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  1. How Often Do You Hit The Sweet Spot?

    Sweet spot? Normally only at Halloween when we have left over candy or Christmas. Gotta have at least one candy cane.
  2. NHL 2017-2018

    Sure with you way out west, there's a lot to watch. Your west-coast lot are on past my bed time. I had Center Ice for a few years before 1) I started trying to play golf and 2) before my cable bill became stupidly huge. Hard to justify the additional bill. Now I see a whole lot of CBJ and a lot less of the Canadiens. Maybe just as well this year.
  3. The grass on the range looks better than some of the greens I've putted on recently.
  4. NHL 2017-2018

    Yeah. I remember that to. ... Time does us all in sooner or later. On another front, a buddy of mine just got the Center Ice package. He's, of all things, a re-invigorated Leaf fan. Yuck.
  5. importance of filming speed

    So I finally caved in and had to replace a cheap cell phone that I lost some weeks ago. The new has a camera of some kind, capable of video of some kind. May have to force my brother to the range to see what the thing can do as far as capturing my magnificent hack. Either way, I'd imagine it won't really be suitable for TST purposes.
  6. changing golf balls

    Judging by my last trip around the local par-3, I'd say that somebody paid $4 (£3) for a small bucket of range balls and just took em on the course.
  7. NHL 2017-2018

    Wanna trade?
  8. Don't text and drive folks

    Also don't inject heroin while you are driving. Just had one of those fall asleep behind the wheel of a gas tanker on the highway.
  9. Lost ball rule and pace of play

    There are all those common sense things you mention, but another thing that would help a bunch would be the courses keeping the rough at a decent length. Your garden-variety hacker (like me) probably isn't super excited about the challenge of blasting out of ankle-deep rough. Keep the stuff cut, people will find their balls faster and hit them better once they get there.
  10. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    Sort of the opposite at my home course. The City of Dayton's Kittyhawk places the gold tees 10 yards in front of the whites and it's already kind of a brutal place to start with. If memory serves Hawk's gold tees stretch 6200-plus and the Eagle is somewhere around 6500. I still have 20 years to go before I can play them in competition, but when I'm playing casually, I'll generally go with the golds. That's plenty long enough for me.
  11. If stuff goes really well this week, there may be the cash for an exciting trip to the renowned Homestead Golf Course in beautiful Tipp City, OH.
  12. Dayton, OH

    All that down south living has made you soft. Don't worry. Just get out there and you'll toughen back up to standard.
  13. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Saturday, Kittyhawk GC (Hawk Course) 45-46-91 This is actually a pretty decent score on a course that has caused me so many problems over the years. All seemed predicated on the tee shot and whether I hit the fairway with it or not. Out of eight fairways hit, I converted 6 pars and a birdie. On the misses, I racked up a quad, a triple and a bunch of doubles. The biggest positive for me were pars on No. 12 and No. 16. Both are classic blow-up holes for me with hazards fronting the greens. No. 12 has additional H2O left and right off the tee. Finally getting a result on those is a big boost for me.
  14. Dayton, OH

    You know Kittyhawk is open as long as the ground isn't frozen solid. I'd say we got two more months if you're hard enough.
  15. October weather for the NE corridor

    Yeah. I think it just turned out here in SW Ohio. We never got the rain predicted, but the winds have been howling since I came off the course this morning. I'll be wearing a sweater to dinner.