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  1. Well it looks like he will have to handle to boos because hes in New York now (yankees). How about Joe Blanton going to Philly poor A's.
  2. I am only a Junior in high school and most of my friends that play golf at my local country club can't always play with me ( work, watching siblings, rides) SoI quite often go out by myself and it is very relaxing and soothing. If you are worried about getting bored bring along your I pod thats what I do, make sure to feed the wire through your shirt though , or else it gets in the way of your swing.
  3. Thinking of getting a new driver and here are my three choices so far: Callaway Hyper X Cobra 4lv Taylormade Burner Ti I have a Hibore right now and do not like the feel so I am looking to upgrade.I am a natural fade hitter so I'm looking for something that has a slightly closed face.
  4. Thanks! It's too bad i got last years mo only a couple of weeks before the new one came out.
  5. I use cobra fp irons. They have the best feel. But some times when i hit the ball off of the toe I still will get the same feeling.
  6. i usually look more to shape my shot than more distance so I go with the pro V1 but occasionally i use Callaway's Hx Hot.
  7. I usualy hit my 4 iron from in or around 200, anything higher than 225 though I hit my 3 wood.
  8. I use a 35 inch 2 ball blade from Odyssey. They are unbelievable on slow green but on the faster greens they seem to be a hit or miss.
  9. They may not sound as attractive as Callaway or titleist but I play cobra fps and i can honestly say they gave me better feel than any other iron at the demo day I was at. BUt then again every one has a different feel of clubs.
  10. I play the old cobra fps but i really like the nike ccis