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  1. what club was that and how far did it go? and is your short game on par?
  2. your swings actually fine to tell you the truth. at least from what i see. ask others and se what they say i may be wrong
  3. i did post on another area that i was going back to my noprmal swing. goes very far but less accruate than usual. so i will styick with short hitting.
  4. i just applied pauls full method now. still dont have as much distance as i would like but at least the thing is hit solid and straight.
  5. i just tried hitting the ball with less worry. without worrying about my swing or trying to get more distance. and it works. i was hitting the ball solidly and far. straight and accurate as well as the fact that the swing felt more natural. i wasnt constrained. it was freedom. it felt better than trying to learn some crazy complicated swing that would take years to come up with. now im hitting my 7 iron 160 again and its a nice feeling. heres my advice for those who struggle like i was just recently: dont think too much about the swing. at least not on the course. worry about that on the range
  6. did i offend you? if i did i apologize. well that does make sense. im sorry for drifting off topic.
  7. just to give you a heads up im a 20 handicap because in my entire life of playing golf ive only actually played 10 rounds. i usually just hit balls in my yard or at the range. this is how i know my distances. but ive only ever played 9 to 10 rounds and logically i wouldnt score well because i dont have thje experience on the course. i did break 100 5th time. so i guess im doing something right. and yes i did count penalty strokes and played by the rules.
  8. by the way Boil3rmak3r your handicap is fine. you know more than paul wilson knows most likely. i bet paul cant break 90. most teachers teach the swing but dont score very well. david leadbetter cant break 80. i dont truly know how paul wilson scores, but with that easy swing of his its like something like 100 yards with driver and with that much distance no one could break 100. not insulting him, just using common sense.
  9. paul wislon describes swinging easy which ive tried. he says that if you want more distance that you should first swing easy and you will hit your best shot when you were swinging hard. its just not logical. i swung easy and the ball went 50 yds. with driver. i dont think paul knows what hes talking about. i did his method and my drives went straight but about 75 yards on average. even with the fast hips idea that he gioves, wthats when i lose all control. my arms are still losse, mind you. its just that i cant use his method without either hurting my lower back from the coiling or having terr
  10. if the golf swing isnt a natural move for the human body then why do people do it? doesnt it ruin your body if you do that? i just looked up mike austin recently and i heard that his golf swing was based on how the human body was actually supposed to move. such as the fact that he used kinesiology (the study of human motion) to make the golf swing work. he was also the longest hitter the game has ever known. world record of 515 yards back in 1960 at the age of 60. thats pretty incredible. so i disagree with the fact that the golf swing is an unnatural move, otherwise wwe wouldnt be able
  11. its just what ive heard and thought about. i have no idea if its correct or if hes right (cameron) but i know that i got some good control with my irons with camerons ideas. usually my driver goes dead straight and about 210. im just curious if i shouldnt worry about distance and just play the game instead of worrying how far im hitting it? will distance come around over time? or will i improve simply by getting the ball into the hole in fewer strokes every round? i have no idea. thank you for your replies by the way. i deeply appreciate them.
  12. yes youre right i do swing mainly with my arms. does relaxation equal more clubhead speed? or does it not? because when i swing easy at all it goes nowhere. when i swing hard it still goes nowhere. i dont know how i was once able to hit it so far...any idea on proper ways to hit it my maximum?
  13. i just now found a guy named cameron strachan; on his website he had on the home page a thing called: "why golfers dont play as well as they should". Downloaded it and read it. tried it out just a few hours ago and after about 20 shots i waas striking the ball very well. it mainly described how most golf instruction is only based on technique and doing something with your swing and he explains how a so-called "natural" swing is much easier to use. ive also seen the same teachings from a man named liam higgins on an article in golf.com. maybe the swing really isn't important? maybe the w
  14. if anything my putting is the best part of my game. for only one reason. i knock it close without thinking too much about it. the stroke instruction for putting doesnt help. they say to take it back perfectly and perfectly through. its stupid heres why: Putting is feel . you have to knock it close. heres a good thought for you: let go of the stroke. just hit the ball towards the hole. this helped me so much when i learned how to putt. instruction on putting is silly. they make it so complicated. just hit the darn ball. i think it will help.
  15. by the way thank you guys so much for you advice. i will do my best to try it out. once again thank you all for your responses. i deeply appreciate them.
  16. my iron distances are as follows: sw: 50 pw: 75 9: 85 8: 95 7: 105 6: 115 5: 125 4: varies between 135 and 150 3: 140 to 150 My driver carries about 200 and rolls about 10 to 20 yards. My previous iron and driver distances: sw: 110 pw: 125 9: 135 8: 150 7: 175 6: 190 5: 205 4: 215 3: 225 Driver: usually would carry about 270 and roll about 30 yards. So i once had alot of distance. but since ive worked on my swing ive messed it up.
  17. Well generally i used to hit the ball alot further when i didn't think about my swing. since i began working on it im hitting the ball shorter the more i work on it. it seems counter intuitive but i think if i stop worrying about the swing and focus mainly on getting the ball in the hole in less strokes maybe my distance will come back??? i remember my mechanics were unorthodox when i had more distance and i was just beginning to play. im 17 by the way. started when i was 14 or 15.
  18. check this out http://www.golf.com/instruction/old-school-vs-new-school-one-student-compares-instruction-philosophies i think it will help my game as well as yours. in fact, one of my more recent posts was on distance and i was hitting the ball farther in just a few shots with what this guy says. try it. i think it might help. Thank you for your concern and i thank you all for your patience and you responses.
  19. maybe i shouldnt work on more distance. can i still score well with 210 average drives and 100 yard 7 irons?
  20. by the way does the swing really make a difference? ive seen many different swings on tour and many of those swings hit the ball just about the same. whats your thoughts on this?
  21. thank you. i will see if i can increase my speed. i wonder if swinging harder equals faster speed? because if i were to swing easy wouldnt that be less speed than swinging harder? what do you think?
  22. mike austin, the longest hitter the game has known, also described a hip shift to start the downswing. since he also was one of the better ball strikers, this is spot on. thank you for your analysis.
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