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  1. Playing off 8 handicap now. Working towards my goal of getting to scratch. [quote name="PirateJim" url="/t/65725/how-long-till-your-handicap-fell#post_909033"] There is no way for one answer to fit all. Certainly a 32 year old with natural athletic ability who gets regular decent instruction and who has the discipline and resources to practice every day should be able to become a pretty darn good golfer over the course of the next year or so. However, getting to be a scratch golfer may never happen, or so I believe. Real scratch golfers are a rare breed. Doesn't mean you can't of course. But I would suggest setting an intermediate goal of 6 - 8 handicap. That puts you pretty solid into the "good golfer" category and from there you can probably better evaluate what you need to do to shave off those last strokes.[/quote]
  2. Broke 80 today. My current driver swing speed stands at 111mph. 270carry. Want to get down to scratch by dec2015. Currently @15 with playing 11months.
  3. Hi, How many months/years of practice is required to hit a Driver 270+ yards?
  4. Thanks these are very useful tips. If I may ask what is your current average driver distance? Or to put it this way how much time does it take to hit a driver 270+ yards.
  5. Cheapest will be a free mobile app like shotly, or mscorecard on IOS, Android and Windows. They are pretty accurate to tell you the distance from the green and have all courses in europe and US
  6. Started playing Golf since three months. After one month of range and short game practice scored 98 on my first round. This month last 8 rounds have scored an average 87 , being a hockey player may have helped. Currently 32 years old and am wondering if I practice everyday how soon can I be a scratch golfer?
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