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  1. It took over a year, but the consultant's report finally came out. Probably about what we had feared (and mostly already knew). Tons of money are needed to repair the infrastructure and they know they aren't going to be able to raise fees enough to do it. Sounds like if they save one it's probably going to be Community. May need an alternative next year. After 100 years, will Dayton get out of the golf business? An outside consultant has recommended Dayton close a golf course, subsidize one of its golf facilities through the general fund and invest millions
  2. As opposed to? Street Racing Cock fighting Bare-knuckle boxing Big-time sports gambling. Man's gotta have his hobbies.
  3. From what I've heard, not very seriously. My guy's simulator apparently gives everything inside eight feet.
  4. One of my association's guys just bought a place out that has a simulator. Bit out of my way and time is short these days, but it might be my only chance to swing the sticks for a while.
  5. Sure hope not. Not going to be spending $250 to replace my dilapidated Adizero shoes, but would truly hate to think I was missing some magic. I need all the magic I can get.
  6. I don't manage it. Golf season for me effectively starts in late April and ends in December or earlier depending on weather. Even in season, it's two rounds and one trip to the range on a normal work week. For better or worse, the rest of the time is about breaking necks and cashing checks.
  7. It could be just about anything. Just make sure you call them "Spanky" when you're yelling at them. Even funnier when Spanky is a girl.
  8. Common. Screaming at kids is fun. ... Live a little. Seriously though, a person could get brained running out in the middle of a fairway like that.
  9. We have our own version of these people. They are called foot golfers. They put the foot golf holes into our par-3 about two years ago. There were more than a few kids that got out there and figured they could do whatever they wanted. Had one of the snots come out from a clump of trees right after I hit my tee shot. I screamed fore as loud as I could even though they weren't close at all to getting hit. Scared the piss out him. Actually, haven't seen as many foot golfers this year.
  10. Nah. ... You just got lucky. Bribing with beer was the smart play. This place is ADX Florence, "The Alcatraz of the Rockies". Truth be told you'd rather spend time in the original. Funny to think that playing the ole pink ball could land you on the other side of a six-foot concrete wall from El Chapo.
  11. 1. Get a decent driver fitted to me 2. Learn how to hit that driver 3. Failing the first two, stop using the driver altogether no later than June 30.
  12. Hello @Mac 8903. Pretty sure you aren't the first on TST to be sporting that Leeds United crest.
  13. Oh. I don't really doubt that Quebec may not really be the hotbed of golf. Maybe Ontario is hogging all the courses. Some areas of the U.S. have a lot more courses than others. Obviously you got your resort type places, but the mid-western states, like my home state of Ohio, have a bunch of courses as well. Of course, the mountainous and less populated areas will have a lot fewer options. This is a bit dated, but it gives you an idea. America’s Most Golf-Rich States AMERICA’S MOST GOLF-RICH STATES >> You might think that America's Sun Belt states boast the largest numbers of golf courses. But that's not exactly the case.In fact, you may be surprised by the volume of courses in...
  14. Saw something about that. ... Say, could you swing by Troy, OH and give me a ride there and back?
  15. But realize that the U.S. is only No. 8 if you think about it per capita.
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