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  1. The handicap is a generic number I inputted cause I honestly don't know what mine is! There are plenty of stores but rarely do any of them have left-handed clubs in stock to try out, and if they do it will be only one brand that they just so happen to have. Basically no assortment to try out and/or demo on the simulator. A few places have told me that they cannot order different lefty sets for me to "try out" in the store, so basically I have to buy something based on reviews and then hope like hell that I fall in love with them. Golfsmith has the like 30 day play guarantee but it's
  2. When reading discussions of the top drivers and irons, it seems as though Nike is rarely mentioned. Now while I understand certain PGA tour guys use the equipment cause they are paid nicely to do so, but it reality is Nike just not that great when it comes to golf clubs? I have Nike Ignite irons and have just been toying with the idea of buying new irons, but haven't really found much at all of people recommending the Nike VRS Covert Irons, nor can I even find anyone selling Nike Irons in left-handed anymore! I tend to be a "brand *****" so I get stuck on a brand of clothes, shoes, golf equ
  3. I currently have Nike Ignite irons that I've had for a few years. They were the set I bought when I first got into golf and bought them straight off the shelf since they were what I could find in stock in left-handed. Being new tot he sport at that time I had no idea about having them fitted. I bought them straight off the shelf and learned to play with them. Now that I'm more experienced and at least know what I'm doing with them, and decided that golf is something I enjoy...can I take these irons in and now have them fitted since I'm used to them and have a decent swing down, OR since th
  4. I didn't buy, I actually returned my Nike Method putter I just bought and used the money to buy my wife some pearl earrings! It's winter, so I wont need the new putter anytime soon anyways! And no I'm not in the dog house, thus prompting the jewelry purchase! LOL!
  5. I'm kinda intrigued by this driver and all the "gadgets" on it to adjust things, but I'm a little hesitant. If you get fitted when you buy it and everything is adjusted to your swing, then isn't the "gadgets" essentially useless from that point forward?? It's almost as if I'd be paying more for the adjustability which will be used once and really never messed with a whole lot! I'm assuming the adjustability is why it's a little more expensive than say the Nike VRS Covert, I'm just curious if the extra price is worth a 1 time adjustability??
  6. I play left handed and due to my baseball days I'm only comfortable if I wear gloves on both hands. It's hard to find golf gloves for both hands so I've used batting gloves.
  7. I have a wedge that is 54 degree (I think)...but obviously there are several other degrees that you can buy. Is there certain situations, distances, or what that will require one wedge over the other??
  8. I know I'm the minority but I play left-handed and the locations around me hardly ever have any clubs in left handed. Dicks is usually the main place I can walk in and they have left handed clubs.
  9. So does this mean they'll start selling their inventory for pennies-on-the-dollar to try and sale everything in stores?
  10. So I watched the Long Drive Competition last night on Golf Channel in between the World Series and these guys are crushing it 400+ yards. I went to the website of the drivers a lot of them use called "Krank Golf Clubs". If you can hit it that freaking far with one of these drivers why are they essentially unheard of in the golfing world...are they junk, illegal, or what?? I see that they're expensive as heck but I've never heard a word about these had I not watched the show last night.
  11. I honestly didn't see or feel much of any difference. The price was the biggest difference! LOL! The 2012's was on sale at Dicks for like $30 but when I went back they had sold them all, so I was stuck paying for the 2013's!
  12. I played a couple weeks ago with a box of 2012 ProV1x's and absolutely loved them! I was used to playing cheapos so it was night and day difference. I played this weekend with 2013's edition. I was lucky enough not to lose a ball for several holes, but it just didn't feel the same at all off the driver. It didn't feel like I was "crushing" it and didn't feel as soft. On probably the 9th hole or so, I put the ball back in the box and got one out of a different sleeve and it suddenly felt 100% better and what I was used to feeling. Have you guys ever had 1-2 balls out of a box feel "dead"
  13. This past weekend I played at a golf course that has 3 separate 9-Hole Courses. I only had time to play 9 holes and shot a 5-over on a Par 36 course. With that being said, does that at all equate to estimating that I would have shot 10-over on a full 18 holes?
  14. I live in Las Colinas...is this course any good?? I found it online and it looks cool with the holes designed to mimick famous courses but some of the older reviews online say it's a dump; however, it's pretty pricey to be a "dump".
