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  1. Here's where I'm going to retire. Already got a spot.
  2. Retirement is for quitters.
  3. Damn straight they are. .... Nothing to do now but self-medicate. Drink enough and the courses will be open by the time you wake up.
  4. Yeah. The Jackasses did it. Now that I have my off day, i can spend it at home playing with myself like every other schmuck.
  5. If we're going to start taking our cues from those goofs in Clark County, we may as well call in the dogs.
  6. Just Clark County right? Actually happened by Miami Shores last night and the last cars were just leaving the lot, so they were at least open yesterday. After 21 straight in the office, I need to get out. Miami County better not follow suit.
  7. Expect is a strong word. Actually you don't really expect. You just experience. ... Whatever they are guessing for Sunday will probably be wrong by the time it gets here.
  8. Damn. Just got to poop on everyone's parade. Yeah. The wind's gonna be vicious.
  9. Scattered showers Florida Boy. ... It'll be fine.
  10. That's one of those that I haven't played yet. I got high hopes to have Sunday off now that Ohio pushed their deadline as well. If the weather cooperates, I may have to try it. It's easy to walk I assume.
  11. I don't care if the course is a goat track, the scenes of my better rounds hold a special place in my heart. One of my personal favorites is the course I broke 100 at for the first time. I really missed not going to Outer Banks this year and not getting to play that course was a part of that. Conversely, some of the most interesting courses I've ever played have seen score cards meet trash cans before the turn. Don't get me wrong. I can appreciate these places for what they are, but mainly it is a reminder just how much I suck.
  12. mcanadiens


    Ah. Brand new then. So just picture the withdrawal you are going through and multiply it by 10 for a lot of the rest of us sorry chasers of the white pill. By Adelaide, I'm assuming you are in Australia. Funny how the virus has brought us together in mutual, world-wide suffering. There's a lot of instructional stuff here that you should find useful. May also want to look at the my swing threads and set one up yourself.
  13. I played it once a long time ago. Struck me as the kind of course a good golfer (which I'm not) would carve up. Sort of links-like without the nasty grass, but fairly pretty as I recall.
  14. Nice. With the deadline pushed back, I should get back a day off this weekend. Now I got a place to go.
  15. Read a story in today's Dayton Daily News that says some courses actually have remained open in the face of the stay-at-home-order. There was apparently some confusion whether they considered golf courses on the same lines as parks, but it seems they do. Listed as open were: Yankee Trace, Pipestone, Heatherwood and Windy Knolls Listed as closed were: Beavercreek and City of Dayton courses. Please add any courses you know of as either open or closed. Thanks
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