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  1. yea usually my ball just spins back a foot or so. But yesterday i was playing off of grass with dirt under it. I really hit down on my gap wedge and thhe ball looked perfect. The ball mark was about 2 inches from the hole. Guess where the ball ended up? 15 feet below the hole because it spun so much. That sucked haha
  2. I've betted against tiger like that before and guess what....ull lose. He always seems to find a way to win. That being said vjay played really well that last couple of months. Its going to be interesting to c how he responds to tiger coming back.
  3. Was playing with 2 kids. One just had one the club championship that day. Anyway he crushed his drive way through the fairway. It was a double dog leg tho so he just had a blind shot to the green. He took out his 6 iron but we thought he was going to go in the water behind the green. He ripped it but we couldnt c where the ball went. I played out the hole and when we got to the green we couldnt find the ball. We thought it definetly had gone in the water. I go to pull the flag out and the ball is in the hole. The ball mark was about a foot from the flag. It must have slammed into the flag and went in. It was nuts.
  4. Haha who said pros know that they can hit a driver straight? They hit other clubs because they are not positive they can pull off the shot. I was on a 380 yard 4 yesterday going into the hole even(first time). Now i could hit a driver 260-280 and have some type of wedge in. However not feeling overly confident with my driver i took out my 3 wood and put it on the 150 marker. Literally had to take a drop cause i was dead in the center of the fairway on the marker. It really is so much easier to control a 3 wood for me. Therefor i hit it whenever i can. The incentive is to hit a shot that they absolutely know they can hit consistently.
  5. im not saying anyone cant use a 60. What im saying is that people use their 60 too much. Its a club for hitting high shots for when u have little green to use. People, especially high handicappers, use them when they could use a lower lofted club and roll it close.
  6. You definetly dont need a lob wedge. I recently took my 60 out of my bag and i havent missed it. I chip with a gap or pw most of the time unless i need to flop(sw). Since u r a higher handicapper i would say to try not to use the 60. I see so many people using the 60 when they dont need to. Hit a nice bump and run and save yourself some strokes.
  7. yea when people tell me what they shoot and ive never played with them i usually dont believe it. A kid i work with started golf about 2 months ago and took a couple lessons and practiced for a while. So when i see him come in from his round i always ask him what he shot and he is always like 39 or 42. So i just say nice round. Now when we got out to play he shoots 62 on 9. Yet he still says he just had a bad day and that he has shot 78 before. He is just lying to himself haha.