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  1. The only time I got crap about it was in a Club Championship. It was flipping D flight and these guys were on the five-hour plan, so I whack a 5W out of turn on a par-5 and get the stink eye. Slowest ...round ... ever. 99% of the time, the other players prefer ready golf.
  2. I could spend the rest of my life confessing etiquette violations on and off the golf course. On the plus side, i'm not currently in jail, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
  3. Can you truly say there is a dress code if there is nothing written? Sure, my home courses might well throw me out if I show up in nothing but a g-string. But in eight years of playing those courses, I've never once seen anything in writing.
  4. It might have crushed mine as well were it not for the fact that I have no soul. But, it is also a fact that some people just don't read things the same way. You gotta be careful with the written word, especially when there is minimal context.
  5. He was definitely being sarcastic. As someone prone to sarcasm on occasion, I recognize it. It just doesn't always come across clearly in short internet posts. The description "soul crushing weight" is the give away.
  6. At my home course, collars aren't required. Kilts, on the other hand, are definitely on the banned list and will get you the barrel treatment.
  7. Mediation broke down and the lawsuit is set to go to court in May 2020. The contracts are definitely different and they were both collectively bargained. While naturally, the LPGA golfers would like to make more money, they are in a considerably more comfortable position that the average female soccer player. The pro league, the NWSL, is actually subsidized by US Soccer. Should a player fall off the national team roster, they'd be scraping to just pay the bills. Hence, why they are fighting so hard.
  8. Obviously its not practical to do that with full fields unless you are spreading it out across multiple courses. Wasn't there some sort of mixed team tournament involving PGA Tour and LPGA players? Maybe that was a few years ago.
  9. Never managed more than three states myself. ... But there's always next week.
  10. Yeah. That's a local rule for us that gets employed as often as not.
  11. I'm an easily embarrassed type myself, so I know it can be difficult especially as a beginner. Maybe you hang around a cruel crowd, but everyone was a beginner at one point or another and even the best of us still hit bad shots. I think most golfers are either supportive or, at worst, indifferent to the beginner as long as there isn't a pace of play issue on the course. In short, don't worry about it. Be patient. Learn as much as you can. Pick easy courses to begin with and have fun with it.
  12. Since the new pro has taken over there has been some mild effort to actually have some sand in the traps at the home courses. This, of course, is limited by budgets and the available labor, but they probably got actual sand in half of them. With any amount of sand, I use the same approach. I try to thump the spot behind the ball and then I hope like hell. On greenside dirt bunkers, I'll take my 60-degree and play it like a normal pitch shot with ball-first contact. Further out, it's the same only with the SW.
  13. Not good. 17.4. It is all sort of a bad blur right now. Stunned that Carolina couldn't do more than that with McCafferey. From 42 points in Week One to 7.3 last night against Tampa Bay. I guess you got to give Boles and the Bucs D a lot of credit for forcing Cam to throw down field. Really didn't see that coming. It's also becoming pretty clear that Godwin is TB's top receiver, not Evans. Thought I might have an easy week against the weakest lineup in the league, but I'm in a heck of a hole now.
  14. Huge night for a bloody Thursday night game (which they should do away with for many reasons). RB1 - McCafferey, WR1 - Evans. On pins and needles for TB to show some life after that awful game against SF last week. This has to be a 35 point game for me.
  15. Just my very unscientific opinion, but I don't think dress code even ranks in the the top ten reasons why younger people aren't playing golf. There really are some very basic barriers that keep people from even trying the game. Expense and the overall difficulty of golf are at the top of the list. Honestly, I think that a lot of non-golfers almost need a friend to drag them out the first time (the way a friend of mine did to me). I was deathly afraid of all the dumb things I'd do on the course, whether I'd be able to even keep a ball in play and the likelihood of getting kicked off the property. It took that experience to realize everyone does dumb things, balls get lost and almost nobody gets kicked off the course. Minus that experience, it would have been easy to decide that golf is not a game for them. Asking someone to wear a collared shirt is the very least of it.
  16. Yes. However, the NFL has its own highly unpredictable methods of investigating and punishing misconduct regardless of a criminal charge. Take Ezekiel Elliot for instance.
  17. My goodness. I shudder to think how close was I to drafting that mental patient Antonio Brown. So after all that, a rape allegation. Have fun New England. Antonio Brown Accused of Rape in a Lawsuit - The New York Times The Patriots receiver is accused of three incidents of sexual assault, in 2017 and 2018, against a woman who attended college with him.
  18. It's sort of like getting a steak. You can wear shorts and a T-shirt into an Outback restaurant and get a steak. You could go to Sparks in Manhattan (outside of where Castellano was killed) and get a steak as well but you better be wearing a suit jacket and bring a whole lot of money. Both places not only sell steak. They sell a particular experience designed for a particular segment of the market. For the average diner at Sparks, part of that experience is actually seeing everyone wearing fancy clothes. Petty as it may seem for the more practical of us, they pay hundreds of dollars for a meal in part because they don't want to see you in your shorts. It is a truly awesome thing to have the variety of consumer choices we do at this point in history. Luckily for us, we can choose the golf courses and steak houses we spend our money at and get maximum enjoyment based on our individual preferences.
  19. Cost living in general can be massively different place to place. Ours is pretty darn low in Ohio. Never been out west, but price tags in NYC made me feel ill.
  20. Definitely not. On average, I'm shooting about 5 strokes worse this year than last. All year, I've felt very unsteady over the ball and the driver has become outrageously bad. It's not bad quite as bad with the mid to short irons. I actually had some decent runs with those at points this year, but it doesn't matter much when you aren't getting off the tee more than a few times per round. It wasn't for a lack of work. Even took lessons for the first time ever. I'm kind of at a loss now.
  21. Must be a doctor. I definitely know some people at my local courses that ought to be patients. Myself included.
  22. Yep. Pretty crazy. Funny how often Deshaun Watson and the Texans seem to end up on the wrong side of these. Lots of real tight games for those guys over last few years only to go sideways at the last second. Speaking of Watson, he's still getting hammered back there. Texans were supposed to have an improved OL. Brees and that Lutz guy pretty much killed my brother. Just as well. Let him go to bed before that Jacobs guy scored two against the Broncos to make his Week One a no doubter.
  23. I really was surprised that Duck had the quota game opposite the Zimmerman-Young event. That used to be a huge deal at Kittyhawk from what I understand. It raises money for a scholarship fund. One of the fellas I played with said they used to have two groups on every tee to start (which sounds like a bit of a nightmare). Not much to brag about personally, but I did stick one inside 5 feet on No. 13 for a $25 gift card to the pro shop. We finished fourth place at -9.
  24. Well, my gambit with the quarterbacks really backfired. Felt good about it after the Bears held Rodgers to 12.9 points on Thursday. Then Winston goes out and throws 3 picks and scores a miserable 7.1. Worse than that, WR1 was Mike Evans and he's apparently still too banged up to get more than 2 receptions on 5 targets. Then there was that absolute catastrophe of a performance by Jacksonville's D. Yeah, I know that was the Chiefs, but that was not a professional display. Going to need to consider alternatives. Only my RBs keep me from losing this week.
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