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  1. There is a level of hackerdom where getting the driver out of your hands as soon as possible is the best possible thing that can happen. I've seen it and experienced it. It also would be nice to have the option when the course is packed and you lose a ball that you didn't expect to lose. Score aside, walking back to the tee is the worst thing ever. Short of that, a golfer would generally expect to hit his or her next drive substantially better. Let the others tee off. Step aside, breath a bit and hit it like you know how. You'll be in a much better position than if you simply dropped where your quacker went farm.
  2. Way before I had interest in golf, but my hometown has a lot of history with MacGregor. Hidden golf course once home to golf club manufacturing giant MacGregor Park in Dayton built to allow golf club tryouts in 1920s
  3. Too late for me. I'm locked in here. There is a commode in the corner of the room and they occasionally slid some food under the door.
  4. Due to the relentless hounding we get to bring in new members to my aged and beleaguered men's association, here is our schedule for 2018. Dues are $40 per year. You get a GHIN handicap and can play in the various events described in the attached item. KHMA schedule.pdf
  5. A buddy of my brother's had gotten into the game because his boss insisted. Then his work situation changed and he found himself without anyone to play with. We were at a cookout and he started talking golf. I told him I'd always wanted to give it a try, but figured I'd be so bad they'd kick me off the course. He smiled at that and said, "I know just the place." A few days later, we went to an executive course called Rolandia. The property also featured batting cages and an arcade known as The Magic Castle. The course was maybe halfway between a sold par-3 course and a pitch-and-putt, but it was just what I needed. Even hitting slices and worm-burners most of the time, I was getting the ball toward the green within a reasonable number of strokes. We let a few better players go through, but kept up ok. It took until the back nine, but I hit a couple of good ones and that's all I needed to want more. Sadly, my brother's friend quickly raised the difficulty level of the courses on me after that. We played places I had no business on, but I went anyway which served his purpose.
  6. Usually, I get a new club when an old one breaks. My clubs are all decidedly old and, mostly, second hand. The newest club is a Tommy Armour GXT SW I bought last year when the shaft snapped in my previous one. The world really wouldn't end if I popped for new, fitted clubs, but it's hard for me to rationalize spending that kind of money at this time.
  7. Yeah. That's pretty much what I've noticed.
  8. Way before I ever thought about trying to play golf myself, we got this one. I enjoyed it, but my brothers and sisters made sure Golden Axe and Sonic the Hedgehog got the most play.
  9. I'll cop to three. 1) Doesn't everyone have a brush? 2) I think at some time or another we've all said something along the lines of "Worst round ever." I'll admit to it. 3) Also, there is a difference between a hard 7 and a stock 7. My ability to hit either one not withstanding.
  10. Tough call. I'd need time to think about and more time to prepare for it if things were a go. Hitting from 135 yards to an open green is actually one of my most preferred shots in golf. The odds seem pretty good. Financially, I'm ok personally, but there are others close to me who are not. The $5M would really help, but I'd need to also be sure of their welfare if I go to the gray-bar hotel.
  11. I'm really disappointed with the forecast. Today's the best day of the week and I'm locked in the office. Its 50 degrees (albeit cloudy). For my weekend, rain on Saturday and then the temperature drops into the 20s on Sunday. Poop.
  12. It's a pretty tough topic to do and not have it get very political. Might be time to pull the plug.
  13. My Association's tee times are always between 9 and 10 a,m. Otherwise, I'm usually shoving a lawn mower around one place or another in the morning, so that I can play in the afternoon. Normally, I'll get out between 1 and 2 p.m.
  14. Played for the first time in nearly two months and it showed. I wasn't expecting much, but the 49 I put up on the front of Kittyhawk GC's Eagle Course, tested my patience a fair bit. I actually wasn't too unhappy with my full swings. The driver was actually pretty solid, but the putter and wedge were nearly useless. Several attempts with the wedge were either chunked or skulled and I three-putted four holes. It's still off season here, so the scorecard found the trash at the turn.
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