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  1. They got quota games both Saturday and Sunday starting at 10 am.
  2. Wouldn't necessarily say it's being self-conscious, but I absolutely hate crowded ranges. I need my room to operate, walk around, not see people out of the corners of my eyes and, yes, swear at myself. Yep, I'm that guy. Sorry. To facilitate my preferences as much as possible, I like to get to the course early and get my swings in before things get too crowded. I'll always find the biggest gap on the line to occupy. I never allow it to effect my club selection or change what I'm trying to do out there.
  3. Probably a similar story all over the country. My locals ate $250,000 in 2017. Haven't heard a fresh number for 2018.
  4. Hopefully, you learn something from every experience. Of course, some of us learn faster than others. Obviously when playing a round that counts, you play for the lowest score. That's why there really is something to be said for practice rounds, particular when the course isn't busy and you can try different things. As time goes by, the strategy for each hole on the course changes through learning. The hole where I used to lay up in front of the hazard has become a hole I know I can hit GIR if my drive gets to a certain place on the fairway. Now its just a matter of hitting that darn driver. It's a process.
  5. Well, I'm glad I could at least be entertaining, but need to wear the range out this week and be less "impressive" in the future.
  6. Hell. I shanked a driver last night. Didn't even think that was possible.
  7. mcanadiens

    NHL 2018-19

    I don't always root for Western Conference teams, but when I do they are playing against Boston. Best of luck to the Blues.
  8. The last marble will roll out of my head between age 55 and 65. When it does, I'll be totally useless to anyone or anything. I won't be earning the family any money. I'll be costing it. But I am glad for you. Hopefully you have many more.
  9. Vaping is bad. Stunner. Who knew? Whether its vaping, smoking, drinking excessively, over-eating, snorting cocaine, shooting heroin or any other damn thing, these are coping mechanisms. Nobody ever thought these things were some kind of health kick. For those of you with snide comments about people's level of intelligence, consider whether these people value things differently than you do. Personally, I'd rather not bang on until I'm 70 or 80 years old.
  10. Every single time I get it in my head to stop hitting the driver, one thing is virtually certain. ... The most god-awful, snap-hooking, tree-seeking 3W you ever saw. Besides, being a short-hitting 42 y-o, those bastards make me hit from the white tees just because I'm under 60 years old. Covering that distance with less than 1W ain't happening. At least for me, (and I don't hit it particularly well) not hitting the driver has never been the answer.
  11. If only he had an icy cold stare. Forget the stupid range. I'm going to work on my stare in the mirror this evening. Those guys won't know what hit them tomorrow.
  12. In addition to the above, I try to do some modest stretching.
  13. My always difficult first month of the season last year featured a nasty bout of the shanks. Seemed to take forever, but by June I had largely kicked them. What worked for me was a lot of work on the range and the par 3 course. I started by intentionally trying to miss the ball to the inside. On the range I'd use tees to bracket the ball. As time went on, I found I could line the ball up on the toe and get it going somewhere. Finally, it got back to center. It sort of seemed like a re-calibration of my own perception of things, but it really sucked for a month and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  14. I get it, but when every group on the course conducts extended ball searches every hole or two, it's tiresome. Had a round go 5 hours a few weeks ago. Don't even ask about how we scored.
  15. Rain everywhere it seems. One of the few really positive things about my home courses is that they drain like champs. On the other hand, the rough is straight-up gangster right now.
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