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  1. Far too late for that. The only hate more fierce than I have for it, is the hate that it has for me. If I weren't such a law-abiding person, I'd have murdered the bastard by now.
  2. Only that rotten driver gets to wear a hat in my bag. I truly think messing with a putter cover would drive me insane. Considering a new 5W this year and that might mean screwing with another cover. I use a trolley most of the time and have my woods on top. That provides a convenient little slot to jam the driver cover in there while on the tee box. Have never had any problems losing the thing.
  3. Probably wasn't realistic to think vaccinations were going to happen much faster than this. It's only logical to target the highest risk people first. From what I'm hearing results have been sort of mixed here in Ohio. It seems that a lot of the responsibility for administering the vaccinations is falling to our county boards of health and apparently some counties have set up much better systems than others for scheduling. Hearing horror stories out of some of our neighboring areas about getting those 1Bs on the books.
  4. We're getting a little bit in Troy, OH right now. Not sticking yet, but that should turn over in an hour or two. Nothing massive but not golf weather and not really great walking weather either. Felt ok in the garage. Got out there and that breeze at the top of the hill was all it took to make it a 45 minute walk instead of an hour-and-a-half.
  5. Nice thought, but they got the course locked tight until March. Kind of had a bit of that this fall when stuff finally started clicking into place. Remember being giddy hitting an 8I on our long par-4 9th hole. Going to use some stimulus for the range membership next year, so I'll be imagining some really crazy drives until then when the inevitable reality reintroduces itself.
  6. Work hasn't taken away my weekends yet. It will soon. In the meantime, I am very bored. Past years I might have dusted off the bowling equipment, but I'm not doing that with the Covid. Taking a walk in the snow is about all I can think of.
  7. I think we can understand the difficulties he's had and still hold him accountable for what he does on the course. Golf is more interesting with characters playing it. Some of those characters can be the proverbial black hats. Hopefully Reed has seen his last cheating scandal, goes on to finish his career in style and provides some amusement to us spectators along the way.
  8. Does this mean the bargain $185 greens fees for NYC residents is going up?
  9. He just has to make those fancy clubs an offer they can't refuse. After they wake up and find a golf cart engine in bed with them, @APF will have the understanding he requires.
  10. Almost choked on my coffee on this one. Actually didn't know what that means. Apparently, it is a slang expression to leave quickly. Learned something today.
  11. It's hardly something anyone would use in daily conversation, but I'd imagine the vast majority of people know what it means. When you are swearing at yourself (and I do quite a lot of that), thoughtfulness and rationality go right out the window. I wouldn't make it some sort of deep dive into JT's psychology here.
  12. Serious question. Do the players have a choice about getting miked? If every word I said were picked up nationwide, I'd be hosed.
  13. Seeing it again confirms it in my opinion. There was no way in the world that ball was going to be anywhere near that divot when Palmer kicked it.
  14. If you are at risk of either of those consider me impressed. It is very thoughtful of the sellers to have included that.
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