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  1. I'll driver between 175 and 225 , so 200 is probably my spot. My favourite course is a par 68 with 7 par 3's. The whites are about 5,100. From there I can break 80. Even got a 5 over this season. My wife and I play the whites. On my own , with walk ons, I let the testosterone set in so play wherever that group choose. They usually choose blues or sometimes blacks. That becomes painful. I'll still break 90 but those folks just shouldn't be there. They don't hit driver even my length, and its a painful day watching them loose a dozen balls each. For most of us hackers, Choice of tees seems to be testosterone driven. Score nor risk reward enters the equation
  2. Had a blast of winter. commuting is brutal. -5F/-21C right now. As jetfan1983 says, April is just around the corner.
  3. If its is really beat up, I'll leave it on the ball washer. Otherwise its the water hazard or mystery rough
  4. Interesting. The last couple of years when I've been spending any practice time with a golf ball, focusing on a specific target. (Wedges into fake greens) Maybe it is in LSW or some other TST material. I see golf like any other throwing or racket sport. I don't think about my mechanics when I throw a ball to first base, or hit a shot with a tennis racket, I just focus on the target. I've gotten competent inside 100 yards, Now that I can make contact with the golf ball a little more consistently, I'm gonna spend more time on longer club full swing practice this winter and learn to focus on a target further away.
  5. I think that's what it is. Both charge the reader but I couldn't see it in finder, lol
  6. Thanks Vinsk. Got up this morning, tried a different cord-voila! the kobo reader showed up in the finder list. That simple. Damn.
  7. Folks, I use an older Kobo e-reader. I have been purchasing through the reader via wi fi. An acquaintance has given me a thumb drive with hundreds and hundreds of ebooks I am a Mac user. I am attempting to move books to my kobo I have found instruction on doing this ...but...once connected to my mac, I can't find the kobo e-reader Any suggestions?
  8. Last game of the season. Went out as a single, ended up playing with friends of my wife. Hit a par 3 in regulation...pin placement was on the other side of a steep rise. Took me four shots to get the ball over the ridge. Embarrassing. Damn thing kept coming back to my feet.
  9. My wife started with me 8 years ago. Took a few lessons and was hooked...but...she really got golf crazy when she joined two ladies leagues at a muni we play. She is out twice a week with them once with me and is no longer afraid to book and golf by herself. Got herself from high 20's to a 19 this year. She's thrilled with that.
  10. As a 20 I agree. I'm 66 and still want to lower that number, bought the book and this winter (starting next week) am going to practice and get a few more yards on my full swing shots. My short game and putting are not going to get much better or better enough to give me 5 strokes. Maybe I have drunk the cool-aid , but I have seen that GIR is a way better place to lower my score. Th alternative is ok-play for GIR +1-and live with 91-95. Its closer to par than 102
  11. vote was yes. My guess is that the non alcoholics all voted no. Drunk driving laws are like locks...they work for honest folks. If I drink, I will probably drink and drive...so I have stopped drinking. Once I black out all bets are off.
  12. This. Seems as a matter of course, at any course, the furthest tees hit first, while us mortals always waiting behind a Tree to not get hit from that wild tips shot. One we spot that, my wife and I just hit, then wait and watch while another duffs left or right. Sub 5 golfers are excused, their GIR's make up for the wait, as long as the mortals keep up.
  13. LSW-chapter 6-#7-Not gonna think about it, just gonna do it.
  14. I'm older and not playing that long, 8 years. I have concentrated on accuracy as that seemed to me, how I could improve faster. Finally broke 20 this year. But...my accuracy has maxed out. I need to make more GIR's. I am often 20 to 50 yards short Bought LSW...read it...made no changes. End of season, read it again...gonna buy a can of Eric's foot spray...work on speeding up my back swing...and finding the sweet spot.
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