body?

    There are too many variables to say. It's not some kind of program and everyone's different.
  2. Foot Wedge

    How to get a Lean Body?

    This. Don't get too bogged down in diets and whatnot. I lost 10 pounds after college since I stopped eating chik fil a 4 times a week and ham/egg/cheese bagel sandwiches every day for breakfast. And I was in good shape at the time, lifting about 4 times a week. I just had an extra layer due to all the crap I was eating. Cut out the junk, eat decent home cooked meals, lift weights with some cardio, and you'll see results.
  3. Foot Wedge

    PING i210 Irons Spotted on Tour

    Ping is on a damn roll......
  4. Foot Wedge

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    I gotta agree with some of the other posts that it sounds like a lot has to do with this particular course and its patrons. I've taught my fiance how to play golf over the past year and I know for a fact that there are certain (most) courses that I would not take her to yet. We've gone to a goat track that's very casual, and not crowded at all without any trouble or rush. The one time we were right in front of someone, we kept insisting the other play through! My fiance was learning, and he wanted a practice round. There are a lot of beginners and families that go to play there and nobody gets frustrated. Maybe take them to a course like this? Also, why not have them play best ball? They get the chance to be out on the course and hit shots, if it's no good, just pick up and use your ball. Gets them out on the course and keeps it moving. That's how I learned to play and it felt like a lot less pressure once I started playing my own ball.
  5. Foot Wedge

    My Swing (Foot Wedge)

    Unfortunately had to cancel my Evolvr account, at least for the time being. I'm going to be moving and won't have the time to keep up with lessons for a while. It's been a big help and since the last thing I was working on was my left wrist, I went ahead and got the hanger to continue this focus. At least if I can get in a few swings it provides feedback, and I can use it if I go to the range.
  6. The above post is sound advice. Check those types of "tweener" irons out, but remember, if your clubs are more than a few years old, the lofts will inevitably be stronger, even with the non max-game improvement type clubs. Using Srixon's lineup as an example, I'd have to get their Z965 blade irons to keep the same lofts as my current irons...and I DO NOT have the game for that. You could always have them bent a bit weaker since you're planning on a custom fit. Additionally, the fitting will help you get the right shaft for the ball flight you're looking for. Good luck!
  7. Foot Wedge

    My Swing (Foot Wedge)

    I've been focusing on a flat left wrist lately. I've gotten it into a better position at the top, and am working on keeping it flat through impact. I've made some progress but it looks like there still might be some cupping before impact leaving the face a bit open.
  8. Foot Wedge

    New guy here

    I wish I had your problem. Many here will back up that distance only helps. That 50-90 yard range is only awkward if you haven't practiced those shots and don't know your yardages. Spend some time dialing in your wedges and you'll be better off using driver more often over a long iron or hybrid off the tee. Welcome to the site and best of luck!
  9. Foot Wedge

    Y’all ever sneak on to a course?

    I haven't done it, but there's a country club nearby that has a par 3 course and one of the holes backs right up to a road I take to work every morning. Sometimes I think about biking up there with a couple irons and playing that hole, but I don't think I ever will.
  10. Foot Wedge

    Left Wrist Through Downswing

    That seems to be what the video is in a nutshell. I'll be focusing on the transition then.
  11. Foot Wedge

    Left Wrist Through Downswing

    Thanks for posting this. It's fairly eye opening to see that there's a twisting being applied to the grip at the start of the downswing. My topic was started to see how I can better have a straight wrist through impact, but it looks like it starts more at the transition.
  12. Foot Wedge

    Left Wrist Through Downswing

    Yes it is, thanks! I like this. First, for humor. Second because comparisons like that help me learn. I improved my pivot with "someone is pulling your right pocket straight back". Yes, my arms go left in a hurry. I think I've been doing a bit less of that recently and it may be the reason I'm hitting it to the right now. Thanks to you and everyone else for the feedback. I'll give this a go and look into the hanger.
  13. Foot Wedge

    Left Wrist Through Downswing

    Ok here's what I'm talking about in my case specifically, angle of my wrist extension is in red. The lesson feedback was to get closer to what would be a flat red line and help close the clubface. I thought about this, but I haven't really been told anything about flipping except for one lesson where I was letting my right elbow get away from my body. So I don't think I really I've had to deal with much of flip but here's a typical impact position for me for more discerning eyes to determine. Regardless, the hanger may be worth looking into for me if it helps keep the wrists flat throughout and if I have, in fact, been flipping.
  14. Foot Wedge

    Left Wrist Through Downswing

    I do have a video from yesterday I could post, so mods feel free to merge this topic. Sorry, I was describing the opposite. I was thinking of the opposite of when it's said that DJ has a 'bowed wrist' at the top. So to me, your picture shows a bowed wrist. I'll get around to posting a video.
  15. I've started to work on having a flat left wrist through the downswing and impact. Looking at video, mine is flat through about half of the downswing and starts to cup through impact. I did some quick searching on this and a post had recommended using a stick or something coming out of the butt of the grip and swinging without it hitting you. Have any of 'all tried this or something similar? Or some other technique to flatten your wrist through impact? I'd like to hear how some have worked on this. Thanks!

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