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  1. I do get a bad feeling that we're going to see a lot more of this fairly soon in the U.S. The numbers they've been announcing in the last few weeks don't sound good. Maybe the politicians are trying to get to the election without upsetting would-be voters more than they have to. A long frosty winter spent indoors 99% of the time sounds like a terrible idea to me as far as the virus is concerned. Then again, us in the northern parts of America don't get much golf in the winter anyway, so I do feel badly for @Nail.
  2. You play long enough in enough different situations, you realize that stereotypes are just that. Seniors and especially senior women (very rare in my parts) are almost never problems in my experience. Maybe it is sort of a defense mechanism against the stereotype itself, but experienced female golfers usually have a terrific pace of play. Young hackers, often, will not give up a ball search and they often have many ball searches in a round of golf. So, it doesn't surprise me.
  3. I'm driving a shorter distance than before, but still am playing less golf. It's been a real dodgy thing walking onto Miami Shores. If I tried it 8 times this year, I've done nothing but hit range balls at least 5. Eventually I found some guys with regular weekend tee times to play with, but it isn't like the old days where one of Kittyhawk's three were guaranteed to be available and I could just show up.
  4. Back when Kittyhawk was in operation, they used to bring out herds of kids to play the par-3 Falcon on Sunday afternoons. Many days, my buddy and I would walk off 18 and see them all queued up on the first tee. I'm pretty sure this was the local First Tee operation. Not sure if they are doing something similar at another course or not, but that was definitely a part of the shame of shutting my old home. Even the shortest remaining course, is less of a fit for the youngsters.
  5. A story in today's Dayton Daily News talks about the numbers being great for the remaining courses. Of course, closures have helped that, which they mention only deeper in the story. But good news for the survivors anyway. Golf resurgence during COVID-19 poised to shatter records at city-owned courses Sport filling “quasi-entertainment/health dynamics” void expected to hit 20-year peak.
  6. Yeah. membership or not is probably part of a disconnect on this question. The whole business of going back to the club house to pay for the extra nine would have me going to the parking lot 100% of the time after hole 9. Then again, if I had to travel in any significant way, I'd be playing 18 holes to begin with.
  7. Prior to this year, I almost always played 18 holes. The time and expense of going to the course in the first place was significant enough to make nine holes not seem worthwhile. This year, with my home course just a couple of miles away, its an easy thing to fit in nine holes here and there. With the course so busy, it's often possible for the staff to let me go off the back if there is a gap. I also find it easier to maintain my concentration for 9 holes instead of 18. Probably about 20% of the time I'll make the turn after playing nine and that normally depends on my schedule, how reasonable the pace of play is and whether I'm playing worth a darn or not.
  8. I'll play it safe. Any time trees like the ones you are talking about are involved, it's not just a risk to the scorecard. It's a risk to my health. There was a particular occasion I tried to split a gap. The comebacker off the tree truck missed my head by inches.
  9. Imagine spending over $1000 on lessons, hitting thousands of practice balls over a two-month span and then going on the course for the first time and finding out that you hate golf. Lessons early are great and something I really should have done myself, but @brookskoepkaclone has definitely taken it to an extreme here.
  10. If anyone I play with ever starts complying with the old five-minute rule, let alone the three-minute rule, I'll let you know. Sorry. Sore point for me. I've been with some cats in the last few weeks where all we did was look for their ball. Had a wide-open (albeit scruffy) course and took 4 hours when it should have been no more than three.
  11. 6-4-2-2. Have really sucked myself this year and am playing with players that are generally worse than the ones I played with at Kittyhawk, so there's a lot more yelling this year. My new course (Miami Shores, Troy, OH) really only has a couple of places I regard as dangerous and that's only because of my tendency to hit giant hooks with irons. The greens for No. 2 and No. 12 at Miami Shores are pretty close to the tee boxes on the next hole. So when I snap over on one, that's where those suckers are heading. I guess a third dangerous place is a par five with a gradual dogleg right over the first 200 yards or so with pine trees lining the fairway. It easy to slice or push one into the trees and have it shoot out toward an adjacent green. We know the drill, watch each other's shots and call out if there is a real risk.
  12. Lately, I've been playing with some older guys from the gold (senior) tees at Miami Shores instead of the white (regular) tees. Lately, I've adopted a much more casual approach to the game after some very serious struggles the past couple of years, so I figure why not. It's a pretty substantial difference with the whites at 6068 and the golds at a mere 5313. Basically, it all boils down to whether I hit a half-decent tee shot or not. That has been the biggest problem for me lately. A good drive from the golds and I'm hitting 9I or wedge into the green. Otherwise, it's the usual banging balls out of trees that ruins holes from any distance. It does make for a somewhat faster round traffic permitting, so I've enjoyed it.
  13. mcanadiens


    Oh yeah. Actually one of my dear friends has been known to do that. Three, four or five jabs at it with the flat-stick, but for the scorecard it's a two-putt limit. Amazing how many times he beats me when we play together.
  14. I don't think I'd shoot anything at Augusta. Their security guards would probably shoot me before I came anywhere near with a golf club in hand.
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