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  1. I always figured POP is more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule. There are days where you have a course jammed and there's nothing you can do about it. Other times, the course is empty and you blow those times away. The few times I've played a course with it listed, I've checked where we stood after 5 holes and then after 13. We're usually pretty good, but once I had to tell my guys to pick up the pace a bit. We did and got out in good time.
  2. I saw the same thing. My guy was an older fellow with a pull cart and he was darn near sprinting to the ball. It was a pretty funny sight watching that cart bounce behind the guy as he tore down the fairway. At the same time, he was probably the most physically-fit 70-year-old I've ever seen.
  3. My shot of the week was the 169-yard, 2nd hole at Homestead GC (Tipp City, OH). I tend to alternate between pushing and pulling my iron shots, but got it just right on this 5-iron. It was that feel hitting the ball that is what causes us higher handicaps to keep coming out for more. Flew straight at the pin and left me a four-footer. I made no mistake on the putt for a rare birdie.
  4. It's rare enough that its not a big issue for me, but I've definitely seen it. Generally, its been weekend afternoons at the public courses I play. Really, it so crowded under those circumstances that peace and quiet has no chance anyway. Still, the preference would be no music.
  5. On the bit about keeping your head down ... At a point or two in my two years, I've taken that piece of advice a little too far. Maybe I was just sick of hearing it. One round saw me lose no less than six balls because I didn't catch sight of my ball of the tee and none of my helpful, advice-giving, buddies were watching either. It really sucked at the time, but it was a lesson learned.
  6. 51-52-103 at Homestead GC (Tipp City, OH). Started really well, fell apart and didn't get back on track. Hit the sweetest 5-iron to birdie the par-3 2nd hole. Came an inch away of a birdie on the 3rd hole. Then jacked two massive slices into farmland on no. 4. Only my second time playing this course and forgot all about the hidden water hazard in front of a green on a par-5. Really smoked that 3-wood. Putting was, of course, awful.
  7. A lot of the public courses where I live have membership-type plans for a lot less than private courses. For example, I pay the City of Dayton (OH) $450 per year to play for $5 per round. Seeing as I played 50 rounds last year, that's a total of $700 or $14 per round. Dayton has six courses. None are fancy, but they are all playable. As I mentioned above, the crowds and pace of play issues are often the biggest problem.
  8. To take it a step further .... I don't hit my longer irons worth a darn either. So, if minimizing score is the be-all, end-all of every round, I shouldn't hit anything other than 5-wood and my short irons. JohnClayton's point isn't entirely lost on me. I suppose it might be a good mental approach to take a competitive attitude with you on the course even if you are a long way from really being competitive. I suppose I'll be thinking about it, next time out.
  9. I had a 71 at a short, executive course called Rollandia. That's not very impressive even by my standards, but it marked the first time I beat the fellow who introduced me to the game. He was struggling and deprived of his strong suit, distance. Still, it was a long time coming.
  10. The way I look at it is 1) I'm not playing competitively anyway, 2) I'm eventually going to have to learn how to hit a driver and 3) the closer to the hole the better. Obviously there are situations that are exceptions to this. I know better than to try to carry a water hazard 250 yards. Still, when you are a hack and you are out there hacking, you take risky shots. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.
  11. I stand corrected Ernest. I had never really considered the idea that someone would take the time to strip them and repaint them. The balls I bought were surely recycled.
  12. Same difference. They just clean up the used balls. Hence, refurbished or reconditioned.
  13. I've bought reconditioned balls before and not had major problems. Based on your description, I went one shelf lower at Walmart (right?) and got the Nike Softs. I saw no cracks. Some of the logos were a little faded, but no obvious performance issues.
  14. If I ever make it through 2 consecutive 18-hole rounds without losing a ball, I'll buy a sleeve of ProV1s.
  15. I regularly commute 45 minutes for work anyway. All the City of Dayton courses I usually play are somewhere between. My brother and I live in Troy and so we'll play Miami Shores a bunch also just a couple minutes away.
  16. Yeah for at least most of the front nine, we had a few people there. I really thought we'd be able to pass em, when we started.
  17. This guy wasn't the worst ever, but it resulted in a painful round that wasn't concluded. I had an older fellow who seemed to think he was a crack shot. As we waited on the second tee (a par 5), he explained to me that he can regularly hit over 300 yards. Another older guy holed out on one and bellowed "what's the hold up? Who do you think you are? Superman?". Needless to say, my guy didn't come close to hitting 300 all day. We were actually hacking it up about the same. I was just a lot faster doing it than he was. Five hours later I had to leave on the 14th hole as dinner waits
  18. I did get my guy out for a bucket before the mother of all thunderstorms hit. He did ok for having never swung a club. Popped a few out around 150 (with the driver) and actually hit em fairly straight.Better than the massive slices I was dealing on my first visit. Down side was that he gave me the distinct impression that he isn't looking to spend any money at all. That was something that I hadn't previously picked up from him. I paid for the balls. I guess we'll have to see if he ever pays for his own.
  19. Don't mistake it for saying that slow play if just fine in the afternoon. I'm just saying that there is a general rule of thumb around these parts that the elite guys get first crack at the early tee times. Hacks like me generally play in the afternoon. Actually that's good with me anyway. I like to get my work in and then go play. I'm just hoping that last weekend's 5-hour odyssey was the exception and not the rule.
  20. Playing in one of these would be a very, very long-term goal for me. It's great to read about your experience.
  21. I had my first 5-hour round of the year on Sunday. I got really used to playing on empty courses during the cold weather, so it was a bit of a shock to the system. Of course, as a hack of the first order, my rounds are always in the afternoon. I was in pretty good company though. The funny thing is that I stand and wait. When my shot becomes available, I'd been standing there so long that I rush. It's pretty stupid. Just going to have to get used to it.
  22. I hit a ball and had no idea where it had gone. Assuming it was a jungle ball, I bent over to tee up another when it landed about 25 feet in front of the box.
  23. Had a set back when target 1 moved, but I got another target. We're going to range session number one on Wednesday.
  24. Dress codes really depend on the course. I generally wear standard stuff, but we have a few courses out this way where t-shirts and jeans are actually more appropriate than the standard garb.
  25. How bout electrical lines running through the middle of the course and knocking down my better tee shots. Oh wait. You said common. Not the goofy places that I sometimes play.
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