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  1. Driver - Ping G15 10.5 Aldila NV 65s Fairway - Taylormade V-Steel 16.5 Aldila NV 75S Hybrid - Adams Pro Black 20 Aldila Voodoo SNV7 4-PW - Ping i3 JZ Cushin S 52 Vokey 200 Series 56 Vokey SM 56.14 60 Vokey SM 60.04 Odyssey White Hot XG #7
  2. Game improvement really refers to 2 aspects of the clubs performance. First is forgiveness on off-center strikes. The other is weight distribution that makes it easier to launch the ball higher.
  3. Buying used on craigslist or at a retailer is a great way to save money, and for a first set I suggest it. The only downside is it takes patience and knowledge of what you want/need. Also depending on where you live, this may be the worst time of the year to be looking. I'm in New Jersey and there is hardly anything available right now. In the spring however, I built a whole bag for $200.
  4. Could not agree more. 2nd hand callaway big berthas or x series, early ping g series are both great choices. A sand wedge is a must, as mentioned, and another place to go second hand. Lots of people love hybrids, I prefer fairway woods. A great point Hardballs brings up is loft is your friend off the tee. Plus a 4 or 5 wood will be much easier from the fairway when the time comes. Also don't feel like you need to carry your "full" set on the course. 14 clubs can add a lot of confusion and frustration when you start. Carrying a minimal bag on the course will keep your focus where it should be
  5. Ping G15 10.5 w/ Aldila NV Stiff TM V Steel 3 & 5 w/ Aldila Proto VS 70 R Adams Idea Pro Black 20 Adila VooDoo snv Callaway X18 Pro 4-P Titleist Vokey 251.07, sm 56-14, sm 60-04 Odyssey White Hot XG #7 Either a wedge, a wood or the hybrid stays in the truck.
  6. IMO if it matches the set then yes it's a 10 Iron. But Your PW is 50.5* so no need for a gap wedge if that's what your worried about. They're great clubs by the way. The increase of loft is to fit even between the 9 and the 56* sand iron. My recomendation for additional wedges would be some brand new Ping eye 2 XG they're available in the sand and lob.
  7. Ping G5 Driver- $40 Callaway X (2004) 3 wood- $25 Callaway Hawk Eye VFT 3 iron - $19 Callaway X18 Pro 4-P - won them Vokey oil can 252-08 - $30 Vokey SM2 56-14 & 60-04 - $250 Odyssey White Hot XG #7 - won it So $364 total. Probably round it up to $450 counting regripping and adjustments on the used clubs and the occasional headcover Won the bag too. I've been Jonesing for new irons, but I'd rather play a ton of rounds.
  8. I would recommend looking into a nike covert pro. The 3 adjusts from 18 to 21 and the 4/5 from 21 to 24.
  9. I know ping has offered 13.5* for the last few models. You can check all the major brands websites for specs. Another bonus is that the higher loft driver will tend to have softer flexes in the used market. As hammer said the right shaft, or at least close enough, is important. I would also advise to have her pick it out. You can do some recon in the used sections of your local shop. If she finds something she like without the right loft, then you'll know what to look for online.
  10. If she is just starting a driver might not be necessary a 3, 4 or 5 wood may fit the bill. However if the bigger head size gives her more confidence than a high lofted driver may be in order 13+ deg.
  11. I would recommend getting a fitting either way. Whether you purchase a custom set or not you'll leave with a lot of knowledge about your swing and how different equipment can help. You should also get a spec sheet with recommendations for all your equipment. After that you'll get a good idea of how much to retrofit your current iron vs buying custom.
  12. I think the real deciding factor is how well you play your current longest iron. Hybrids have their place. If you feel comfortable playing your current longest iron then try mixing in a regular 5 iron at the range or on windy days. You should always play what you're comfortable with, but as your iron play improves adding longer irons will help out your game.
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