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  1. For those citing golfers known as ADHD , besides Bubba Watson, another major winner with ADHD was Payne Stewart. Fwiw I believe professional golfers with OCD would be more common than ADHD . Slow play and complicated pre shot routines could have at least occasionally be reflections of OCD. I doubt the correlation is that strong, as there are way less people with the disorder than the number of golfers exhibiting those behaviors.
  2. I doubt there are rules against them, unless they are self propelled. There are times they are inconvenient, caddies bring tour bags very close to the tees and greens. They can be a pain where big side hills are encountered. A few of the players are using mid sized bags with legs instead of traditional tour bags. Really with the improved durability and efficiency of modern bags it is hard to justify traditional tour bags.
  3. I prefer courses / holes where if you are willing to take on risk, bunkers, ob, water your chances of birdie increase. If you choose a conservative play then you are playing for a par. Courses relying on length as a primary defense, more common all the time, are boring. Courses / holes with only one way to play a hole and little strategy or thinking needed are ego trips by the designer and should be blown up. The emphasis on length is ruining golf, pretty soon no one over 50, female, under 14 is going to want to play except that most athletically talented. I recently played a course from the forward tee's that had only one par 3 under 175 yards, no par fours under 380, and no par fives under 500 yards. From my tees the course played almost 6900 yards. The back tees were 7600. OT but I think ball regs should require ball distance to be roughly proportionally. If 80 mph clubhead gives 180 - 185 yards carry then 120 Should give no more than give no more than 270 - 275 etc. Right now a 50 percent increase gives a 60 - 65 percent increase in carry. This is because the regs encourage optimization for higher swing speeds so every one can say they have the longest ball.
  4. For the people who actually attend the tournament it makes a big difference. You have a larger time window for attendance, people are likely to stay longer (more refreshment sales etc). The jam up of people following Tiger and the leaders is reduced with more personal favorites on the course etc. In short except for TV there is little advantage. TV money for non majors is much less, sponsors, pro ams, ticket sales, refreshments and trinkets are just as or more important than TV. Often the sponsor pays for TV rights and production costs for smaller tournaments or they wouldn't be televised at all.
  5. Driver, it's mostly mental though, I hit it fine on the range but tense up on the course.
  6. What this suit proves is that a proud but poorly educated golfer had his feelings hurt. Unfortunately his attorneys wouldn't tell him no or he insisted and they are willing to take his money. The tour might actually settle for a nominal amount just to avoid further publicity.
  7. allin

    Putting Ban

    Bullied? Any other conspiracy theories we are missing out on?
  8. Ok, clear rules violation. I think Tiger because he was angry failed to think clearly. Officials reviewed, found no violation initially, based on post round statements realized 2 shot penalty applied. It really comes down whether this was discussed with Tiger before he signed. If it was then decision was revisited later 2 shots is correct. If there was no discussion and committee response was based on post round comments then it was his responsibility and he should dq himself.
  9. Winning score, due to late post I will hope for bad weather -8, whoever wins. 1. Jason Duffner 2. Louis Oosthaisen 3. Rory Mcllory
  10. You didn't notice I said in a formal debate? A forum is a conversation without the conventions needed for formal debate, including a formal premise. Beyond that inductive reasoning at best could be applied. It never fails some blowhard knno it all responds assuming every one else is an idiot. It was an ironic statement, jeez.
  11. allin

    GPS Watches

    I feel there are two big advantages to the watch, I have a garmin. The convenience, no in and out of bag or pocket. Simplicity, I find my other devices I have had are over kill. If one of the reasons for distance devices is speeding up play the watch beats other devices, it is right there on your wrist all the time.
  12. I want to add a bit. Those that argue that the rules shouldn't change because it has been this way for x years and those who argue that because it wasn't done that way in the past are employing an argument that in formal debate, are call appeals to tradition, a logical fallacy. I just find it amusing that both sides of this conversation employ a logically flawed argument, and neither side recognizes it.:-P
  13. Equipment makers resist any rule which limits their ability to innovate and market their stuff, pros resist any rule which they feel impacts players potential earnings, especially players already on tour. Their claims that they have the best interests on the game in mind is just lipstick on a pig, self serving bs. The justification that it has been to long is equally bs. Correcting an error, even belatedly is the right thing to do. Anchoring the putter is contrary to the basic nature of the game. It never should have been allowed, outlawing it is the proper action.
  14. I do believe the number of courses built as real estate development amenity first, good golf course about priority 12 has resulted in many courses which are designed with length as the primary challenge. Because distances between tees are lengthened, to maximize lots, routing is similarly compromised. The resulting courses are very expensive to build and maintain, take to long to play and are boring. Why would I choose to regularly play a course that is boring, over priced, and takes to long to play. Especially since it gives to much of an advantage to long hitters? I agree with the posters who think women's tees are especially out of whack. I play with a pretty good women golfer occasionally, average drive 175. I average 225. On a hole where I hit drive 5 iron she hits driver 5 wood, if it is into the wind she can't reach it. I see courses all the time where the women's tees on par 5s are 440. The better women can move back to the whites if in need of a challenge.
  15. I think the impact on recreational golfers will be minimal, they don't practice enough to be that consistent with any putter. Some pros and avid amateurs will struggle. I think my putting technique, I set up slightly open with my right elbow firm against my right hip acting as a pivot point remains legal. My hands and the putter grip do not touch my body. Mainly this compensates for the fact my left eye is pretty non functional. I averaged 1.83 putts per gir this year so I don't think Dave Stockton is worried about my method.
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