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  1. One of my favorite shots to hit is the one hopper off the ice fronting the 170-yard par three fourth hole at the home course. Seen enough balls to go down on that one that it amuses me greatly to see them bounce up.
  2. To me, the wind is the massive difference maker. I've enjoyed myself playing in the upper 30s with sun and no wind. But when it's blowing, mid-40s can be positively brutal. Any sort of steady rain/snow when its below 50 is a no-go.
  3. Indeed. My state included. From what I've found it seems dear old Ohio will allow a first-time DUI case to keep their license if they have the interlock installed. Apparently it is up to the judges to decide what to do in each particular case. Note that part of this particular system involves a camera pointed at you as you take the blower to make sure somebody else isn't just taking it for you. For a DUI convict who needs to get to work that's one thing, but I don't want that in my car.
  4. Weird one that. I'm old enough to remember when "click-it or ticket" wasn't a law. I wear my seat belt all the time because I believe they keep me safe. I resent the heck out of being legally required to wear one. It's the sort of thing I don't think about until I see the PSAs.
  5. I generally dislike any sort of government-required interference in my life. Adding another component to my car that can malfunction sounds obnoxious. My vote is no for all new cars, but I would support the installation of these devices for anyone who is a repeat DUI offender.
  6. I'm positive that Harbaugh isn't going anywhere before the season ends. After that, who knows. Whether it has looked likely or not, there's still time for TTUN to do some big things this year. But, I would think losing to the Buckeyes for the fifth time in a row and not playing in the league championship may stick a fork in him. Even before the OSU game, stuff might get real ugly in Ann Arbor if TTUN doesn't beat Sparty.
  7. Coach's decision. Guys try out. Coach picks his players. Coach sends players out for a given match. It's straight scoring from there.
  8. So was this Community Hills? City guys are such a bunch of idiots. There are dead strips on four of Kittyhawk's greens that never get any better. That's the price we pay for playing our munis. So many better ways of doing things, but that's the City for you. It isn't just cheap. It's stupid and careless.
  9. I remember a time when every club I hit over 9I went exactly 140 yards. It wasn't that long ago. Golf is hard. Keeping working and you'll get there.
  10. It's nice to get romantic of the old college student-athlete ideal. Really that ideal still the case for the large majority of even top Div. I players. They go to the school that they commit to. Work 60 hours plus on football and then try to maintain academic eligibility with what is left. Maybe they even get a degree of some sort when they are done. For the small, albeit high-profile, exceptions, college football isn't much more than an extended NFL training ground. Specifically with the quarterbacks, getting benched behind some other massively talented player is a significant setback. I don't know how you can blame them for transferring. Think about three of the top quarterbacks playing right now Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts and Justin Fields. They all transferred. We've seen what they can do on the field right now. To have any one of the three standing on the sideline with a clipboard would be a flat-out injustice. Fields is still a young guy, but Burrow and Hurts are seniors. These guys owed it to themselves to make the moves they did.
  11. From a fan's perspective, no doubt. As far as players go, you got to remember that landing a paying job is the number one goal. Any bowl game is better than nothing, because it is another chance to show yourself to your would-be employers. It's worth remembering that a program's ability to recruit the best players is often directly related to how many players land in the NFL. In my opinion, if the Buckeyes fall short of the playoffs, they better not just blow off the bowl game. We can all think of great traditional programs where that little edge in recruiting faded and now they aren't even in the picture.
  12. As I've gone along in my golf odyssey, there are now occasions where I have this debate with myself. One of our area courses is an exceedingly short par-70 that stretches the tape at less than 5,000 yards from the whites. There are probably four par-4s that are close to what I can drive with my very best. Early on I'd never worry about it because I'd squib something 220 yards with a good drive. Now, it's possible, if not very likely, that I can bang one out 260 if the stars align. This is never a concern anywhere else, but on this particular course I got to think about it. If the question is specifically from 320 yards, the answer is a definite no. Time to get that ball into the air.
  13. It will definitely suck for awhile. The example of Roy Riegels really would be a good one for the young man to look at. He had his wrong-way run not in some high school game. It was the 1939 Rose Bowl, which his Cal team lost. Aside from that terrible mistake, Riegels was an outstanding player. It had to seem very harsh to be known as "Wrong Way" for the rest of his life. From what I've read, he was pretty sensitive about it for a long time. But, he eventually got used to it and eventually accepted it. Years later, when the Vikings' Jim Marshall did the same thing in a game with the 49ers, Riegels sent him a note that said "Welcome to the club." The nice thing for the kid is that it was a high school game, not the Rose Bowl. People have seen the video of course, but most people aren't going to use the kid's name on air. He'll graduate high school, go about his life's work and be fine.
  14. 1. Hitting balls into water. 2. Hitting balls into trees. 3. Hitting balls OB. 4. Playing courses that have lots of water, trees and OB.
  15. Somewhere, Roy "Wrong Way" Riegels and Jim Marshall are getting another seat ready at the table.
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