  15. MLB: Yankees (been a RedSox fan for years even though I live in Dallas, TX) NFL: Ravens (because they used to have murderer who praised god all the time) Eagles (they have the dog killer and by far the worst fans in the NFL) Cowboys (they have the dumbest GM, most overrated QB, and a fan base that supports their mediocrity) NBA: Lakers, Heat, Thunder (I'm a Mavs fan...gotta respect a non-flashy, "hey look at me", "I'm here for the money" type of player like Dirk) NCAAF: Texas Longhorn (I went to Texas A&M...I; even hate the color orange!) Penn State (for all th
  16. Love to deer hunt, but been priced out of hunting for a while! Here in Texas you almost gotta be lucky enough to own the land or have deep pockets to lease anything decent. When it's $1500-$2000 a gun for 1 buck county, just hard to justify that on top of stands, feeders, etc. Now I just play Deer Hunter 2013 on my IPhone!
  17. I planned to spend about $250 or so if I were to get a driver. While I get the point that you use the putter on every hole, I guess I've never even messed around with other putters at the store and never thought it would be worth spending much money on club used to tap the ball 10 feet or so. I'll take the advice and go seriously check out putters and really try to see/feel the difference. Putters are something I know very little about, and honestly didn't even know you could get "fitted" for a putter so I'll check that out.
  18. So my wife is "allowing" me to blow money on golf this week. I currently have a Nike SQ Dymo2 driver...my putter is a Ram 1 that came out of my very first beginners set. The putter is obviously a cheapo but do they really make a difference? I've hit several drivers and you can feel the difference but considering you aren't swinging a putter with any power, can you even tell a difference between a cheap putter and say a PING putter?
  19. I'm assuming irons don't, but can a driver go "dead"? Meaning it loses it's sweetspot, or simply wears out from use. If so, about how long will the average driver last until you should upgrade? I only play actual rounds of golf probably 1-2 a month but I'm constantly at the driving range practicing so I've hit my driver quite a bit in the 2+ years I've had it.
  20. OK guys, so I played a round yesterday and used some Titleist ProV1X balls. I bought the 2012 version since they were on sale at Dicks Sporting Goods for like $35 for 12 balls. I used the driver on Hole #1, teed off, and my first reaction was "HOLY *#%&"...it was 100% different from the cheapies I've been hitting. It felt so much softer and just felt like I crushed the ball every time I used the driver. It was further than usual and I typically have a rather bad slice. With these balls it wasn't as exaggerated as before. I could tell it was less spin as it would still slice just a tad bu
  21. Mainly just tried those two because they are in the same price range, and the biggest deal is because I'm left handed it's hard to find places that have a ton of selection in left handed clubs that are available to swing. These were two that I've read a lot of good reviews on and the only two that the store had in left handed. Of course the guy told me that the extra 15-20 yards is pointless if it ends up in the woods, but man it would sure be nice to be able to straighten it out, but maybe with practice, I can pick up yardage with the Nike.
  22. Now that I've gotten down the "art" of driving, I went to check out 2 drivers at Dicks Sporting Goods and hit on their simulator. I currently have a Nike SQ-Dymo that I've had for a few years (ok, I'll now allow you to finish laughing)! I swung the Nike VRS Covert and the TaylorMade Rocketballz. The shaft on the Nike was a little shorter than the TM, and the head of the TM seemed heavier. I was significantly more consistent with the Nike in terms of direction and distance. I was hitting it consistently 230-233 yards and same direction. With the TM the direction was all over the place and
  23. I am wanting to go to somewhere like Golfsmith and try out the TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Driver & the Nike VRS Covert Driver. My question is if anyone has experienced this process and is it like going to a car dealership where they try to push you into a $300 driver just so they can make a higher commission? I'm interested in these 2 drivers because I've read very good reviews and they aren't "super expensive". I want to go in and have them adjust the loft settings to fit my swing but I don't want to waist time with them having me swing $400 Ping G25 drivers and trying to sell me
  24. I went to Dicks Sporting Goods yesterday and spoke to the guy there. We looked at a few golf balls and I hit 1 ball in the simulator with a 7-iron (I believe it was) and it showed the ball speed of 110MPH. That was the main number I remember seeing and the one he spoke about the most. again, I only hit once because he asked me to in order to get an idea of the type of ball that would be best. He said a lower compression ball and/or something with low spin. They had 2012's Titleist ProV1X on sale for $35.00 so I ended up buying those. I have no idea if that ball speed number is good, bad,
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