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  1. -Real golfers are those who have a good swing, such as Sam Snead, Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus etc.. -Only those who play aggressive golf, are real golfers. Conservative "avoid mistake strategy" is only used by phonies and posers... (this definition might make Tiger Woods, the only real golfer, I suppose, Tiger was always aggressive in his good playing days! ) -Golfers who have absurd pre-shot routines, are not real golfers. Prime example of absurd pre-shot routine is Keegan Bradley. He stalks the golf ball, when he walks back to the ball after looking at his aiming li
  2. My dad was very critical of tom watson's picks... Billy hoerschel should have been there, instead of like webb simpson... granted, the losing dufner to injury, and Dustin Johnson to his own issues, neither exactly enhanced America's chances. I did not understand how the pairings were chosen though... Is it really that simple, that captains pick an order of play for their own team, then the tournament official combines them into pairings (singles matchups and foursome matchups, and fourball matchups? Maybe I was slightly too critical of Bubba myself. Sadly
  3. I agree. His face looked so sad, so dejected. Through entire sunday. He looked like he wanted to be back in florida's warmth and home.
  4. I was pleasantly surprised by patrick reed's and dubuisson's performances. Reed missed some ridiculous putts... but he pulled it together on sunday definitely. Dubuisson was almost MvP level player on europe team. The guy won all his matches except last single game was halved. Reed also won all, except one halved. I was definitely rooting for Dubuisson at the last hole... sadly he must have become distracted made couple bad shots on 18th, and simply lost the hole, which caused match halved. Zach johnson's putt to win the hole - the putt was long enough to mi
  5. Also I was surprised that the thread talked about TOM Watson being criticized I thought that Phil was criticizing BUBBA ... This year's master's champion... not so stellar run sadly. I know though, that Kaymer was also world class opponent though... It was always difficult matchup versus him. Still I expected more from Bubba, and I expected to see him more out there on the field. I expected the captain the play him more.
  6. In singles matches, team usa should have sacrificed weaker player to the Moloch's maw. The golfing monster known as Rory McIlroy sacrifice someone like webb simpson or keegan bradley vs Rory, team usa, almost unwinnable points in this match , but it's only 1 point surefire loss from 1 match out of 12. play Fowler vs donaldson or play fowler vs poulter. This was at least one mistake, if you could talk about such thing, as an optimal matchup for team usa. This might be little bit ungentlemanly but it's a team event. Somebody has to take a hit for t
  7. I thought Phil Mickelson is already HoF in golf. There's a youtube video about him giving some kind of speech to an audience in 2012. Hall of fame inductuon event?
  8. Davif Duval did shoot 59 (once upon a time...) Still it's quite impressive to have on your record. Nicklaus only ever shot 62 I think. Best final round in tournament, ever. Though Furyk for sure made a good 59 also. He even had that bogey.
  9. Yes i have hit greens with 150m 7-iron. More often it's the accuracy which is problem not distance. So instead of hitting the green, sometime i get push or pull shots to the side of the green. Someone once said that those straight shots really are difficult in golf. It's true. Currently i'm working on the accuracy to be able to hit mostly draw shots. It takes some effort to get the clubpath more in-to-out it seems.
  10. For a regular shot with iron... When you think about it from a physics standpoint. You hit a ball with the club...you are transferring momentum into the ball. Too much energy is being expended in ball spinning. smash factor for a mid-iron club should be about 1.35- 1.4, on a good hit in the sweetspot. Small amount of roll is expected I think, especially in mid-irons and long-irons. But for you obviously, you go with whatever distance your clubhead speed affords you to hit the irons. Short irons and wedges do benefit sometimes from lots of backspin. You can guide
  11. Nicklaus obviously turned his hips a good amount. Hip joint is just a ball-socket joint which connects thigjbone into the pelvis. Turning the pelvis througj the knee and feet action, is also turning the entire upper body into the same way the pelvis in the backswing. This swinging effect caused by the pelvis allows comfortable shoulder turn at about 90deg or more. Sam snead and nicklaus were both classic swing users. I think the difference was that snead was more upright with his legs at the end of backswing and also at impact. Snead also had maybe narrower driver foot stance. Nicklaus
  12. I have a jacket and pants from something called Air-tex... I kind of bought them for general purpose outdoors also... It's supposedly water resistant but I havent really tested it in complete downpour. More often than not theres been good thunderstorm along with the rain clouds. IF YOU NEED COMPLETE waterproof, then you must wear like a rubber raincoat / parka and rainpants. Not breathable. For one level worse waterproofing, I can heartily recommend Gore-Tex. I had one particular good pair of hiking boots with gore-tex coating, and it has worked well enoug
  13. putting chipping and pitching are all easier than 300+ yard drives tho... Especially from middle tees, 300 yard drive will shrink course quite a bit... carry over danger, easier approach
  14. I think the only thing where Phil or someone may have enforced rules, was maybe one or two of Rory's teeshots. It looked from the camera, that one of Rory's teeshots was taken from the wrong side of the teepeg line. I suppose someone could have challenged legality of that teeshot. For this reason, I myself always tee from about half a foot from the teepeg line.
  15. Taking advantage of the rules in my opinion is ok, assuming it is possible to do so. Sometimes it's the smart thing to do. Like I remember once how Bubba got a free drop from bush, after an errant drive in Waste Management Phoenix Open. Maybe Bubba is smarter than what meets the eye. I suppose if Phil had felt serious about the ruling, could he have lodged a claim on the ruling? Did Mickelson allege that Rory was not in the correct order of play, or what specifically was Mickelson unhappy about? Specifically regarding Rory being allowed to teeoff in the same group?
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