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  1. mcanadiens

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    It's never too early to start planning to avoid The State Up North in the winter. Best of luck.
  2. mcanadiens

    Winter Depression Thread

    Bloody ceilings in the house are too low for that. Best I can do is putt on the carpet in the garage or brave the elements and clobber snow balls to kingdom come. Might work better if I dug out my ice skates.
  3. mcanadiens

    Winter Depression Thread

    Rain transitioning to snow tomorrow. 7-9 inches predicted and then the temperature drops. 14 degrees on Sunday and I'll go to work in the negatives on Monday morning. One more weekend on the couch.
  4. mcanadiens

    Did You Have a Eureka Moment?

    I started at 35 and, nearly seven years later, there have been a few times that I briefly thought were eureka moments. It's like you see something for a second and then it vanishes. My swing and my scores have improved to a degree, but it's been a slow process that only has me at almost-bogey golf right now. The phrase my brother uses is "chasing the dragon". You get close enough to that dragon to get the slightest feel for the scales on the tip of its tail. Sometimes you see him. Sometimes you can't find that dragon with a search warrant. It just isn't that easy for most of us.
  5. mcanadiens

    Hogan #sigh

    To read the bios on Hogan, most people wouldn't have wanted to be him either. The dude makes me sound socially well adjusted. Maybe being that kind of person was a large part of what produced that swing. For the average hacker, imitation should probably only go so far.
  6. mcanadiens

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    That's kind of what I'm anticipating as well. I'm not worried about it at all for casual rounds, but my club events could be a different story. If money is on the line, I'll probably insist in putting the stick back in the hole most of the time. I know other people in my association who will take it out from the fringe. Fiasco might be a little strong, but it does present a level of awkwardness.
  7. mcanadiens

    Favorite Sport/Team Besides Golf

    Hockey is so much better in person. TV never does it justice. You can see our old buddy PK Subban.
  8. mcanadiens

    I Saw a Woman Playing Alone

    If I remember correctly, @Jeremie Boop once told me about playing with hot, female, college golfers, but I'm pretty sure that was two at the same time.
  9. mcanadiens

    Florida Golf Vacation

    Maybe one of these days, I'll be able to do one of these kind of trips. .. until then I'll read threads like these. Given single-cap players and money not being an object, I'd think about two places off the top of my head, Pinehurst and Kiawah Island in North and South Carolina respectively. Just like Americans would seek to play Royal County Down when visiting Ireland, I'd assume that Pinehurst's famous No. 2 and Kiawah's Ocean Course would be major attractions. \
  10. mcanadiens

    Are you a mudder?

    In general, I think I do better in rainy and cold conditions than the average person. Even in the winter, I'll go to the course as long as it is 40 degrees or warmer (4 C). Most of the guys I play with don't do that. However, strong winds really do bother me. For some reason, the home course seems to have an awful lot of holes that play into the wind. Not being very long anyway, it can make for a frustrating round.
  11. mcanadiens

    Walking Golfers?

    I'm also cheapskate, but I highly recommend getting a "trolley" as our buddies overseas call them. My brother got me a Caddymatic model for Christmas a couple of years ago, now I can't imagine carrying around the bag beyond simply going to the range. There are some fairly reasonable ones if you look around.
  12. mcanadiens

    NHL 2018-19

    Some mystery incident involving Bobrovsky has him missing the game tonight. Lots of speculation and little in the way of facts. Blue Jackets: Sergei Bobrovsky will not play Thursday night after 'incident' The news spread quickly, just as the Blue Jackets were about to get on the ice for their morning skate Thursday at Nationwide Arena.Sergei Bobrovsky,
  13. mcanadiens

    Need to Buy New Golf Shoes

    Hasn't happened yet. I'm going to wait for a relatively warm evening, head to Kittyhawk with a shovel and bury them in the hazard on No. 10 of the Hawk course which has been drained for the winter. I figure I've put enough balls into the thing that it could use something else. I'll use a broken tee as the grave marker.
  14. mcanadiens

    Need to Buy New Golf Shoes

    I'd generally agree with you there. In my tightly budgeted world, money I spend on golf shoes is money that won't go to other golf-related things. That, unfortunately, always plays a role for me. That said, I've had pretty good luck with my previous two purchases. You can definitely get quality shoes for under $70.
  15. mcanadiens

    Need to Buy New Golf Shoes

    First thing I'll do after the busy season ends in April is replace my golf shoes. I had a cheap pair of Footjoy Greenjoy shoes that I got for $50 a couple of years ago. They were pretty comfortable, but they died in October. The entire upper separated from the lower. In a pinch, my old Adidas Adizero shoes still had enough in them to carry me since then. Less comfortable but more durable.

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