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  1. Basically, he just used less moving parts in his golf swing. He eliminated so many that he could hit 1000 balls a day without much strain or without getting even remotely tired. It's almost like he was just standing there. The single plane idea is false for this reason: Moe never said anything about a single plane. When I heard him speak, he said the reason he put his arms all the way out there was because he was much less likely to move his arms around too much. He gave an example of this in the videos that i will post in here. He showed his arms flailing in the close body position, th
  2. My putting advice would be to simply try to get the ball close. People are too obsessed over trying to make everything. When you have a 3 footer obviously you would want to make it, but don't make a big deal out of it if you miss. Make your bogey and move on. The technique is simple as well. you take it back, and hit it. If you give it some thought its actually quite silly to think about how to roll a ball on the ground with a stick from a technical mindset. Your stroke is fine if you can hit the ball. My putting method is simple, get it close, if you miss tap in.
  3. These stats are both in his book. He claimed to have carried it 260 but he also said that he couldn't carry a creek that was 230 unless he hits his best shot. I'm just stating what he said in his book.
  4. I'm just afraid that if I swing to hard I might break my driver face. LOL
  5. I just researched pros carry distances and it's about 260. Jack carried about the same. So I don't see a difference really, besides the fact that fairways and greens are much faster than they were back in the 70's.
  6. Really I'm getting the idea that the pros carry the ball 230 is based on Jack's book Golf My Way, which described that most pros (back then) carried about 230 and when they hit 300 yard drives it rolled about 70 yards. I guess they hit it longer now than they did then but still I think they're longest drives, even if they do carry 270, are because of the factors above. If you want a 350 yard drive, it will need roll, downhill, and tailwind. I'm a short hitter, and no matter how hard I swing, I can't get it past 250 without tearing something, so I really rely on wind and roll for my distance. M
  7. Ok I'm sorry I misunderstood the thread. Anyway, have a good rest of your day, Xerex
  8. I will look at this now. I appreciate your concern.
  9. I agree with this from a certain point of view. Jack Nicklaus faded the ball, so he aimed about 12 feet left of the flag, never at it. The reason he did this was that if he was the hit the shot dead straight, he would have a 12 foot putt; if he doubled the amount of fade to a slice, he'd still only have a 12 foot putt. So I can see the logic behind this.
  10. True I guess for some. Jack Nicklaus said he went full out on every shot and could carry 260. That was with the old equipment, though I don't see much difference between the old clubs and balls as compared to the modern stuff. If the pros are using 80%, then they must be some huge guys. On tv they look small, but I've seen Bubba Watson's arms and they are larger than most. He also uses leverage very well. Most of these guys are huge, like 6' and 240 pounds. I'm only about 170 pounds and 5'4". Any other ideas on how they hit the ball so far? Thank you for your concern, Xerex
  11. Maybe I am off on the carry. Still, I think that most of the distance they get comes from roll and tailwind, elevation (as someone here said) and dry, downhill fairways. Maybe they do carry at least 260, not 230. maybe even 270. But rarely does someone carry 300. But most of the time they hit the ball extraordinarily far. This was just my views on it. I guess they do carry a little longer than I said, for example maybe 270, which of course, is impossible for most of us (not all of us though) Though we can increase our distance by having these factors. I don't know, but before I wrote this thre
  12. Simply put, Jack Nicklaus said that he could carry about 260 swinging as hard as he could. He rarely hit over 300 unless he has a tailwind, downhill, and dry fairways. I'd say the same for pros nowadays. They don't carry 300 yards unless they're going downhill, downwind and on dry fairways. Most of them carry about 230 (estimate) and it rolls about 50 yards. These courses that the pros play on are dried out hard and fast. No wonder they hit it so far! Also these courses have a lot of wind. If they have a headwind, they merely hit it lower. If they have a tailwind, look out there's goin
  13. Ok, so we all want a better golf swing. That's fine. But here's what needs to happen to make it effective. For all motor skills to be properly executed, there must be little thought about "how" and more thought of just doing it. When you throw a ball, what are you thinking about? Your elbow or your wrist? No. You're thinking about throwing the ball towards the target. And I bet you can throw perfectly fine. So the golf swing, once you have the basics down, you should make it automatic. It shouldn't be consciously controlled. Just swing and hit. It really is that simple.
  14. I wouldn't worry about comparing swing speed with distance. If you want to know your distance, get a rangefinder.
  15. Putting isn't difficult. Think about it. You tap a ball and it rolls towards the hole. If you can make it subconscious and not think about your stroke, just hit the putt towards the hole, you'll be a great putter in no time. Putting is so simple. Inconsistency is caused mainly by you thinking about so many different things all at once. focus on hitting the ball somewhere near the hole. By the way, how many 10 footers do you expect to make? About 70 percent is most people's expectation. But the pros, the best players in the game only make these 50 percent of the time. So really give it s
  16. Well it's certainly easier for me to hit a golf ball since when I began. This is kindof what I mean. Once you learn a skill it becomes easier.
  17. golf lessons are only useful is you take the swing instruction and make it natural. Don't try to control your swing consciously. Hit the ball trusting what you have learned. Read Golf for Dummies All in One book. This has 6 different books on golf improvement including score, physical fitness, swing mechanics, mental game, short game, and even some etiquette. It helped me a lot. I hope it does the same for you.
  18. Golf is hard. Its when you get used to shooting low scores that you think its easy. When you're beginning its the most difficult thing just to hit the ball. When you get better hitting the ball isn't a chore anymore. Hes an 8 handicap so obviously it's easier for him than it would be for you (15 handicap) to play good golf. For me golf is easier now than 4 years ago when I began. And I haven't played more than 15 rounds in my life. It's still hard, just not as hard as it was when I was a 35handicap.
  19. I've improved in case you haven't noticed. I used to be a 20 back when I began on this forum. Now I'm a 17. So seriously, pay attention. Think before you post.
  20. This should help you guys understand where I'm coming from with my golf knowledge. Golf isn't about how good the swing, what you score, or what people think of your playing ability. You can play better simply by trying on the course to get the ball into the hole in fewer strokes than your last round. It's pure logic. think before you post please.
  21. First off, let my describe what people are teaching. They teach turning your shoulders against your hips, then turning the hips the other way, which in effect is twisting the spine, and the spine is only built to flex forward and backward, and a little to the side, not to twist. Next, they teach a certain wrist hinging technique the makes the left wrist hinge at the thumb area, sideways, which can injure the wrist when its only meant to hinge forward and down, backward and up. Next they teach keeping the left heel planted, which in many cases, when you turn to make your ba
  22. I just hope you enjoy golf while you can. Most people miss out on actually enjoying the game when they think too much. I say just play. If consistent golf is your deal then go for it. Go down the path that is suitable for you. I play predictable golf which is boring for me. But if it works for you that's perfectly fine. Good golfing mate.
  23. I'm glad those changes are working for you. Just something you might want to know. Consistent golf may actually be boring. If you consistently hit shots on the fairway it can become repetitive and boring. Mishit some shots (not on purpose) and play the perfect shot for the situation. Hitting every fairway isn't golf. Missing greens is normal. So just play as you see fit.
  24. It's just interesting how people like to think too much on the course . You on the other hand know that the course is where you improve. You can still work on your swing at the range, but on the course the main objective is to get the ball into the hole. If you notice my handicap lowered to an 18 recently. Everyone says I have a nice swing, but I think golf is more than the swing. I believe that it is meant to be enjoyed. If you are on tour, that's a different story. Its very serious. You're playing for money and if you screw up one hole then you will miss the cut and yo
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