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  1. I appreciate that the business of mentioning another online resource might not fly. If so, take it down immediately, but this is a bit different from TST and could be something Ohio golfers find useful. Golf Club Ohio is a Facebook group and seems like a pretty good way of meeting up with folks and playing places you otherwise would not. Most of the people on this are C-bus guys, but there are a few from the NE and SW corners as well. With tee times at a premium at home, I've gone out to Springfield and played a few times with one guy in particular. He's come over to Miami Shores a few times as well.
  2. What is different? ... - The busy season for my particular line of work got stretched out. Made for a lot less of a crunch. We probably did a little more business than we would have otherwise, but not as much as I had hoped. So, for me, the money situation is ok. - It closed my home golf courses (although that probably was going to happen eventually anyway) and relocated me to a new place. - Because of the flood of people on fewer golf courses, I have not been able to play nearly as much and my game is suffering for it. - Many years, a group of my family and friends will get together for a week's vacation in the Outer Banks. This didn't happen this year. - Any sort of real aspiration to get back in the gym went out the window with the closures first and now the mask mandates. Just can't see myself working out in a mask or maybe that's just an excuse. - Even after all these months, I constantly have to walk back to the car to get my mask because I always forget it. - The breathlessly dire quality to our newscasts is somewhat depressing.
  3. It depends on the situation as far as I'm concerned. If it's a foursome and one guy has either holed out or picked up and he goes to sit in the cart, I don't care. If I'm left alone on a green to finish up that would bother me. Maybe the latent thought there is that nobody gives a damn any more if I hole out or not.
  4. Yeah. That's the practical reason why you stay with your group on the green and the tee. Funny actually. We're talking about sticking around the green as a matter of manners. What the real purpose always had been was to make sure the little bastard eventually holes the ball and counts every stab it took him to do it.
  5. mcanadiens

    NHL 2019-20

    Damn it, I'm such an old man. Leafs scored their third goal last night. I felt sleepy and went to bed. Missed that entire comeback.
  6. I'm sure I'll find something to do. If the weather holds up, knocking around the practice green will probably happen. Those short-game shots are finicky things that need to be fed regularly. No sense letting that go to hell. Besides, I can do that much for free.
  7. Thanks @Carl3 and @boogielicious. It has been feeling slightly better with each day, so I should be safe from the doctor anyway. The ice sounds like a good idea, so I'll give that a shot. Now the question becomes what the heck I do with my weekend. I'm actually fairly caught up on yard work to. Guess I'll go get a book to read.
  8. That's the pisser. If anything it's the opposite. Took a week off after the Club Championship disaster. Played Saturday. Did nothing much Sunday and now I'm hurting. Go figure. Well, we'll see how it goes. Don't want to give away money just to have them tell me to take it easy.
  9. Don't doubt that, but you are friggin older than I am. This bull crap is supposed to happen to you. Not me. 🙂
  10. Obviously, the business of taking medical advice online to heart is dumb and I fear a trip to the doctor may well be necessary. But. ... I woke up Monday with a pain in my right bicep area. Basically it's ok unless I extend my arm laterally (kind of like you'd do in a back swing), then it hurts significantly. Originally, my assumption was that I slept on it wrongly and it would go away in a day or so. It even seemed slightly better Tuesday morning, but no real progress since then. Can't think of anything specific that might have caused it. but golf is probably out for this weekend. Anyone have anything like that? Does that sound like some sort of repetitive motion problem?
  11. mcanadiens

    NHL 2019-20

    Got back home just in time to see the Jake Muzzin incident last night in the Leafs-CBJ game. Looked like he was about to get up after colliding with Bjorkstrand, but the trainers told him to stay down and they strapped him up and carried him off. Hopefully, that was mostly an abundance of caution. Having no fans in the building is strange enough. While everyone was waiting there was no sound whatsoever. The CBJ broadcast team didn't say anything at all for a long stretch. Made the proverbial minutes of silence we often have for various reasons seeming deafening. Certainly hope Muzzin is ok.
  12. mcanadiens

    NHL 2019-20

    Definitely was an impressive effort by Carey. Felt like the Habs were killing penalties all night. It's the usual problem for Montreal, a total lack of top-end talent outside the goal crease. Glad to see the effort anyway.
  13. I played Windy Knoll back in April as my first round after Kittyhawk closed. No. 1 is a pretty tough hole when you haven't swung a club in a bit. The range was closed so I was swinging cold literally and figuratively. Blocked my first effort into the trees on the right and failed to get out of them on the second. Think I ended up with an 8. Aside from my golfer failures, the course was decent. Like most places, they were using the pool noodles in the holes at that point. Turf, greens and sand were all in good repair for April.
  14. Thought about this very thing this past weekend. Missed another green and had to chip. I dropped the putter disgustedly down near my ball. Looked at it for a moment before I realized what that looked like and got the putter away before I took my stance.
  15. As much as I enjoy watching college sports (football and hockey specifically), it ought to be clear that the entire thing has grown into something ridiculous. The demands put on "student-athletes" are really excessive. Pressure to field a winning team does make recruiting violations inevitable. The lack of real minor leagues for football and basketball deprive the athlete of any real alternative. It makes sense for colleges to have recreational opportunities for their students. Inter-collegiate competition is a fine thing provided it can be done without putting the actual purpose of colleges and universities second (education). What doesn't make sense is this.
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