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  1. mcanadiens

    New lad here

    I started at 35 myself. That was about six years ago now and it sounds like you are off to a faster start than I did. Have fun with it. Keep those expectations realistic.
  2. mcanadiens

    MLB (Baseball) 2018 Season

    I'm just thrilled that our old C-Reds no longer seemed destined for the franchise ineptitude record. Since Riggleman took over, it's been a stunningly competent 40-38 record. People had been talking about 1982's 61-101 train wreck. Mario Soto and the Eight Dwarfs
  3. mcanadiens

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Yes. This is me as well. My courses have a big white and black striped marker at 150. I stare at that post from the tee. Aim, fire and get real excited when the ball gets to it or past.
  4. Serving up the "in-my-experience" qualifier straight away, but is it really adrenaline versus a lack there of? When I smoke a second shot, I'm usually in a full-fledged rage. The difference is that I don't really care where it goes, so I just bust it as hard as I can.
  5. It is a funny little phenomenon. Had a card-chucker of a round on Saturday behind a couple of slow-moving foursomes and dropped a bunch of second balls after shots good and bad. Can't really say that my mental game was in order at any point. I was really kind out of my mind, but those second shots were something else. I killed a few of them. My 5W saw 230 yards for the first time ever on a second ball from the 18th fairway. Maybe it isn't really about being calm. It's just the total lack of real consequence.
  6. mcanadiens

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Had myself a bit of a milestone yesterday. Normally when I play casual at my home courses, I'll play from the gold (seniors) tees because they are well over 6,000 yards anyway. With the club championship less than a month off, I've moved back to the whites in an effort to prepare. I had managed scores in the 80s a handful of times from gold on Kittyhawk's Eagle, but for the first time, I broke 90 from the white tees. It's 6,713 yards, 71.9/125. Posting it on ghin, it's easily the best differential I've had this year.
  7. mcanadiens

    Cheating in tournament

    Hell. At that rate I may not actually hole a ball the entire day.
  8. mcanadiens

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Got out for a rare weekday round and shot a typically crappy number, but played with a personable fellow that just graduated Troy High School. His grandpa gave a set of clubs and he is now learning to use them. Like many newbies, it was a battery of slices, fats and skulls for most of the 18, but he had some moments. We were on the last hole, a long par 4, and he'd hit his second fairway of the day. Waiting for the green to clear, he asked for the yardage and what club to use. I told him to not worry about the yardage so much and hit the club he had the most confidence in. So from 215, he hits a rocket with his 7W to the back fringe. I think we have a golfer.
  9. mcanadiens

    Cheating in tournament

    Not that they should, but each club/association probably has its own culture for how closely they expect rules to be followed. I've never been under a delusion about my own association's rigor, but my last outing kind of drove the point home. We were playing a team stroke event and I was with the two old men of the association. One was 98 and the other in his mid 80s. On a level, it was massively impressive that these guys were still out there and getting around the course, but the rules didn't really apply to them. We had ball rolling, dodgy drops and four-foot gimmes all day. After the round, I came to understand they had the association's full backing on it. What really threw me is that they kept knocking the ball back at me even after I told them I intended to putt everything out. Kind of worked against my fragile psyche. By the end, I was just glad it was over.
  10. mcanadiens

    Drone as Course Ranger

    Where I play, that would bring more five 0 than you could shake a stick at. ... They'd presume it to be gang-related.
  11. mcanadiens

    Drone as Course Ranger

    Do they make effective drone jammers small enough to fit in a golf bag?
  12. It's been six or seven years that I've been trying to play golf. Not real sure. My memory for such things stinks. Anyway, the 100 mark was broke in a year's time. Ninety was done in year two. The first time was on Dayton's easiest course, the Dales at Community Golf Club. Since then, I've managed several rounds in the 80s on a handful of other, more difficult, courses. But never an 80-breaker. Played the old Dales course this Sunday and pounded the crap out of the ball, but the wedges betrayed me. An 85 with the wedge bleeding at least five strokes. I'll get it some day.
  13. mcanadiens

    Rolling Balls Yield More Aces

    I agree. In addition to all those things others have said, consider this. Higher handicaps are more likely to play on easier courses. Easier courses often are contoured to funnel the ball on to greens and towards pins. So I push my worm-burner right of the green, it hits a helpful bank, caroms onto the green and we're rolling.
  14. mcanadiens

    The Yips

    My wedge game hit the height of frustration this week. Tripled No.9, a par-4, and the SW was in my hands on 5 of those strokes. Hit the bathroom and calmed down. When I got out I looked at the SW and it was like the shaft had a bad case of scoliosis, Needless to say, I'm in the market for a new wedge. Shot an 85 what @CarlSpackler would call our "confidence course". Would have been ... Could have been ... Should have been ... My first 80-breaker. Oh well. The above suggestions sound pretty good. Looking forward to working on them when I get the fresh victim.

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