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  1. Just recently I had logged into my clubs website and they are advertising some new gadget that is suppose to help measure just about everything from swing, speed, distance, distance carried and spin of ball. The gadget is called an ES14 from Ernest Sports and is being advertised for over $500.00. Do any of you know what this is? I would like to know a little more info especially from those that actually own it. Does it work, is it accurate, is it worth the investment? All the good stuff info.
  2. Belonging to a local club, is it that important?

    Everyone, thank so much for answering my question. It is very much appreciated. Some gave more than others, but felt like I got a good dose of good information. I do belong to a club, its actually free. It is called the The Grint. This is a mostly online club that has members around the country. In my area we are about 458 strong, every area around the country should have something similar set up. The club is USGA regulated and in my area they put up an event once a year. Supposedly, we are going to start doing them once a month beginning the new year. I found this club through the USGA website. They have a neat app for smart phones that you can use either the free version or the paid version. The club gives you an official handicap when you register and upload your game score, I think you need to have played 8 rounds to get an official handicap. You can even use that handicap on any tournament. They have a great gps system with a great view of any course in the country. Now, it isn't like the clubs some of you have mentioned. But through their website and forum, I have been able to make friends and get to play in different courses with folks I would otherwise not play with. Truth be told, there is little benefit other than having another avenue in meeting like minded folks and having an excuse to play somewhere different, if your handicap is important for you than this may be an option. Now some of you pointed out a few good points regarding having a course to call home. I like that idea, but I also don't like that idea. I'll tell you why, first, I like to travel a lot, I also like to visit different courses and really challenge myself on how I do in different courses. On any given year I will visit about 8 to 12 different courses, from South Florida to Central Florida. I've played in some of the great courses in Miami and some of the best ones in Naples and in Orlando. I truly love the game of golf and I suppose I can try making one a home. I will need to factor in the cost of joining a particular club and see if it is truly worth it for me. In the end, I hope this conversation continues as I think it was a good one to bring up. Thank you WU Tiger for your input, I felt that was right on!
  3. I want to ask a serious question here. I am hoping for an honest answer and I hope to get many on this topic. I have been playing for over 22 years now. No, I am not a single digit handicapper although I would like to be. But I am curious, do any of you belong to a local golf club or even a national one? If you don't belong to one, curious why you haven't. If you do belong to one, how has your experience been with your organization and how important is to you? Now I ask this because, I am the sort that loves being a part of something. As a former military man and a current member of a career fire department in South Florida, I enjoy the camaraderie, I enjoy the challenge of being able to challenge each other. Love to hear from you all.
  4. What'd You Shoot Today?

    On Saturday I played at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, FL shot a 109, the rain was horrible. The course was beautiful, would love to play again on better conditions.
  5. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I hadn't posted in a few days, but last week I played at the Biltmore Golf course CR/SLOPE 68.2/115. I hit a 101, I was doing great, but shanked 3 holes which would have put me in the mid to low 90's. It is what it is!
  6. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I tried to go play yesterday at Palmetto Golf Course, finished the front 9 with a 51 which isn't horrible for me, but my short game for some reason is giving me issues, should have shot a 45 at worst. It started to rain hard midway thru hole 11 that was a par 3, par'd the hole but that is where I finished.
  7. Well here is my input. I have been playing since 1992, I have always been a low 100's player, I once broke 100 for a 95 and could never repeat it. In the last 4 years I took a break from the game to tend to my business and just started playing about a little over a month ago. my first round 140, hard course, but horrible score none the less. I took some lessons and quickly improved back to my old low 100's score. Well where am I going with this, I quickly improved drastically with my short game, I have 1 to 2 putt average, no more. My short game inside the 150 is on the money, this is what keeps me in the low 100's. Recently I changed my 15 year old driver to a newer one, went to the range for a couple of days to adjust to it, first day out with my new driver, 90, second day out 92. I am now getting in the GIR where I never was able to do before. I am sorry, but the long game is so as important as your short game that both sides have valid arguments, if you have a bad long game you will never get near the scratch players, if you have a bad short game, well the out come is close to being the same. I can only get better with improving my accuracy now, I finally found my long game with nice straight and long tee shots with a descent fairway shot. Once I am inside the 150, its over for whom ever is with me!
  8. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played today at Killian Greens in the Kendall area, CR 68.9/113. By far the best golf I have played in a very long time, shot a 90, 50-40. The last 8 holes I Par'd. The course is horrific and would never play there again. The fairways were more like roughs and the greens were spongy and slow with a little over growth in some holes while others had a hole on one end and some other holes that you can barely call a green! Although it may have been my best golf in a while, I can't help but feel bad for this course, it has potential, but right now, it needs to be put out of its misery!
  9. The new TM SLDR

