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  1. I currently live in Monroe, Michigan. Work in IT at University of Michigan Credit Union. Matt McTaggart.
  2. I actually grew up in the thumb and went to Mayville schools. Was a member at Greenbrier and my parents still are.
  3. Question. Have you considered an Equinox? Very good vehicle, I know 3 other people besides me that has one. Everybody loves it.
  4. Timber Trace in Pinckney Huntmore golf course in Brighton Moose Ridge in South Lyon Inkster Valley in Romulus
  5. I run a league with similar rules. Every year I have people asking if they can be on the league. Why? Because it is FUN. The just want to play in a league and have fun.
  6. I disagree that closer is always better. For instance, I would rather have a full shot into the green than a 1/2 or 1/4 shot. Of course, this is just my opinion.
  7. Seems kind of weird that all the golf leagues start at 3:00. On the league I'm in charge of, the first T-time is supposed to be 6:00; however; if there is no league in front of us, sometimes we get out earlier; around 5:30. Most of the courses that have leagues around where I live have ones that start around 5:30 - 6:00 for those that work.
  8. Thank you again for all of your information/help. I'll check out the web-based solution; also I'll check out the other software to determine if I should use that or Excel. What I would love to have done automatically, is when I put in the scores it will calculate the handicap, standings, and average for each hole. I don't know if it is possible, but I would love it to determine the points for each week based on criteria I specified. This year I it was two man teams and each team had an A and B player. The A player played the A, and the B played the B. Then the points were added up for te
  9. Yes, handicap will be adjusted weekly.
  10. This league is a 16 week league with two 8 week halves. The max handicap a person can have is 18. Thank you for your explanation; it makes sense now. For all secretaries out there, can you tell me what league software you use? Again, thanks.
  11. I am new to this forum, so if I shouldn't start out with questions, let me know. I am the secretary for our golf league, and we handicap 100%. I figure it out based of 35 (front is par 36; back 34). I take the previous three weeks average, minus 35 and that is their handicap. A person on the golf league said we should be using 85%, taking their handicap at that point and multiplying by 85%. He said it should more evenly things out. I'm not sure I understand how that would work, the giving of strokes should be the same correct? It shouldn't make a huge difference, or am I missing s
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