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  1. Not tying to be a butt hole , but where did this whole idea start? the game is getting to long. Nobody I know, especially me, ever complains about hitting it to long. Who are "they".
  2. My point exactly-If a design adds another 1,500-2,000 yards to a course, It will take us hackers that much further to walk.
  3. I wonder if Hogan's assumption is that if the grip, takeaway, backswing and downswing conform to his theory, the club will look after itself. I do like the fact, there is no electronica involved (other than the reference to moving pictures). For a hacker like me, AOA, spin rate make the basic task overly complicated for me. I don't like to hear how great a teacher is in interpreting trackman data. For sure its a great tool, but I don't need to know that data. I need to know how to move.
  4. An amateur question:who started the idea that the game is getting to long? The owner who can't get a pro event because his course is too short for the pro ranks? I realize there are Sand Trap forumites who regularly hit it off the tips on a 7,000-8,000 yard course. I can't imagine the vast majority of golfers play off those tips. No wonder golf is becoming slower. I would never hit off those tips but I'd still have to walk the extra 2-2,500 yards.
  5. Winter Depression Thread

    Was listening to one of the pga radio teaching pros last week-Debbie Doniger, an interesting take on age vs learning styles-she suggested most older golfers need to understand/see the physical changes needed to change ball flight whereas younger golfers can be shown trackman and asked to increase angle of attack, or swing speed, by a specific amount to change ball flight , due to video game use. Went to the indoor range yesterday and hit balls at targets, 5 balls per random club maximum. If I missed to the left, I aimed more to the right. I liked seeing the real ball go to a real target Having said that, having a simulator at the dome at $35/hr and playing courses I will never play is a lot of fun during the winter.
  6. Winter Depression Thread

    Had the same problem, but not made of money, nor have the height in the house. Started looking at it by the hour. Even a cheap one at $15,000 US dollars/$35 hr rental=many freaking hours. Thats like 250 two hour trips. More trips than I have left. Maybe I should remortgage the house, build a higher ceiling extension-that makes more sense.
  7. Winter Depression Thread

    Haven't golfed in two weeks. Going to the simulator today. Shovelled snow twice this week.
  8. I'm lucky as well. The wife is hooked and we play weekly. Usually play the same muni, same time, know the starters. She was nervous meeting strangers as well but quickly realized, the better golfers understand, while most are at the same or less golf level and are just out there to enjoy the game.
  9. The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    I'm 64 and haven't been playing that long. My con is that I can fix more than one thing at a time. Finally, after 6 seasons, I'm starting to remember that more often. This year it was finding the bottom of my swing each time I set up. When I forgot, chunked it. Next fix, getting a little more power into my swing. Hitting it straighter and in the short grass but want more Gir's. Often coming up 5 to 10 yards short on the approach. Wait, I'm conning myself into thinking I can get those 5 or 10 yards lol
  10. Everyone is a Feel Player

    Haven't club raced in a long while, but going down for any reason at 30 mph is all bad...peloton avoiding a dog, killing said dog, many going down...truck crossing the highway for a rural post office box, lead guy going down, broken thumbs, tried bunny hopping him and his bike, fail... Really enjoy that golf does not have group 30 mph problems as we walk down the fairway
  11. "Power Golf" by Ben Hogan

    Just reading it. I like the use of words to describe his techniques; start the takeaway with the hands , arms, shoulders and hips in unison, rather than quoting degrees of angle of the right hand second finger metatarsal bone in relation to the direction you are aiming. Or start the downswing with the hips. No reference to the metatarsal bone. or reference to moving pictures in slow motion. It seems there was golf instruction before trackman.
  12. Fall Time Change

    Interesting news coverage up here, speaking to stopping the change in either one province or across the country. Just business cost alone, real and brown dollars. Cross border, cross provincial businesses, international- having to adjust through call centre coverage, flight times. Plants still grow, whether we change clocks or not. But it does get us an hour more daylight, compare to the workday clock, for things like golf.
  13. When is it too cold to golf?

    I bought a pair of those loose fitting cobra mitts this year, getting ready for the cold. I f I keep the hands warm, Ill stay warm. Didn't use them. Last two rounds before the course closed was in the low 20'sC. It was t-shirt/shorts weather. -4 yesterday morning, scraping the windshield, got the cobras in the car.
  14. Feel with Mallet vs Blade Putters

    I tried a heavy mallet putter and have stuck with it for the past three years. C$35 on sale. Some version of Spyder. Love the balance of the club. Found a place on the handle that works for me. Weekly putting practice hasn't hurt either.
  15. What'd You Shoot Today?

    48 on a breezy 9 hole par 36. Wind gusts were 100 Kms. For Oct 22, course was in great shape.

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