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  1. Yes. Are you going to say when the next golfer after tiger wins 10 majors he is the best? And after that 6 majors he is the best? And after that 2 majors he is the best. I'll give you their is more comp, but better will always be debated. I saw both and will pick Jack not only as a person but as a player also. Tiger was better short term but long term I still pick Jack. Loved watching him go up that leader board on the weekend in the majors. Tiger was a blast to watch also and I hope he gets his game back and changes my mind. He's only in his late 30's there is still time.
  2. Lucky to have seen both careers in it's entirety. Thought Tiger was better for a shorter time. But Tiger's goal to be the best was surpassing Jack's 18 professional majors. (On his bedroom wall as a kid) The majors are against the best and that has been the standard we judge who the best golfers are. Jack's play against the best in the world was amazing. Don't just look at his 18 majors but the 19 second place finishes also. ( 56 top 5) I just wished the young players of today could have seen this man climb a leader board on movement day and see the fear he would put in the other players minds well into his thirties. I could only imagine if Jack wasn't setting the record but after it how many he could have won. Love seeing greatness and Tiger was great also. But unless Tiger surpassing Jacks major total, history will judge him accordingly.
  3. Bolded part is a accident. What a jet can do is take you there to more tournaments rested and ready to play. Giving you a lot more opportunities to play your best. You are right you still need to win some of those opportunities.
  4. I've been lucky enough to see all of Jack's and Tiger's careers. And I put Jack ahead of Tiger. In time I may change that but as of now Jack had a better career in my mind. Not just the 18 pro majors but the 19 seconds and 56 top fives in majors with the likes of Lee,Arnold,Tom Watson, Floyd, Gary Player pushing him not folding up like the pros did with tiger early in his career. The amount of wins tiger has is amazing, but being able to fly to the tournaments in your own jet from the start of your career makes that a lot more possible. Jack early on drove the wagon filled with his kids and the smell of dirty diapers to the tournaments while staying in small hotel rooms. Later Jack flew with Arnie and the family in his jet. The amount of tournaments now with the travel means and given endorsements I think in the coming years we may see a few players reach the 100 win career mark. But 18 Major wins again I'm not so sure and definitely no 19 seconds. Good luck Tiger, you are going to have to learn how to come from behind as you age, and your competition no longer folding.
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