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  1. Interesting topic. I was a S&T student, but drifted aeay from that a bit. Really liked the teacher, but could not find the time to take a lesson, practise and get back to check if the info and practise gave results. When I got the time, i wanted to play. Got some injuries and could only pratice small motions like putting or chipping. Last year I got a lesson from Trackmanmaestro when he was in Holland. Spent the afternoon talking with him. Had the time of my life!! He set me in positions which felt very, very uncomfortable at first but I was hitting draws within 15 minutes. Since then, I never sliced a ball and never looked back. I now take lessons from a teacher who also spend the day with trackmanmaestro that day and who knows what to do in general, more specific with my swing (he filmed it, was there the whole lesson). I take a lesson, get 2 drills, practise, come back within 6-8 weeks. And we compare and talk about the progress. I do not mind the practise, might even more like it than playing itself! Within my possibillity's, trying tonget better! The impact sound off a well struck ball, it is amazing!! It changed my position on lessons.
  2. They filmed me, but unfortunately I only have it on my app and somehow I can not copy paste it. But whenever I am on film, I want to quit golf. Horrible
  3. Mr Mayo came to Holland. I was very fortunate to finally meet him and very lucky to book a lesson. To sum it up. It was impressive, learningfull, in no time he had me hitting draws. First, he set my body. It felt very umcomfortable at first, but after a few moments I got used to it. Feet flared, handle up like throwing a frisbee. At first it felt very strange but after a while, i started drawing. Amazing. My left knee is strechting to quickly I must work at that amd as soon as I got that undet control, i start ripping it. The sound of impact became different, more oof a thumpb. I have practised now for a few weeks. I am not totally familar, but I can control my curvature more and more. Played 2 rounds, committing to the new swing sonto speak. I draw the ball now, sometimes even hooling it. I hook it when i straighten my knee to soon in the downswing. When I keep my flex longer. It draws. I gained distance and I know noe bettet what my clubface is doing. I was very impressed with Joe. After me, he helped a semi pro player. I never ever seen someone before who became a better player within one hour under the guidence of a top coach. Player ne and he found his mojo. Joe is an absolute tip top pro with tons of knowledge. I felt fortunate to have met him
  4. I always take a club more when playing into the wind. But I feel I could even use 2 clubs more (depending on the wind). Stupidly enough, underestimation is key here on my part Another thing, I must play the ball a bit more back in stance.
  5. Thanks for all the answers. I know a better player can probably work the ball. Myself, however, as much as I would like it, can not. I'll stay as much as I can with my stock shot (fade) and compensate the alignment.
  6. So, wind left to right, you tend to draw it. And if you could hit a fade (which you can't), wind right to left, you want to hit a fade. Correct? So can I take it that you want to start you ball in the wind?
  7. I have a question, watching the Scotish Open. Picture this (right handed player). You are in the fairway, let's say an I7 to the green, to make it easy, flag a bit right of center. I know there are a lot more factors, like what is on the right side of the green, where do I miss it, what shot do you normally play etc. But for argument sake, lets leave that out. The wind is blowing accross the fairway, perpendicular. You have the choice for 2 type of shots. A fade or a draw. My question: what do you play? What is the safest option? If I hit a fade, I want to let the ball turning in the wind, back to the flag. But if the wind catches on, I might up hitting a push. Vice versa with the draw. I want to start it right of the flag, which means the ball will start into the wind, but if the wind takes on, I might just end up with a ball way left of the flag. Does a ball turn into the wind? Or do you always play into wind? Do I hit a fade or a draw? Or is the answer simply: it depends? I was just wondering and couldn't find an answer for myself. I saw Mcdonald hitting a shot and he looked discusted with the outcome. I coulnd't see the type of shot he hit.
  8. Mixed feelings about this one. What struck me when I started to play golf, that everyone seemed genuinely interested, willing, to help you with the best intentiones. That is something to cherish. At some point I felt the need also to give some free advice, when you see someone falling back or whatever. But I never did it. Somehow, indeed it is feeling a bit like 'hey, I am better than you'. But more, I think I know a bit about a swing, but the reality is that I am not a teacher. So I shouldn't act like one. Ofcourse I see no problem in an exchange of drills etc. Like when you are around the practise chipping area and someone ask you what you are working on.
  9. I played a course for the first time. On a par three, the flag was about 172 yards. With a wind blowing in the face. I was in doubt what to do, so I picked my five iron and gripped down somewhat. I hit my shot and the ball stopped at 170 yards, nearly a hole in one. Lucky it didn't drop, because the clubhouse was full. Somehow, my best shot was a difficult hole. Small fairway, left oob, right a big pond. Dogleg to the right. I hit a decent drive in the heavy wind, around 235 yards. Accross the water to the pin was around 195 yards. Sensible thing was playing around the water, lay up with your 3rd shot. I decided to go for it, reward a good drive. I hit a stinger fade, landed right of the green, shot a soft flop an tapped in for par. Best hole I played this year.
  10. I like the cool Swede very much. The way he attacks the ball. I really do not have a clue. Could be a difficult course to play. Somehow, big players come up at big tournaments. Or when they are in contention, they can step up a notch. I really can not see a favorite.
  11. It hurts indeed. But I have to say that I can't suppress a feeling of relief. I am not the only one, even pro's do it. I was able to play 9 holes with a friend last Sunday. Met him on the range. He asked me to join. So I ran to the tee box, thinking, 'oh dear, not the best prep'. I have a new shaft (Oban, the best) installed in my driver. Performed very stable and well. Than I had to hit the first iron shot. Stuck it next to the pin. Didn't shank during the 9 holes. After a few holes, I wasn't even thinking about the possibility that I could even shank a ball. Hit pure, solid contact. Poohhh. Happy camper.
  12. I have very mixed feelings about it all. On short terms, Brittain will have a lot to deal with. The Scots, new political leaders etc. I would't be surprised that if (in the long, long) end, the British are better off. It might be a blessing in disguise. The EU needs to reform, that's for sure. The EU needs to have a sound resolutions to the immagration issue.
  13. Only stupid thought I had, why don't you put a shorter shaft in the club. but the explantion above made sense. Gripping it longer when you need to. thanks for the explanations! And yes, I believe a 66 guy has a smashfactor. 66 is the new 46!
  14. Juist saw Rahm shank it horrible. It happend to anyone. Relief