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  1. That's the big key here. Don't think Doak cares much about what something costs. My old Kittyhawk would skyrocket from a 2 to a solid 3.5 if cost was considered.
  2. It costs me $14 (12.62 euro) to ride a cart just about anywhere around here, so I'll walk whenever it is reasonable. The home courses are very easy to walk, but other courses would be a bit tough. Also, when its above 90 degrees (32.2 C), it's really hard to turn down the cart.
  3. Several years ago, when I was helping my brother move, we had a free afternoon and played a little pitch and putt course in Deleware. They rented out bags with five clubs, putter, SW, PW, 9I and 8I. No hole was more than 135 yards and you hit off mats. It was effectively his first time playing any sort of golf and we both had fun that afternoon. Think he even clipped me on a hole towards the end.
  4. Welcome. Best of luck in your new-found sport.
  5. After the rotten season I've had, my driver is done like dinner. Sure my swing sucks. It will suck with a new driver as well, but I'm not mentally prepared to deal with my old one for another season. Truthfully, I think the shaft flexes too much on the old one. If I spend the big money on a fitting, the guy should be able to tell me for sure. For all I know, maybe it's something entirely different. Either way, I'm stocking up a fund to address the 1W situation for next year.
  6. The muni courses that I play would range anywhere from 1-3. A couple of them have some interesting holes, but the course maintenance is never going to good enough for more than a three. I'd rank my "home" courses at Kittyhawk a straight 2.
  7. The fact that it was the Phoenix Open is a part of it. Mickelson is (or was) very popular out there. Sounds like Phil isn't the only one going to Saudi Arabia. From what I've read you have Koepka, Dustin Johnson and Patrick Reed going out there along with a bunch of European guys. Given the record of the host country, Phill is well in line for criticism, but these other guys shouldn't be getting a free pass either.
  8. I like the traditional aspects of the Lions and Cowboys on Thanksgiving. In my opinion, the NFL would do better to have those games always be division rivals. Instead of Buffalo, the Cowboys should have had the Eagles, Redskins or Giants. Actually, the addition of the third game is less welcome, because I'm always ready to crash by then. The better question is who exactly would be lining up to fight for that spot? I detest having my players come back on less than four days. When one of my big boys is set to play that Thursday night game, bad stuff seems to happen. I'm sure the real-life game is even less pleasant for those sore bodies late in the season.
  9. Here's a vote for the tees that kill off more of the hated Cobra Chicken,
  10. If I'm buying them, it's basic wood tees. My preference is actually white because it is easier for me to see where they land. Nearly every round, plastic tees can be found on the tee boxes and I'll pick one up occasionally and use it unless it is a Martini tee. Just can't get past the look of those.
  11. I'm sure a lot of people are asking that question up in East Lansing. They were scrambling just to make a bowl game this season. At least a part of the problem has to do with certain other football programs making inroads with their recruiting. Sparty was never getting the recruits that Ohio State or TTUN were going after, but they got a whole lot of the guys that were just a small cut under that. Now you've got programs like Kentucky, Cincinnati, Indiana and Pittsburgh landing guys that used to be destined for the Green and White. Staying on course is sort of theme of both Dantonio and Michigan State in general. Continuity and loyalty is what they are trying to sell. It just doesn't seem like anybody is buying right now.
  12. That is sort of amazing. Of course, they are pretty different things. Mayfield, a player, did what he did on his own, after the game was over. OSU fans, being fans after all, managed that in the opposition's stadium during the game. No doubt, it sits as poorly with TTUN fans as Mayfield's antics did with OSU fans. I'll give you that.
  13. And the snow isn't even sticking yet. Good game so far. It maybe cold, rainy and cloudy here in Ohio but we've got our sunshine for one more year. Never mind. It's sticking now.
  14. I have a hard time watching OSU (let alone "The Game") with any degree of rationality. TTUN not scoring TDs in the red zone were massive. Mistakes/breaks ended up favoring OSU slightly, but the biggest thing in my opinion is that TTUN absolutely could not stop Dobbins and the OSU offense in general. Every break either team had could have gone TTUN's way and it might not have made the difference with the way OSU was playing on offense. Dobbins ought to be in New York for the Heisman ceremony at minimum.
  15. That's life for the Cowboys and their fans. ... Greater expectations that what is realistic. Definitely a funny looking year with the stats they put up. One interesting number that runs counter to all those offensive yardage numbers is that -4 in turnovers. They've lost some pretty close games, Just a couple more wins and there would be a lot less complaining now. Garrett can still save himself. I like them against Chicago, the Rams and Redskins. That game with Philly at the Linc could be huge. Also an interesting note on Garrett. He's the longest-serving coach other than Landry. Been there since 2010.
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