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  1. Why not try a driver with adjustable lofts? I've been playing a 10.5* TM driver but got it down to 8.5* and straight with a Cobra (cheapest one too). YMMV.
  2. Tell US the deals YOU want during the HOLIDAYS!

    +2. Good deals on shirts, slacks and shoes.
  3. Your experience with lessons.

    Lessons had been positive so far. First instructor is ok but I was so new that progress was so slow. Tried another instructor to fix my driving and he did. I usually hit line drives and short, OB or bad slice. This new instructor saw the wrong setup and fixed the line drives, then I thought my drives were too high after the lesson . I think an hour lesson/session is too long. You can only correct so much in 1 session, as previously mentioned.
  4. Rocketballz or Stage II Driver?

    I'd suggest not to limit your selection until you have tried whatever you can get hold of. I have the TM Burner Superfast driver as well and I think it is me more than the driver. Then I got hold of a Cobra AMP Cell driver and tried the different lofts and I was very consistent, never missed the fairway, at 8.5* loft (used it twice so far). Check out the other adjustable loft drivers, try every loft and go from there.
  5. Keep it stock or get a new shaft?

    Thanks for the replies. I won the driver from our local club as a raffle, they can't sell it anymore as it is getting late in the season for us so they had the raffle together with other clubs which roughly totals to $700 Canadian. I woke up today with some sun so I went out to the golf course but quite windy with gusts here and there. Using the amp cell driver, set at 8.5, I hit all the fairways which amazed me to no end but the irons game wasn't there so the score was still high.
  6. First post. I won an R1 driver last week and it came with a stiff shaft. I just started playing this year and swing speed is not yet that fast for a stiff shaft, 85-88 mph. I am thinking of selling it so I haven't tried to swing it at a golf ball yet but I am also thinking of using it in the future, the dilemma. I've heard somewhere that the stock Aldila shaft on the R1 is "soft" so I am thinking it might work for me. Can someone please share your experience with the stock shaft. Will it matter if my ss is that slow for the stock stiff shaft? I tried it 2 months ago but my swing crap at that time and I won't be able to get to a sim until next month, I live in the north. I saw this on ebay, http://www.ebay.ca/itm/370913195841?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 . I wonder if that is a good shaft (I can't get any info) or the stock Aldila regular shaft is better? Budget is limited so I can't really go overboard. Just a little background, I started playing with a Wilson set. Then I got an AMP cell irons and I saw the difference in distance and ball height right away. Played a TM Burner Superfast driver and it seems that I get the same distance as the Wilson driver, 230-240 on a good day but average of 210 I'd say. Now, I just received an AMP cell driver (it was on sale at RBG and just to keep everything the same) and used it today and distance is the same. Maybe I need more lessons more than a driver. Golf course is pretty much close now and weather forecast is not really that great for the next few days so I am guessing today was IT.