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  1. Right. That earlier thread on his gradual improvement problem (or whatever that was) make it kind of obvious now.
  2. Sorry bud, but that's just not acceptable in most cases. Maybe if there are very few people out on the course and you automatically allow everyone through, that would be ok. That would be about it. Five hours doesn't cut it.
  3. Just out of curiosity @KrisF, exactly how slow are you? How long does your average round take?
  4. If that's what your course instructs people so be it. In general, it is the slower group in front that should have the courtesy to invite the faster group through.
  5. I'll agree with you that getting into confrontations with the people in front of you isn't normally helpful. However, 2.5 hours for nine holes (aka 5 hours for 18 holes) is not reasonable. 2 is about as long as nine holes should ever take.
  6. Playing too fast is a pretty rare problem where I'm from. Supposing the place isn't completely jammed, letting someone play through isn't a problem. There are afternoons, where there simply isn't anywhere to go. Personally, my pace is usually decent for a hacker, but if I'm really struggling I'll rush. It can be pretty amazing how fast you can move on an empty course when you just don't care anymore. Think I covered 18 holes in about 2:15. Don't ask about the score. I stopped counting.
  7. Go to a place that doesn't have much of that stuff. Good thought. Got just the place in mind.
  8. If these weather people use the phrase "feels like temperature" one more time, I'm going to rip their tongues out of their mouths. Working for four hours this morning. Will step foot outside and decide. Not sure what's worse. The weather or the way I've been playing lately. Definitely not walking if I do go.
  9. It was just a year ago I was playing with this fella. He's a good kid just starting out and we are in separate carts. Off the first tee of a moderate dog-leg right, he dribbles one off to the right. I drive the left side of the fairway with a decent one. Thinking there was no way his second would come anywhere near me, I sped ahead toward my ball. Just as I got to it, his ball drills me in the shoulder. The angle looked kind of like a reverse shank if such a thing exists. That ball left a bruise that didn't go away for two weeks. About five inches higher and I might not be here to write this. Lesson learned. Stay behind the hitter.
  10. Thanks for that. I guess I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they were serious. It would be interesting to see how far they got and when they knew it was over.
  11. After reading enough of these responses, maybe it really is the balls after all. I'm sure they aren't worried about me going yard, but some of the bigger hitters could probably cover the length. I'll try to take a closer look at the balls the next time I'm out there.
  12. Based on his player profile with the PGA Tour site, it appears the last cut he actually made was The Open in 2015 at St. Andrews. Can't really blame the guy for hoping to rekindle some of that magic, but I'd be surprised if he plays again.
  13. This picture officially puts Royal Portrush off my vacation schedule for the foreseeable future.
  14. Yeah. I'd suppose we could put together an entire thread referencing all the other threads of our would-be pros from years gone by. It would sort of be cool to track em all down and have them tell us how things turned out, but that would be a lot of work.
  15. Ridiculous scores? Uh yeah. Pretty much every round. I don't think I've put anything over a 10 on a card this year. Then again, I've been picking up an awful lot of balls lately.
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