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  1. mcanadiens

    Playing with Irons Only

    If hitting irons at the short course is what @MyWay wants to do, then more power to him. In my opinion, it would be a damn waste for a guy that can hit a 2-iron 230 yards to limit himself in such a way. How much longer do golfers hit their driver than their longest iron? 60 yards and you are almost a 300-yard hitter. Forget 80s.
  2. To look at the Course on Google Earth, it looks a lot like any inner-city course. It would seem the danger on No. 18 is really a slice, not a "hard hit" ball. The fact that its a par-5 probably makes it worse with guys over-swinging. Judging by the photos I see, it's hard to imagine that lowering the tee boxes would really help that much. More netting is probably the best they can do and have it be at all efficient. It reminds me of No. 2 at Dayton's Community Golf Center's Hills Course. Seen several balls bounce off Dorothy Lane (also on the right of the hole) and one in particular that hit a roof across the street. Pleased to say they weren't mine.
  3. mcanadiens

    Foursome Scorecard

    My default expectation for a non-competitive round is that no one cares what my score is and I'll keep my own card. If there is some other kind of expectation, it should be mentioned when inviting the guy to play. Just tell him that your lot likes to be semi-competitive and compare scores so the fella knows what he's getting into. For that matter, a lot of the guys you'll come across don't really play by the rules anyway. That makes the score irrelevant.
  4. mcanadiens

    Hole in 1 on a par 3 course

    Take em anyway you can get em. Besides, just because a course is a par-3 doesn't make it easy. Our local has eight holes longer than 200 yards. One of them is a stupid 256. I don't like that hole very much.
  5. mcanadiens

    Different Handicap for Walkers?

    GHIN puts together nine-hole rounds in the calculation, so you can definitely have a handicap if you want one. https://www.usga.org/articles/2014/07/only-time-for-nine-you-can-still-post-your-score-21474870775.html
  6. mcanadiens

    Playing From Poor Quality Bunkers

    My home courses are munis. The city doesn't have the funds to deal with the unfortunately large number of bunkers, so they are varying levels of bad from one season to the next. As such, I take each shot individually. If there's enough loose sand that I think I can execute a standard, sand-first shot, I'll default to it. Often I try to make a bit more of a backswing to make sure the ball gets out. Then pray I don't come up thin. Sometimes it's total hard-pan and there's no chance. I'll usually take my 60-degree and hit a standard pitch shot (ball first).
  7. mcanadiens

    Do You "Slow Drop" the Flagstick?

    Maybe we are getting a bit semantical, but I see damn few that don't let it drop a to some degree. Obviously people can be a bit more casual and careless with it than others. I've never seen anyone use a putter to lower the stick and have hardly ever seen someone lay it on the ground If you put the business end of the flag stick on the ground, lower the stick to the bottom of your reach, bend the knee a bit and let it drop from there, surely it isn't going to do much of anything to the green.
  8. mcanadiens

    Fat shots

    @deekay, do you play hilly courses or flat courses? I ask because, as a high-cap, I find that the uneven lies kill me when it comes to fats. The wedges are usually the worst on that end. Mercifully, flat courses aren't too hard to find in this part of Ohio.
  9. mcanadiens

    Which is better?

    They are all pretty good and I'll take em when I get em. The real answer is something other. It's the shot when you are in jail. It looks FUBAR. Somehow you screw up the courage to try something and it works somehow. Maybe it's a low percentage play. A hook around trees that you can't count on. Yet it turns out. That's the best. Because it's that rare.
  10. mcanadiens

    Topsail NC golf

    Topsail High School just made headlines because they mistook a faulty water heater for gunshots. That's just a stone's throw from a place called Olde Point Country Club. Never been there personally. We usually go to the OBX a few hours north of there, but it looks like you got some choices.
  11. mcanadiens

    Winter Depression Thread

    Had to sneak out and play yesterday. This weekend sounds like poop. ... Frozen poop.
  12. mcanadiens

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    A really weird round. It was only a wee bit cold, but I was the only soul on Kittyhawk's Eagle Course yesterday afternoon. Somehow I ended up with 43-47-90. That is a decent score for me, but didn't hit the ball worth a crap. Took last weekend off and the progress I had been making with the driver vanished. My usually reliable 5W was very dodgy. Yet somehow it came out ok. I guess I hit my irons and wedges well and just didn't appreciate it because I was stewing over the longer clubs shortcomings. No. 14 is a good case in point. Even hitting the ball well I rarely make better than bogey on this hole. My drive is a pitiful, low pull. I chunked the 5W to the right and barely cleared the trap that sits at the dogleg's joint. The only decent shot was an 8I to the green. Two putted and it's a bogey anyway.
  13. Do you suppose anyone would notice if I had my mom come to the course and kick my slices back into the fairway?
  14. mcanadiens

    Expected score on par 3 courses?

    Each course and each golfer is somewhat unique, so you establish your own expectations by playing that course. Par-3 or executive courses can vary a lot in terms of their length and difficulty. The fact that they do not carry course ratings makes it more difficult to guess what you might do until you get out there and do it.
  15. mcanadiens

    A Up from a Damp, Cold & Dark England

    The old interwebs say Leek is at 6 C at the moment. That translates to 42 F and that's about what we got here. Thankfully the rain is going to piss off and we'll get a half decent weekend here in Ohio. Welcome to TST.

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