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  1. nlowplacez

    O'Meara's Swing v. Tiger's

    well ask anyone whos studied hogan and theyll tell you hes probably one of the handsiest great ball strikers ever. tiger and a lot of modern players try not to be as handsy and to generate power with the body. now remember when i said tiger would get stuck and have to use his hands to hit the ball straight. well hogan could do this EVERY SINGLE time. compare hogan to trevor immelman (people say he swings just like hogan, dont see it) immelman is also pretty one plane and his swing is all about shoulder turn. if he used hogans hip shift and couldnt manipulate the hands the way hogan did he probably wouldnt have a green jacket like i said these are just my feelings and methods. i dont believe the way you turn your hips is a golf fundamental. ive seen plenty of players do all kinds of different turns and slides with all kinds of swing planes, like hogan and immelman. but i DO believe the timing of the turn with the upper body action is hugely important and CAN be plane dependent. and different speeds and types of hip shifts can affect that timing tremendously. hence original post
  2. nlowplacez

    Tom Weiskopf footage?

    I'm a big swing studier, and one I've been trying to look at lately is Tom Weiskopf. I have been scouring the net and youtube and what not, but can find virtually no video of his swing except one little crappy video on a website. Does anyone know where some good footage of this beautiful swing can be found without like buying or ordering videos and stuff. Thank you.
  3. nlowplacez

    O'Meara's Swing v. Tiger's

    ya i didn't really mention it, but i teach different hip turn methods depending on players swing. most one planers i work with i try to get them to move away from too much lateral movement to the left or bump as some call it. lateral movement is necessary but it can be easily overdone. one two planers more like tigers old swing i like aggresive weight shit which usually means more of a hard lateral move or bump. like hogan (one planer) said, swivel the hips like your turning in a barrel.
  4. nlowplacez

    O'Meara's Swing v. Tiger's

    what do you mean how do they come into play jamo. the hips are the driving force of any good golf swing, its just a matter of timing their movement.
  5. nlowplacez

    Against Stack and Tilt? Tell Me Why.

    looks to me like nobody is against it. its just one way to swing the golf club. i've considered trying it. but there better be a way to make it work that doesn't look like the guys on TV. course i think part of that is the way they tilt their head up and look in the camera while holding follow through. just goofiness
  6. nlowplacez

    Hingeless Swing

    haha i used to try this when i was first learning to play and thought i had found the holy grail. well that happened with every new swing idea but this was one of em. check yourself in a mirror or on video. you're not locking your wrists i bet. when i thought i was i was actually putting the club in a pretty good spot at the top. just not parallel to the ground. dunno, go with it for a while or forever if it works
  7. nlowplacez

    O'Meara's Swing v. Tiger's

    oh and carland you were right. steeper swings do need more time. thats why they can delay the arm and upper body swing a little. flatter swings do better to start the hips and upper body closer together. tigers new swing was giving his upper body time that it didnt need or want
  8. nlowplacez

    O'Meara's Swing v. Tiger's

    its tough to explain but i'll try. and like i said its my opinion, so others will probably dispute it. tiger's problem was getting stuck. now its everything so ill go back to when he was a little more consistent and his miss was gettin stuck and leaving the ball out to the right. basically his hips turned fast and powerful and left his arms and club behind and the only way for him to not block the ball was to use his hands. back when he was swinging good like in 2000 (this will sound crazy btw) he was still getting stuck but in a different way. the top of his backswing was steeper and obviously off the correct swing plane. the hip turn would get his arms and clubs stuck, but it was a good thing since he went from being too high on the plane to right on it. if he had moved the hips and arms simultaneously or closer too it as a lot of one planers do (ex immelman) he would come over the top and swing like a weekend hacker or craig stadler. i could write about 40 pages on this but i'll leave it at that and answer any ques if you have em. or you may think im a nut, but like i said its my OPINION
  9. nlowplacez

    O'Meara's Swing v. Tiger's

    in my opinion, tiger's hip turn doesn't work as well with a flatter swing haney incorporated. a hip turn as fast and powerful as his has the effect of getting your club BACK on plane. if you're already on plane all its gonna do is get u stuck and block. he should go back to the steeper backswing or quiet those hips on the down, but i think he would lose some distance. just my thoughts, worthless as they may be
  10. first of all, if your irons are in good shape then i think you should keep using them. if i remember correctly those 990s are sort of semi cavity back but more like a blade (could be wrong). if you hit em good then keep using them. your not gonna get much more distance if you buy new blade clubs as the technology has barely changed for them. but if you feel the need to buy new ones in my opinion mizuno and titleist make the best player clubs. and i think your smart for sticking with blades or close. people don't realize that players clubs are the true game improvement clubs. when you feel your mishits and whatnot you work a lot faster to get rid of em and become more aware of them versus GI or SGI. your ideal set makeup is good and traditional. i prefer losing the 5W and adding a wedge, but to each his own. for wedges i think cleveland and titleist vokeys are the best but if you go with name brand your really not gonna find a "bad" wedge. driver and 3W is really all about just testing them. but i would recommend taylormade, ping, titleist. hit everything in the shop on a monitor and then play a round or two with your favorites. the one thing i would recommend above everything else i've said is GET FITTED. don't buy off the rack. lastly, IMHO putter brand is absolutely meaningless unless maybe you feel more confident with a certain name on your putter. just my opinion. check my sig on that one. anything else holler
  11. nlowplacez

    Tour Pros: Draw v. Fade

    thats true. but list who you think the five best ball strikers of all time are. what do or did they play? everybodys list will be different but mine has 3 fades, a literally straight hitter and a guy who can't make up his mind. i think itd be interesting to see a majors wins breakdown throughout history of the ballflight of the winners and see which one wins. one of yall should do that as an experiment. im too lazy
  12. nlowplacez

    Baddeley Post-SnT

    Was watching the Texas Open today and the announcers were talking about Baddeley while he was on the tee. Sometimes they're full of crap i know. n e way, one said something along the lines of Baddeley used to be in the S & T school and has since moved on to traditional swing with weight shift and whatnot. Truthfully, I don't remember ever seeing him play as well as today while he was stackin and tiltin. I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of why he might have moved away from it or if he ever said what he didn't like about it. I was considering trying S&T; for a while to see if maybe that could be the thing to get me over the ammy pro hump. But I've always been waiting for someone to emerge from the PGA pack who uses it to give it some validity and prove its worth in my own mind. yalls guesses are probably as good as mine, but figured i'd throw it out anyway. (i know theres posts on S&T; but not much on pros quitting it and henceforth improving)

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