    Good morning everyone. I wanted to share this with all of you and wanted to get some of your input on this. For the last few weeks I have been searching for some new clubs, specifically, a new putter, fairway wood and a new driver. My putter was probably the easiest one to get, I first started searching for a high end club and oddly enough the club that fit the best was a generic $40.00 club, I have never putted this well before. The next club I was looking for was a fairway wood, I had gotten rid of my last set of woods to replace it with a hybrid and finally realized, I still need to have at least a 3 wood. I have always been a little sweet with Taylor Made and decided on the RBZ 3 wood 15* club, it has worked really well for me and am very impressed with how it feels. Now for the big one, my original driver is well over 15 years old and it has gotten to the point that I would struggle just getting it over 200, much less getting it to go straight in any consistent manner. So for the last 3 weeks I have looked into about 5 different clubs, the Nike Corvert, Callaway X Hot, TM R1, R11S and the Cobra AMP. I spent 2 and half weeks just researching on the club and the price points for it. After testing all of these clubs, one sales guy asked me to try the new TM SLDR, my first question to him was how much. New club, you know its going to be near $400 or above, I said thanks, but I really didn't want to spend that much on a club. He told me simply this, "no worries, you don't have to buy it, but try it to see just how it feels and see what we can do from there" I couldn't say no. The first swing I took with that club, after having already swung 5 different other clubs several times was incredible. That club launched the ball better, the impact felt better and the distance it would get compared to the others was by at least 20 yards further. I put on a poker face and said thanks, I really need to think about it and I'll come back if I decide to take that hit. for the next few days I narrowed down my selection to the TM R1, R11S and the SLDR, every time I hit that SLDR the ball would just fly, in the simulator the feedback was pro worthy. The club is super forgiving and of course, I pulled the trigger and bought the thing. I did get it cheaper than MSRP which I am happy about. Moving on, after I purchased it, I directly went to the range and compared strikes with my old driver and compared it with the new SLDR, I can tell you that I hit 10 balls with my old one, then 10 with the new SLDR, then I hit 1 and 1 to compare and with complete consistency the SLDR WAY out performed my old one and took me from low hits to higher hits, farther hits and straighter hits. I was able to get a TM fitter in my area and helped me get the right adjustments on the club and am looking forward to the next time I go out on the links. My question to all of you is, have anyone looked into this club? Does anyone else have it yet? and if you do how do you feel about it? If you don't have it, have you thought about getting it? And what is holding you back from getting it?
  10. Looking to upgrade my equipment

    I don't know if you already went and got your clubs Rock26, but I can tell you that for the last 3 weeks I have been in the market to get a new driver and replace my nearly 15 year old generic beginner driver. I looked into the following clubs; Nike Covert, Callaway X Hot, TM SLDR, R1, and the R11S. I tested all of them several times in different shops to get a feel for what the sales guy would say and to just a get a feel from different days. At the end, buying a driver is an investment in your game and the most expensive driver doesn't necessarily represent the best club for you. Heck, I needed a new putter and was looking at some of the high end clubs and found the club that fit me best was a $40.00 putter. Since buying it, I have gone from a 3 putt to 1, 2 putt with some very impressive alignments. Any how, going back to the driver, I ended up buying the TM SLDR. This club is incredible, I literally shoot straighter and farther with that club compared to my original club and comparing it to the other clubs. The Nike was no fit for me, so I X'd it out of my line up, I tried it 2 different times and just didn't do it for me although the price point wasn't bad. The TM R11s was my next choice only because it was an older club and the price point was really good, the only thing is that I hit well, but not great, I didn't feel super confident with it, although I do have the RBZ 3 wood and love it. Going on, when I got the SLDR in my hands and swung it for the first time, it felt great, had a great ping to it when you hit the ball and the launch was insane. I sacrificed the price point for the longevity of what I would get out of the club. Very much worth every penny. As far as irons, I like MacGregors, it works for me. Hope this helps.
  11. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I went back to Palmetto golf course yesterday, shot a 103, 2 stroke improvement on the same course. I am really happy about that. My drives were descent but on the last few holes I just started slicing it and couldn't figure out why. I finally got a par on a par 3 and had 2 GIR which I am super excited about.
  12. What'd You Shoot Today?

    On Wednesday, I played at Palmetto Golf Course, CR 70.3/123 slope. I shot a 107 not bad, continuously improving which is what matters. This course isn't where it should be, the fairways are not the best, the greens on the other hand are really good, not fast and not slow, just right! I like the course, it's near home and has treated me very good. I am still having issues with my long game while my short game is becoming very good. Most of my chips are near the hole and I am 1 and 2 putting regardless of distance to the hole.
  13. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Yesterday, Pembroke Lakes Golf Course CR 71.5 Played off the blues shot for 116, felt sluggish going into the back 9. Playing from the blues proved to be hard, but the group I was playing with all agreed to play from the blues. No worries, the hard the game can only help me get better!
  14. What'd You Shoot Today?

    3rd time back on the course and continue to improve. Played at Melreese Golf course near Miami International Airport. Great course CR/SLOPE from the whites 71.3/123. Shot a 105, not so great, but continue to improve. I had some great shots today with sinker from the sand trap and pin strike from 40 yards to make par, I also had some great long putts that kept my putts to 1 and 2 for the most part. I am so happy to be playing again!
  15. What'd You Shoot Today?

    short 9 hole course, at Briar Bay in the Falls area in the South Miami area. 31 par, 3,966 yards 35.5 rating, 113 slope Only played 9 holes shot for 51 took only 1 penalty shot, which is great for me. Only the second time on the course in almost 4 years, lots to improve still though. Would I have played the course again to complete an 18 I would have averaged out at about 102-105, Huge improvement from my 140 first outing!