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  1. Sorry. A personal situation came up. I'll be out of it for awhile. Have fun.
  2. Saturday, August 19 (1pm, Dennison Golf Club) @iacas @georgep @saevel25 @klineka @vasaribm your name please Sunday, August 20 (9:30am, Northstar Golf Club) @iacas @georgep @saevel25 @vasaribm add your name @Jeremie Boop (possible)
  3. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    My home courses have leagues on the regulation courses every weekday afternoon from 3-5 or so. Generally, I don't even think about trying to play those unless I can start before 2 p.m. That gives me a fighting chance to make the turn. Otherwise its nine holes or the executive course. It really never occurred to me to try to play behind a league.
  4. Struggling with shanks

    Had em for a month and a half to start the season after a grip change. It sort of sounds like a band-aid, but I just started lining up shots off the toe. It at least prevented the most destructive shot in golf most of the time to start.The exceptions have generally come when I'm either rushed or frustrated. As I regained confidence, the position of the ball has moved gradually back toward the center of the club face.
  5. I've had a lot of this sort of variance lately and the 135-150 spread is pretty close to what I do with my 7I. On a recent trip around the local executive course, I was hitting the ball rather well and parked several shots behind the green. Came back a few days later and hit a bunch short. It's a day-to-day, if not hole-to-hole thing for me as well.
  6. Don't worry about a thing. If nothing else, I'll be there to make you feel better however you hit them.
  7. Really any iron longer than 6 is pretty dodgy for me, although I'll hit my five at 160 for lack of any better option. I carry a 4-hybrid to bridge the gap between the 5I and my 5W. My 3I is still in the bag, but serves almost exclusively as a puncher for keeping shots below tree branches and such.
  8. What a rough day :(

    I seem to recall in my first year playing golf carding a cool 135 on this course a buddy insisted on playing. He had a habit of 1) offering bad advice and 2) forcing me to play courses that neither one of us should have ever played at that point. Mostly I remember pain and embarrassment, but the moment that stands out came on the No. 17 tee. It's a relatively benign par 4 with a road that comes down the right side of the hole. I almost completely swung underneath the ball, popped up a ball headed 2 o'clock. Then I saw the car. Time stood still as the ball descended and the car drew closer. ... Then whack. ... Thank god the car got past the ball just in the nick of time. Missed it by about 2 feet.
  9. Carts in your yard? Suggestions

    Concertina. That's the stuff. Poison ivy or oak wouldn't deter your average Dayton thug. Hell, the poor slob probably wouldn't recognize it.
  10. At what point do I realize I'm not good at this game?

    No kidding. Back when I was slightly less fat, I'd play drop in on Sunday mornings. Set the sport of hockey back years I'd say. I'm damn brilliant at golf by comparison.
  11. At what point do I realize I'm not good at this game?

    What? You must be playing some pretty nasty golf courses to have a 15 HI and not break 100. Put it this way, I break 100 most of the time and I'm five points higher than you are. Since you got the video technology anyway, post up a myswing thread and let the lads take a look. Can't hurt anything.
  12. Which golfer would you prefer to play?

    I'd have thought that I'd prefer to play the worse golfer, but my history tends to show that I play better golf when I play with better players. With the variance in how I score from day to day, worrying about the number of strokes received or given doesn't seem worthwhile.
  13. Dayton, OH

    Ha. I think I'm the only one left.
  14. Really after looking at the course tour on the web page, the length of the course doesn't seem to be the bigger problem for me to worry about. It looks a bit tight. Definitely tougher than the munis I normally play. When I hear about OB on several holes in a row, my butt puckers a bit. You can get mental looking at the online propaganda. I'll just take it as it comes.
  15. What have you changed?

    Swing changes - I switched from my baseball grip to an overlap which, in turn, largely eliminated the wrist action I had always previously had as I was coming through the ball. It was very painful for about a month and a half. Lots of shanks and trashed scorecards. In the past couple of months, the shanks have decreased substantially (not totally gone yet) and my ball striking and scoring has been better in general. Decision making - Nothing really. As my swing has evolved, some of the distances I'm capable of have changed. There are certain holes I can go for now that I previously wouldn't have attempted. Equipment - Went back to a Nike VRS driver instead of the Covert I was using at the end of last year. After changing the grip, the VRS seemed to give me the better chance at hitting it straight. ... I also recently put a 3W in the bag and removed my 4I. Now that I'm past the club championship, I want to see if I can get as comfortable hitting it as my 5W. They are both old school Taylormade Burner Bubble. April and May were no fun at all. While the results I've had since then aren't jaw-dropping, there are plenty of positives going forward. It's a step closer.