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  1. This phrase always makes my butt pucker.
  2. Obviously that guy has never been hit in the scrotum by a golf ball. That, most definitely, changes stuff.
  3. I'm baffled. So, I've had two practice sessions and three rounds with my new interlocking grip. Each has shared a common characteristic. I'll hit a lot of nice shots, but somewhere in the middle it goes straight off the rails. Wednesday saw a round go 42-53 with two holes contributing 18 strokes. At the range last night, it was particularly stark. Working short to long, PW, 9I and 7I were delightful. I was hitting the 7I so well, I got cheeky and started trying to draw it and with good success. Then came the 5I and 10 straight shanks. Then 5W and got low, weak balls to the left. Finally went driver and hit most of them down the middle. With the last three balls, I took a breath and grabbed the 5W again. Striped them as nice as you like. My mishits now come with no warning and in bunches. The grip change has definitely unearthed something weird. I can't figure it out yet.
  4. As some one who picked up golf at age 35, this struck me funny from an 18 year-old. You are still very young and have a entire life to try many things. The fact that you wrote out such a piece says you still care. Tons of guys on this site played stopped and came back to it.
  5. 42-53-95 Majestic Springs GC It was going so well ... then boom. Third full round with the new interlocking grip and stuff just fell apart on the second nine. Current theory is that if I don't get my weight forward with my new grip, it gets bad fast. Two holes in particular did me. Had an eight and two holes later a 10. Jungle grass roughs don't work with sloppy.
  6. Can't say I'm super excited anymore, but I'll probably give the Pens-Caps a look. I'll have to get really creative to root for one of these guys over the other.
  7. When I started six years ago or so, baseball style was the only thing that felt comfortable. Stuff I read seemed to say that there was nothing inherently wrong with it. Besides, at that point, hooks weren't any worse a problem than a dozen other things. It's really only been the past year or so that the tendency to hit nasty hooks has become more regular and more devastating. For a while, I thought I could simply train myself to keep my wrists locked in, but it never seemed to happen. So time for a change.
  8. So ... the good news is that my new grip became much more comfortable over the weekend and, with one notable exception, there were no vicious snap hooks. The bad news is that I now have a mild case of the shanks. Obviously it would be silly to think such a think would be an instant cure all. There were some pretty good shots in there as well. I'm still optimistic that I'll work it out.
  9. Recently, I've been messing around with my grip. I'd always used baseballl style because it is the only thing that felt comfortable. My current theory is that an interlocking or overlap grip might prevent my tendency to roll my wrists shut and thus help prevent the snap hooks that plague me. So far though, it's hella uncomfortable. Going out for a practice round in a few minutes and will see if my interlocking grip can tolerate 18 holes.
  10. I'll take your word for it. Naturally, there's only so much that fits between commercials and intermissions. What I did see didn't look that bad, but you are right that it definitely wasn't the best of show for Goalie Bob. It seems harsh that the CBJ had to start off against the defending champs and at least they didn't get swept.
  11. 51-X Kittyhawk, Hawk Course First post-tax-season round and the best thing that I can say about it was that it was exceptionally quick. Had a solo 1 p.m. tee time and walked 18 in 2:30 flat. That's gotta be some kind of record for the Wagner Ford Rd. munis. The golf itself is sort of back to day one, square one. In the traps for the entire front nine and the water hazards on the back nine. After pulling the tee shot on No. 12 into the water, I put the scorecard out of my misery. By the end I felt like I couldn't be sure I was doing anything right from the grip on up. Really feels like I'm starting over again.
  12. Had to know that the NYR was going to put together a better effort after that clunker Game 3. It always looked like a 50-50 sort of series to me and I don't think the Canadiens have played badly in any of the first four. Getting pucks past that #30 isn't easy.
  13. Ok. Since nobody else will do it, I will. With an avatar like that, I think @GolfGuri is a 15-year old boy. Not sure I know a female alive that posts pictures with headlights like that unless they are on backpage.com.
  14. Haven't had a round that counts since last fall. Maybe I can swing a club a couple of times, see if I can hit a ball and get something postable before the May 1 revision.
  15. Neither do I. The pathetic thing is that I've had four years to get used to it, given my home courses. No. 6 on one of them is fronted with terrible bunkers and backed by the OB that separates it from the other course. Two to the trap and then sky ball into the Eagle course. Ka-boom. Most of the time now, I'm solidly under 100. When I break back into bad, it's often the dirt traps that get me.