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  1. Will anyone pick up Richie Sexson?

    Well it looks like he will have to handle to boos because hes in New York now (yankees). How about Joe Blanton going to Philly poor A's.
  2. Golfing Solo

    I am only a Junior in high school and most of my friends that play golf at my local country club can't always play with me ( work, watching siblings, rides) SoI quite often go out by myself and it is very relaxing and soothing. If you are worried about getting bored bring along your I pod thats what I do, make sure to feed the wire through your shirt though , or else it gets in the way of your swing.
  3. Thanks! It's too bad i got last years mo only a couple of weeks before the new one came out.
  4. Which irons do you use?

    I use cobra fp irons. They have the best feel. But some times when i hit the ball off of the toe I still will get the same feeling.
  5. Best golf ball....UMM???

    i usually look more to shape my shot than more distance so I go with the pro V1 but occasionally i use Callaway's Hx Hot.
  6. What do you hit from 200 yards?

    I usualy hit my 4 iron from in or around 200, anything higher than 225 though I hit my 3 wood.
  7. Which putter do you use?

    I use a 35 inch 2 ball blade from Odyssey. They are unbelievable on slow green but on the faster greens they seem to be a hit or miss.