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  1. uitar9

    A Massive Shortcut to Improving Your Golf

    Thats what I love about this site, the sanctimonious assholes
  2. uitar9

    first set of irons..28 hc

    If you have a chance to get fitted, you'll at least get a set of clubs for your swing type. If you don't, buy used, there is so much good stuff out there
  3. uitar9

    Getting Old and buying new irons....

    I'm with Marvchamp on this, i have no business giving advice but...I was reading a golf magazine recently and they were suggesting there are so many club and shaft options out there today, and with the help of say Trackman, you can find a combination that dials in every space in your bag. Regardless of the label "player" "SGI" or "GI" , steel/graphite shafts, grips, there's a combination that will maximize your swing specifically. If your gonna buy anyway, spend some time with that fitter and have fun picking. I suppose an alternative is the off the shelf blade with the extra stiff steel and vibrate the crap out of the body...but look cool
  4. uitar9

    Which move changed your game for good?

    I had two: -using practice swings to find where the club head bottoms out for the uneven lies I find myself in. Has almost stopped hitting the ground first -Starting my downswing with my hips, helped me drop my hands into the slot, mostly stopping the out to in
  5. Forgetting the argument about whether the game is to long for a minute (ball, equipment, it is or it isn't): What is really driving this issue? It can't be driven by us hackers. Every course is to long for us. Do I really care that a pro who I see on TV hits driver and then wedge on a lot of PGA courses that I will never play. Nope. Doesn't use 4 through 7 iron. Who really cares? I hear Haney say everyone wants to see the long hitters; Home runs. Nobody wants to see bunt singles. Hitting a ball 320 yards, often into trouble, then hitting a great recovery appears to be todays pro game. Why is that too long to us hackers? So who is really driving this argument? Is it money? TV ratings down? The PGA seems to be doing alright. Even average tour players are making a million a year. It seems to parallel the argument that the game is to slow. Too slow for whom? Is society becoming that ADD? Perhaps the solution is to show nothing live, two hours max, just the highlights, that would give us more time to run around 18 holes in under three hours, drive it 320 and always score -20.
  6. Was listening to K and Mc on PGA radio-John mentioned that it was interesting that Mr. Nicklaus was supporting a shorter ball, considering the $$ he has made building golf courses. Can't remember who mentioned just toughening up a course can curb distance, if its actually a problem. The game is not to long for me, its getting shorter as I age
  7. uitar9

    The benefit of lessons

    Good quote. My wife and I were taking lessons from our first and only instructor. He seemed to have a knack for figuring out a learning style; with our permission he said what he wanted us to do but also used his hands and moved our body parts the way he wanted when we didn't understand. My wife doesn't understand golf speak, but show her and she gets it. I've heard pros telling students what not to do, ad nausium, but not what to do. I've seem them trying to completely change a swing , based on a fixed program...not just based on what a students body "can" do. Doesn't make sense to me, but What the heck do I know
  8. uitar9

    The benefit of lessons

    Breed had an interesting show today regarding lessons. A number of callers suggesting one of the common problems many students had with instruction...was that the student didn't practice what the instructor was suggesting/advising...thus, nothing changed and the instructor was not worth the money.
  9. I'll never afford to play at a tour course and if I could, I wouldn't be playing off the tips. I like watching bunt singles.
  10. uitar9

    "The Short Game Bible" by Dave Pelz

    Just finished reading TSGB for the second time. Really like the comments around having a better chance to improve scoring by reducing the bad shots/poor rather than increasing birdies.
  11. uitar9

    Define The Bad Golfer

    I like this If this were mixed slow pitch, we'd have a few beers afterwards and not complain about being bad; if I did...I'd hit the ball over the fence or with a new glove I'll...We don't compare ourselves to that guy in the bigs hitting 327. Some of the best in that game only get a hit 327 times out of a 1000 But for some reason with golf, there's this thought that I have to lower my score constantly or I'm bad. If I only hit the golf ball 327 times out of a 1000 swings I'd probably stop Most of us do not play in tournaments or have dreams of turning pro...we just like playing golf
  12. uitar9

    Feel Ain't Real

    So, let me understand, real is another word for mechanics and feel is how one misunderstands their own mechanics, unless its one particular take on mechanics So on this site, there is only one real. Snide-derogatory or mocking in an indirect way. Real is only what you believe. Reasons are only facts you believe or not.
  13. uitar9

    Feel Ain't Real

    Feel vs Real Short game vs long game and it continues
  14. If you have to bring a child to a driving range, I was gonna suggest a child tether (or even a dog leash, my dog doesn't seem to mind) and a big box of toys, if they don't hit and you have to bring them...better to have your toddler playing under a guy swinging a metal object at over 100 MPH or collecting balls on the range without the protection of the pick cart...but that will upset someone...let them find their way...forbid me missing an hour at the range As another lefty said, we seem to be magnets for talkers/wannabe instructors.
  15. uitar9

    Feel Ain't Real

    Feel - experience (an emotion or sensation). Real - actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed. Just trying to understand this; if I swing and hit a shot that gives me the result I want, my thought is that "that swing is good". Someone watching me may think "that swing is not good". If I get the result I want regularly, I am pleased. I may not care about the swing mechanics being correct to someone else. In fact I don't give a rats. So what is better for me? A great looking swing or results? I'm going with results.

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