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  1. One Hit Wonders @ Golf Course - Market Survey

    It makes sense for you low-cap types to buy new. You lot are good enough to appreciate Pro-V1s and the like and you don't lose too many. For hackers like me, used isn't a bad way to go. The local big box stores sell Reload Recycled in a variety of different balls. They are usually pretty decent out of the box, clean and have no major nicks or abrasions. When I'm actually playing in some kind of competition, I'll buy new. Otherwise, there is very little reason to incur the added expense.
  2. Winter Depression Thread

    Oh baby! 43 degree high predicted for tomorrow. After the two weeks in the deep freeze it'll be summer in Ohio! The wind will have to be awful to keep me inside.
  3. To clarify, I think my swing faults are very consistent. It's the compensations that I can't count on.
  4. And hence my big fear. Well, that and parting with more money than I have to. But practically speaking, I've been stonewalled at the same place for two years now. I gotta do something different. Maybe all you can really ask of yourself is to do what you can. Just don't let unnecessary things get in the way.
  5. How do you cut your toast?

    Friggin topper.
  6. With my DIY swing, I find that relatively decent golf fades in and out at maddening frequency. My guess is that I got swing faults that I compensate for with varying degrees of success. At times, that has allowed me to break 90 on a tough course or challenge 80 on an easy course (like one of those 5,000 specials that I have near me). When my compensations go sideways, my score explodes. I need to find out where my big faults are and I can't do it by myself. Lots of time has past and I can't do it alone.
  7. How do you cut your toast?

    Damn. Now I'm thinking of a grilled cheese sandwich, which is sort of like toast only better.
  8. NHL 2017-2018

    Splurge time. My Leafs-fan buddy and I are going to the CBJ game Wednesday night. He's threatening $65 seats, so it might be a ramen-noodle Christmas this year. ... Will have to limit myself to just one of those $10 beers or whatever it's up to by now. None-the-less, really looking forward to it.
  9. Your Workout Today

    After quite a long layoff, I've found my way to the gym a few times in the last week. Did a leg workout on Saturday and I'm still feeling the DOMS.
  10. How do you cut your toast?

    I cut em with my teeth.
  11. One Hit Wonders @ Golf Course - Market Survey

    I do buy used golf balls and I'm a buyer at $10 per dozen, so you are a bit high there. Perhaps the convenience of buying at the course would get you some business, but that's not my demographic.
  12. NHL 2017-2018

    I was in and out of the game last night, but from what I did see it was one of the worst CBJ performances all year. The slot in front of Bob the Goalie looked wide open for business. As far as Foligno and Dubinsky go, presumably you are referring to the fights at the end of the game. It was sort of an "I care" moment from Captain Foligno at the end of a butt kicking. Who knows what Dubinsky was thinking with Kassian?
  13. NHL 2017-2018

    I was joking with my brother that the Canadiens blew their monthly allotment of goals with that 10-1 game against Detroit. Bergevin took a so-so team that finished last year and made them worse. Habs miss Markov and Radulov. Price has been really hot-or-cold and the cold is freezing bad. You know your club's in trouble when Brendan Gallagher is leading the scoring.
  14. I'm moving backwards

    When you are doing it on your own (and I have been) it is really hard to know where you are going wrong. Maybe, going the worst wrong is the better way of putting it. For me, I got limitations budget-wise that stop me from taking regular lessons. I recognize that holds me back and am hoping for a good busy season this year to allow for some pro help. Like the fellas here always say, feel ain't real. What you think you are doing may not be what you are really doing.
  15. Winter Depression Thread

    My entire weekend is screwed up due to the same stuff the esteemed @CarlSpackler has to show. I actually went to the gym this morning. Now I'm thinking about going bowling and wondering if my bowling shoes still fit.

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