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  1. Sort of an interesting concept. Obviously the entire golf world is highly concerned with its popularity or lack there of with younger people. Motivating players to appeal to them is at least an effort in that direction. What the actual return on investment will be is another thing.
  2. Congratulations @iacasand to your team. Great to see those young guys being able to do their thing with all that's going on.
  3. Definitely. I remember a few years back getting excited when I'd hit a groove on the range and bitterly disappointed when it didn't happen again on the course. That was tough lesson to learn.
  4. Golf needs another rule like I need another hole in the head. I'm not convinced the "arm lock" is that big of an advantage. If time proves me wrong and everyone adopts it, I'm not sure that's a bad thing either.
  5. As if nobody has ever gotten in a fight on the golf course before. The flag stick is pretty funny. Must have been some expensive golf clubs to not have those come into play. The brevity of it reminds us how tiring fighting can be as we get older.
  6. It's probably safe to say that the more frequent posters to this board are generally the more serious, more practiced and generally better golfers, but not entirely. A few of us, like myself, are world-class hacks that probably aren't much better than your friends there. Probably the commonality on this forum is that the members do want to improve and are willing to spend the time and resources to do so. It sounds like your foursome doesn't share that mentality.
  7. I remember reading some old Golf Digest article quoting Trump as saying pushcarts are "a bad look". To each their own. I got little interest in places like that.
  8. For the right price, I'll sell you some of my memories.
  9. Give me the stuff I can make money on. The tickets, the clubs and the beer.
  10. It stands to figure that a bum wheel would make golf a lot less appealing. One of the dumber things I've ever done is try to play through a sprained ankle. Our course closures really did suck, but there's still a lot of pretty solid courses not far away from you. Just my guess, but things will look different once the knee is functional.
  11. One relatively pleasant day back in February I took a walk one Sunday afternoon. I hiked down a path next to the Miami River here in Troy alongside sits my home course, Miami Shores. I lingered for just a minute gazing down at the ninth hole and thinking the slope didn't look so mean from up there. That's as close as I've been to a golf course ever since.
  12. I don't think I've ever encountered a Molitor that wasn't buried in a haystack for a while. They performed like it.
  13. Not just NY. I've seen that act a few times over the years. It's the same kind of guy that feels insulted when you pass him on the road and speeds up to make sure you can't get past him.
  14. I think you got to drink a bunch of that water to make the swim sound like a good idea.
  15. I'm not sure "incapable" is the word here. For any regular golfer, there are plenty of rounds where you don't stop at all. Probably the irregular golfer would be more like to make an event out of the round and stop for food and drinks. Personally, I find food on the course awkward. The determining factor to stopping or not is often whether or not I need to refill my water bottle. Some days the course fills the water jugs on the course and sometimes they don't. Sometimes it is hot enough that you go through a lot of water fast. The proclivities of the individual bladder aside, usin
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