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  1. Well, on the longer strokes I just need it to get it close. Somehow, I don't twitch it that much. There's something in the brain that makes my right hand spasm on short puts. It must be tension, as always.... Stupid game. I practice short puts. Most of the time on the putting green it's fine, but now and then it pops up.
  2. Interesting topic. I followed Aimpoint. Like it and use it. I strugle as a righthander with a flicky, nervy, right hand. Mostly on short puts, my right hand somehow at the very last moment right before impact unintentionally ever so slightly during the stroke twitch the club, resulting in a miss. I use the claw grip for the short strokes, which helps.
  3. I think it is an excellent markting quote. I hit some balls with the new Honma club. I couldn't even tell that club wasn't forged. Another piece of humble pie. Of course there are more clubs with that butter feeling. I wouldn't say I had a bad fitting the first time. We crunched all the numbers with the help of TM, we tested a couple of shafts with different heads. At the time, the choice was valid. But as soon as I got them, we did not click. I hit lots of buttery feeling balls, but also hit enough crap ones. And I will probably do so with the Mizuno's. But the combo of lessons, a lot of
  4. And now, I am the owner of a beautifull set Mizuno 900. How come? Well, 2 years ago, I went to a clubfitter. I wanter a lower ball flight and somewhat a more forgiving clubhead without sacrificing a beautifull look from above. I hate shovels. After a day of testing in front of a TM, with different clubheads, different shafts, the fitter build a set of Srixon Z 585. With the PXI shaft in it. Apparently I was having a blast that day at the fitter, because we never became friends, the club and I. Since winter 2018, I am following lessons from a Scotsman. Great guy, I like what h
  5. I have had the idea that I need(ed) more help to play the golf course. I play with Yamaha's, forged Endo steel, woth Nippon 950 shaft. I struggle with the i5. I do get the ball up in the air. I got those irons playing off 24 hcp. Now i play 12.5. But my swing has evolved. So I got the feeling my beloved Yamaha's do not match my swing anymore. Better yet, the shaft do not fit my swing. I experienced a Mizuno fitting. I have to say, all the fuzz about the Mizuno irons as the best feeling ever, I think it is a market hype. But that's me. I made an appointment with a fitting studio. Testing,
  6. It is late in the evening here in the Netherlands. Might be a sentimental fool here. I have met Andy and Mike, spent a day with them, and I loved it. I admire(d) them for a lot. I started playing golf and I had no clue whatsoever. You can not compare golf in Holland with golf in the USA, so I won't even begin. When I started playing golf, an ex-colleague of mine told me about a local teacher. See him, he supposed to be good. I couldn't hit a ball consistently. That teacher had a systematic approach, different from so many teachers in Holland. I took some lessons on a regular basis w
  7. Played yesterday with the wedges. They really 'bite' the bal. Loved it.
  8. I had a fitting session for 1,5 hour, with the Mizuno truck and that swing DNA system. I had to hit . a few shots (3x3) with the dna. Then started first with the JPX 900. KBS shaft and Nippon modus. Track man behind me. Than we swithed to the MP- 18MB. I loved the compact head. The KBS (brushed shaft) i liked. The project X was no good for me. The numbers wth the Nippon were top notch. Unfortunately, didn't get the numbers.emailed to me. Nice ballfllight. I tried to hit a bad shot with the MB, but to my surprise, I hit it flush. Real sotf feeling iron. Could be two things. It was my day a
  9. Interesting topic. I was a S&T student, but drifted aeay from that a bit. Really liked the teacher, but could not find the time to take a lesson, practise and get back to check if the info and practise gave results. When I got the time, i wanted to play. Got some injuries and could only pratice small motions like putting or chipping. Last year I got a lesson from Trackmanmaestro when he was in Holland. Spent the afternoon talking with him. Had the time of my life!! He set me in positions which felt very, very uncomfortable at first but I was hitting draws within 15 minutes. Since then
  10. They filmed me, but unfortunately I only have it on my app and somehow I can not copy paste it. But whenever I am on film, I want to quit golf. Horrible
  11. Mr Mayo came to Holland. I was very fortunate to finally meet him and very lucky to book a lesson. To sum it up. It was impressive, learningfull, in no time he had me hitting draws. First, he set my body. It felt very umcomfortable at first, but after a few moments I got used to it. Feet flared, handle up like throwing a frisbee. At first it felt very strange but after a while, i started drawing. Amazing. My left knee is strechting to quickly I must work at that amd as soon as I got that undet control, i start ripping it. The sound of impact became different, more oof a thumpb. I have practise
  12. I always take a club more when playing into the wind. But I feel I could even use 2 clubs more (depending on the wind). Stupidly enough, underestimation is key here on my part Another thing, I must play the ball a bit more back in stance.
  13. Thanks for all the answers. I know a better player can probably work the ball. Myself, however, as much as I would like it, can not. I'll stay as much as I can with my stock shot (fade) and compensate the alignment.
  14. So, wind left to right, you tend to draw it. And if you could hit a fade (which you can't), wind right to left, you want to hit a fade. Correct? So can I take it that you want to start you ball in the wind?
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