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  1. Didn't ESPN grease all their real reporters a little while ago?
  2. If it makes you feel any better know these two things: 1) there are a bunch of us in the same spot. I've been stuck in the 20-22 area for awhile. 2) Nobody else cares. Really and truly, nobody cares how poorly you score as long as you don't slow up the pace. Welcome to TST.
  3. There is a conspiracy at dear old Kittyhawk Golf Center to deprive us poor golfers of our balls. First, the grounds crew intentionally lets the rough grow to crazy heights. Most people figure that's a function of a limited budget or lousy grounds crew. The purpose is to help us lose the balls. Second, there are devices at the bottom of the pit-like water hazards that actually collect balls. These devices also create a sort of vortex over the hazard that causes well-struck shots to come up short. Third, they've enlisted the help of the numerous gophers that live on the course. The furry varmints absolutely will take your ball into their holes. I believe there is a nuts-for-balls operation going on here. The crappy balls they find are turned into range balls. The rest get sold. Big set up.
  4. And for a newbie or a hack that's a big part of it I was a beginner just a few years ago. Remembering all the chunky and thin shots as I ambled my way down a fairway, taking time to wait for someone 200 yards away seemed silly. Just when you think you'll never hit another decent shot, you actually connect and give yourself and the unlucky guy in front of you a good scare.
  5. 52-44-96 Kittyhawk GC, Eagle Course, Dayton, OH Always seemed like one really awful shot derailed a lot of holes, especially early in the round. The highlights included a par on the "nemesis hole" No. 8, aka the Moat Hole. It's a par three and with the wind right in my teeth, I clubbed way up to a 4H. Hit the center of the green and just missed my birdie putt. Following another par, I got my birdie on No. 11. A great drive and crisp 7I set up a dead straight 15-footer up hill and I flushed it. For such a mediocre score, this may have been the first time I've played this particular course without losing a ball. You'd have thought I'd score better. The old Nike PD Soft survived 96 of my hacks.
  6. Obviously, its pretty small in the grand scheme of things. If we weren't golfers, it would have been forgotten by dinnertime yesterday. What makes it obnoxious to me is that (aside from being POTUS), Trump owns all these fancy golf courses. He is a significant figure in the golf world and this is a strike against his credibility. Mostly that's his problem and not ours. Yeah, it's his course. I guess if you apply the victim principle, the only possible harm was to the golfers that followed him that day. If Trump's cart did actual damage and effected putts, I'd be pissed after spending $200 or whatever on the round.
  7. Where were the rangers on that one?
  8. As long as the stakes are pretty low, I wouldn't sweat it much. Otherwise, you may consider asking around about him. In my limited experience the chaps that run tournaments often have a long memory if someone develops a bit of a dodgy reputation. ... Don't even accuse him of anything. Just ask about him and people will talk.
  9. This is more-or-less my thought on the matter. Supposing the 8 HI is legit, it's way better than I do. It's better than the majority of people I play with. Teaching your individual swing to the general populace is another thing altogether. I've had buddies that think they should tell me what to do because they generally card a lower number than I do. Never mind they cheat like hell. What works for them, doesn't work for me. Didn't watch the video, but the stills above do look funny.
  10. So pull carts are out because it is a "bad look", but practice carpet is ok. Go figure. NYC is an interesting place to visit, but I sure wouldn't want to live there.
  11. Our area's most popular (and expensive) courses have never been on GolfNow. There is no upside for them. Most of the other public courses are still on GolfNow. Depending on your tee time flexibility, you can definitely cherry pick around the Dayton area.
  12. It would be nice if you could see just a bit more common sense out of people. For the cyclists, choose the less busy roads when possible. My town has all sorts of streets that generally have little to no traffic, so why do some insist of tooling down the busiest one. Two, use the right fifth of the lane and allow cars the maximum amount of room to safely pass. For the drivers, you've got to be aware that those guys are out there. Five years ago, I'd never see a cyclist out unless they were on the bike path or headed in that direction. Now, it's multiple every day. In places like mine, its an adjustment. Two, the road rage has got to go. Some people turn into psychos behind the wheel and if you recognize you are one of them, you need to check yourself.
  13. It's not done and dusted yet. FCC is planning a stadium and they need that first. So you'll have the whole public v. private financing debate. Lots of people are smarting from the horrible stadium deals for the Reds and Bengals. The MLS won't let them play out of Nippert (UC's football stadium) where they are now. Haven't been down there myself, but they are getting 20,000-plus for routine USL games. It looks like the support is definitely there.
  14. Community, Dales Course, Dayton, OH 39-42-81 Yes, the bunny course, but I came so damn close to busting the 80. Two stink-out-loud holes on #2 and #11 and minus either one would have been more than enough. Had three birdies and I'm a guy that often goes the weekend without one. Stuff is really starting to come together. The only jip is that my partner bailed on me. Would have liked to post this bad boy and get the old number looking a little better.
  15. Man. Just watching that makes me feel queasy. Had a night or two at that level back in the day, but never while the sun was still up. Yikes.