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  1. mcanadiens

    7 iron challenge

    Hell. Right now I'd probably be better off hitting my PW off the tee instead the bloody 1W. I guess I always figure that trying to work through it is the way to go.
  2. mcanadiens

    11 reasons you stink at golf

    One of the great things about playing with beginners is that I can order them around while they drive the cart. Go there, drop me here, etc. It's like I'm a god-damn commander or something. Point is that, while fun for me, hopefully the fella learns some of this going forward.
  3. I've been wearing Footjoy Greenjoys and usually walk my rounds. They have been pretty comfortable and much better on my heal that the Adidas Adizero that I had previously worn. Alas, while my heal didn't blister, the heal of the shoe itself has given way after two years (approx 140 rounds). Now I'm in the market myself.
  4. mcanadiens

    11 reasons you stink at golf

    No. 2 rings the truest for me ... It's not that I don't try to practice. I'll even try to come up with something specific I want to work on. Too often stuff just degenerates into trying to pound the ball as hard as possible. No. 10 is less of a problem now than it used to be, but my distance still has a long way to go to approach the better players. Some of us are definitely working with a lot less than others.
  5. I think it was about this time of season a few years ago, that my lot went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina shortly after they had a hurricane. This was a relatively minor hurricane compared to the one they are talking about today. Probably three or four days had elapsed between the storm and when we arrived, and there were only minor indications that much had happened. The courses were all open. There was a lot of small branches all over the course. The greens were still pretty damp. Minor storm or not, it was an impressive job by the locals to have things so tidy in a short period of time. We had a very nice first few days there. The kicker was that about half through the week mosquitoes took the place over. They were angry SOBs as well. We were pretty much shut in for the last bit of it.
  6. mcanadiens

    Tour Poll Taken With Some Interesting Answers

    Yeah and those flat-bellies are probably good boys 99.5% of the time. But we all know this is a game that can drive one to drink.
  7. mcanadiens

    NFL 2018-19

    What team was that playing in prime time last night and scoring those touchdowns? Been a while since the Bengals played under the lights and looked competent. Now if they could just manage to get out of the locker room after halftime.
  8. mcanadiens

    Sand Wedge Still Common?

    A 56-degree wedge is generally what gets called a sand wedge and it's what I use 90% of the time. The other 10% is where I'm frozen against a lip. There I'll pull the 60-degree and hope like heck.
  9. mcanadiens

    Summer 2018 Outing - Dayton Area

    Sunday morning would be pretty good. My little brother and I are butt-deep in the fantasy football stuff and he'll be pissed if I miss much of it. He'll deal if I'm back by the 4 p.m. kicks.
  10. mcanadiens

    Consciously Hitting Down or Taking a Divot

    The conscious thought "hit down on the ball" is a very dangerous one for me. I'll get even steeper than I already am and I'll loose my balance forward. That puts the old hosel front and center and we all know what that means. A good divot is just the normal result of a good swing.
  11. mcanadiens

    If you had to choose one (just for fun)

    If the money definitely comes with the pill, I'd have to take it. No guaranteed money, I'd probably forget about it.
  12. Why would you not flight a club championship? I probably would play if only because I would want to play my round of golf anyway and to help support the club in general. But I'd also be bending some ears to get it into proper flights for the next year.
  13. mcanadiens

    I Thought I Would Be Shooting in the 90s by Now...

    1) Nothing's going to come easy when you are in your first year and relatively good and awful can happen in the blink of an eye even for experienced players. 2) Playing long courses as a beginner sucks. I did it way too many times as a starter and I think it actually hurt me in the long run. Stick to short courses and play the shorter tees. It'll keep you sane until you are ready for the big boys. 3) I went a year before I cracked 100. I'd say you are doing just fine.
  14. mcanadiens

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    What I think I'm guilty of and my rejoinders are: 2 - I like to line up six balls in a line to work on speed control. However, if its crowded out there, that won't happen. 5 - I'm a hack and we lose balls that we really want to find. I'm not the worst, but it has happened. 7 - But I really don't think I stand close enough to anyone to make a difference. Nobody's had an issue. 11 - But I'm a lot better about that this year. I've cut some really straight lines lately. 14 - I dislike the concept. I never take them and never offer them.
  15. mcanadiens

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    Maybe we are getting into semantics . Like I said, nobody stands "directly" behind someone when they putt. They give the man his space, but are still behind him and still watching the putt. What's the alternative anyway? Does the guy need to walk to the other side of the green to wait his turn? People always do this. I've never seen it made an issue.

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