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  1. The real truth is that I'm probably the annoying playing partner. I both suck and still get mad anyway. That said, very few people really annoy me. I guess the ones that move ahead of where my ball landed because they didn't realize I was so far behind them annoy me. ... Also the guys that try to give me advice in the middle of the round bother me. ... Most people don't do either.
  2. I'll only ever leave a ball in the trap once. Because ... I'm launching number two into the stratosphere. Some of the longest, most majestic shots I ever hit come out of the greenside bunker on the second effort..
  3. Yeah. Eastern Michigan is one of the ones I'll admit not knowing. Pretty weak for someone that went to Bowling Green, but they were the Eagles by the time I got there. Another one I never knew was the NBA Warriors. Before moving to California, the Philadelphia Warriors used a really hokey-looking Indian character. Obviously, they kept the name but changed the logo. Really. The fact that the teams are pulling these nicknames is proof positive that people are offended by them. If it was still a real argument, Washington Football Team would have never given up that nic
  4. Once enough people decide something is offensive, you either change it or suffer the consequences. The thing I find most interesting is the campaign it took to slowly drag enough people to that conclusion. Certain groups have been working on this since 1940s. I remember seeing advertisements in Sports Illustrated from the 1970s that had pennants with alternative racist-slur nicknames for the non-native races. Kind of disappointed I couldn't find a picture of it online. As recently as 2002, the same magazine ran a story that said over half of Native Americans did not consider the nickna
  5. So there was. Wonder if Vince McMahon has been in contact with his lawyers yet.
  6. I realize that this is only tangentially on topic, but I love WFT. The numbers on the helmets instead of some dumb logo. No contrived team nickname that someone hasn't already taken. I think Guardians is a pretty dorky name, but what else is left. Hail to the Football Team. Hail victory. Hail to the Football Team fight for old DC. 🙂
  7. I can hit water with any club in the bag on that hole, so I'll take driver and aim right where the cart path bends down on the left side. That probably gives me my best odds of keeping it dry for the second poke. If that goes well, it ought to be somewhere between a wedge and a 8I into the green. Fighting the hook will be hard with that stupid H2O on the right. Also think I'd put myself on a two ball limit. After a pair of drowning victims, I'd be moving on.
  8. I got a push cart (Caddymatic), but I find the drink holder to be not worth relying on. Having to always be mindful going up and down grades, annoys me. I have my water bottle in the pocket of my golf bag and save the beer for later. On another note, nothing tastes so good as that first cold beer after walking 18 hot ones.
  9. In the years since this thread first showed up, I've fallen into a pretty basic pattern. If I'm walking, which I do 95% of the time these days, it's no alcohol until the 19th hole. When I ride, I almost never make it past the turn without at least one beer. The difference quite simply is the presence of a beverage holder in the cart. Too big a pain in the butt to lug around a can or two if I'm walking.
  10. It's possible that new equipment may help you a little, but it's going to be pretty hard to improve much if you don't have the time to work at it. How you spend your money is your business. Unless there is something seriously wrong with those Eye 2s, don't expect a miracle.
  11. I'd take the 5W and the PW. For one they are the clubs I hit the best. Also I think I cover a lot of bases between short-game, distance and the ability to get both over and under obstacles.
  12. My stupid game has taken on a really frustrating pattern of pars and blow-up holes. Not getting birdies or bogeys any more. Not looking good this year.
  13. mcanadiens

    NHL 2021-22

    Just saw the Montreal players that the Kraken will have available for the expansion draft, starting with Carey Price. The thought seems to be that Seattle won't want that big contract he'd come with. Shea Weber and Paul Byron are also among the exposed. Still got to be a heck of a thing for fans of those old expansion doormat teams (think first-year Sens or Caps) to see these newcomers get such favorable treatment.
  14. This is the thing I find the most depressing. I'm flipping 44 and hit my 7-iron 150. By the time I'm your age I'm going to be on Family Tee 1.
  15. Well DeChambeau is +3 through six holes. Probably too late now, but the next time we know he'll have this in the bag.
  16. You'd have thought Bryson shot the 10-over instead of Phil. So he's +1 and about to tee off for his second round. That's plenty of opportunity for him to get back under the cut line and give himself a chance on the weekend. It will be interesting to see if the spoiled brat routine helps or hurts him today.
  17. Course closures have my home course packed every day. Pace has been bad enough that a couple of people in my normal foursome think we ought to make it a fivesome. I do like playing with the prospective fifth and maybe it won't matter much with the way pace has been lately. Still shudder at the idea. Guess we can start out three and two and adapt as the round develops.
  18. Yeah. That's not a real good look for ole Bryson. At least the way they were talking about that course on the TV last night, it isn't a massive surprise that Bryson The Bomber might struggle a bit.
  19. Best: It is actually a two way tie because I pulled off essentially the same shot within a month of one another. Both were 100-yarders to went into the cup. This was back when I was just beginning, so they were only par saves. Worst: Had a lot of rotten ones, but the most memorable came on the par-3 No. 13 hole on Kittyhawk's Eagle Course. The 14th tee box was just 30 yards or so left of the green and somebody parked their cart way forward of the tee box for some reason. With the water cutting center to right in front of the green, the temptation is to pull it. Well I yanked a vicious pu
  20. mcanadiens

    NHL 2021-22

    Compared to American football it isn't that complicated. ... Guess it is what you grow up with. You want to do it big time, learn to ice skate. Didn't know what those guys could really do untill I tried it myself. It's a whole new level of appreciation.
  21. I've been playing with some older guys lately and figure it is easier just playing the senior tees with them instead of insisting they wait for me to hit from the whites. I'd say its probably worth a couple of strokes per nine for me. Like @StuM said, most of the trouble is due to the big misses and not length. Still, even I will square up a couple drives per round. When that happens, some of those holes become a wedge approach instead of a 7I or 8I. One of our par fives becomes reachable in two for me if I string two of my best.
  22. Go to the range and try them out. Find the ones you have the most confidence in and get those distances dialed in. I got all my clubs in the bag, but that doesn't mean I use them.
  23. Certainly has that look doesn't it. For a moment I entertained the idea that the caddie just didn't really know what she was doing, but I read she is a former Big Break contestant. She had to know she didn't belong back there.
  24. I really have no idea how to interpret that. Suffice to say that I'm done paying $100 plus for 30 frigging minutes for a guy to tell me how to do stuff that doesn't work. I'll either dig it out of the dirt myself or I won't.
  25. Fine. "Practice the right things" Right? That's the sentence you are talking about? Is that what the guy I paid a lot of money was supposed to help me with? It is truly a testament to the intoxicating nature of golf that I even still play this game. The best I can do with those lessons and money I spent is figure they never really happened.
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