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  1. Bama just has sooo much more talent. Some of their 2nd string athletes are better than most teams starters. Saban always gets his players. AJ Macarron just past most wins by an Bama QB in history, I dont know if he has the numbers for Heisman but definitly mentionable.
  2. You could try Cold Therapy to manage the pain. By using cold therapy post activity it will help reduce the inflammation that is the main culprit with tendonitis. Anti inflammatories work well but can be addictive and can also mess up your stomach. There are also products that help with pre game warm up. Blood flow stimulation works great pre game and cold therapy post game. Without them my golfers elbow would have kept me out of golf.
  3. I work for a healthcare company that helps with soft tissue injuries (basically everything minus bone breaks), and I have heard many diagnoses for recovery. Depending on the length tear, and your overall health the recovery can vary. Shoulder surgery usually has at least a month of retraining the muscles and tendons. After the fact always make sure to properly stretch and ice down when you do get back at golf.
  4. What are you hitting from the tee? Best thing I have ever done was to play an entire round hitting nothing but 4i off the tees, unless it is clear that a 4i just wont due. I was almost Pro (CPGA) and a Master professional told me to play one round from the whites with nothing but my 4i, PW, and putter. It changed the way I attack holes and control the ball.
  5. Is it muscle pain or maybe a bone issue?
  6. Hi all, 3/4 HDCP, playing mostly in Canada but play in USA on business trips. Work for a medical company that treats golfers elbow, knee ailments and foot issues.