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  1. 1. I remark on PP's good shots, and stay quiet on the bad ones. I don't say "good shot" just because I hear good contact ( the ball may be 40 yards off target). 2. I use my PP's names regularly (especially if just-met)...Dale Carnegie training 'the one sound each and every person loves is the sound of their name" 3. Mark someone's ball, replace a divot, rake a bunker (esp if he's thinned it over the green)
  2. Welcome back to the game. I stopped playing at 13 and took it back up at 58. Don't worry ...all the bad habits will come back:) Get out on a course again....cuz at first as important as a swing on a flat pad at a range is relearning the infinity of types of shots, feel of the course and etiquette of the game. Either with a buddy or alone if meed be. When I restarted I went to a couple executive courses in the area. Good luck!
  3. I'm an absent-minded professor type of person ( without the intellect or education). I walk around in a daze most times. Yesterday, for the second time this year, I forgot to strap my bag to the cart, and it flew off 30 yards from the 1st tee, entertaing everyone but me. Another of my specials I putt out first , grab the flag, then when all are in, we walk off the green, with the flag still in my hand. My buddies have started to call it my trophy! So everyone fess up...what embarrassing things have you done on the course?
  4. shot 45 at Putnam Natl. 35.2/125 . 3145 yds. Labor day afternoon and was paired with a friendly couple. 2 groups of hackers in front, so it took 2;45 hours...ouch!
  5. Multiple practice swings per shot are on top of my list. I'm 63 and figure I have a finite number of swing left..I don't want to waste them ! And I like to quote Caddyshack and the Godfather
  6. Down .9 to 16.8. Last summer I got down to 17ish then floated up in fall then this spring to 20.5. Now I've gotten back and want to stay!
  7. Be sure about your goals and communicate them to your prospective teacher....if he doesn't ask about your goals, that's a bad sign. For example, if you want to get to single digits and play competitively, he may want to revamp your entire swing. Or, if you want to get to be a bogey golfer, he'd work on posture, tempo, grip and contact with the swing you bring. Or, if you want to play a couple times a month with buddies and just not embarrass youself, that a different lesson too.
  8. I joined another single in mid-round last week at a course I was unfamiliar with. I wasn't keeping a score. I noticed him rolling his ball to a better lie a couple times and kicking away a 3 foot putt. So when we got to the 17th hole, with a pond in front of the green, I couldn't tell the carry yardage, and I replaced the tour ball I was playing with a ball I had just found...I was shocked when he said ""ÿou know that you have to play the same ball you started the hole with"". I just said ""noted"" and swung away.
  9. Quote: I did my research on the fitters near by. Any advice? Anything you would have done differently? Or did you just go into it with the trust and knew that once the info was there you would be paired up with right clubs? I am 62 and told fitter I was quite willing to do a analysis before hand if it would " maybe" make a difference. He told me it would really be a waste of money. To go to practice range a few times to make sure I was bringing my real swing, then come in with an open mind and trust the results. Did you find that to be the case? I'm also 62, kinda short and a slower swing speed. They had Flightscope and Trakman....they had indoor and outdoor facilities. Tried out 6 GI models...Callaway,Ping,Titleist, Mizuna, TM, Cobra. I hit with them all. Quickly started eliminating......I hated a couple for the way hey looked from above. Another cuz I didn't like the feel. that was 10 minutes. My results with another was inferior to the last two...With the results of the last 2 pretty much the same..I chose the one that I felt looked and felt better. Like I said before I was very surprised at the brand it turned out to be. Then we worked on the shaft type. Stiff was not an option for my swing speed. I assumed I'd get a "senior"shaft...but the results were clear that I was performing much better with the regular shaft...another surprise. He determined the kick point too. Then we worked on the lie angle. We talked about grip model and size...went with factory equipment Took about 90 minutes...and I ordered the set right then. They deducted the cost of the fitting from my set. No way I could have come up with these clubs on my own.
  10. I was fitted for irons last year and they have been superb! I was very surprised about the brand I bought....was not even on my list if I had just bot off the shelf. I was surprised at the shaft results too. Wouldn't have picked out that one either. Overall, very rewarding experience. I'll never buy another club without it. I picked my fitter from the Golf Digest list of the top 100 fitters. I had watched a guy get "fitted" in a retail store earlier and was not impressed.
  11. There's an indoor facility on 39th between 6th and Broadway that is just golf....and a bar. Groupons all the time too.....off season I'll hit balls there a couple times a week.
  12. He was wrong in picking up your ball. But when you were on the hill 210 yards out and saw an empty green, where did you think the twoball was? Already finished the par 5?, with a fourball in front of them? We have all unintentionally hit into players or not yelled fore cuz we didnt see anyone. But I think you should be more careful and considerate. But its just a lesson learned.
  13. For an unfamiliar course I look at Swing by Swing on my Ipad. Since I have a GPS watch , I measure Hazards and FWB's from the middle of the green. Since the location of the tee as noted earlier is often unknown. Then do the arithmetic in my head. I also make yardage notes on the bunkers, hazards or OB around the greens. These can be hard to see or really guestimate from the fairway.
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