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  1. uitar9

    Why make a full shoulder turn?

    +1..It's probably a "feel vs real" deal, but..lately I have been stopping the arms in the back swing without breaking my wrists. Been stopping the arms once I '"feel" I can't tun more. Been hitting it a little more consistently, straighter..."past that point and it "feels" like the arms, wrists , hands are flapping around.
  2. uitar9

    Putting Tips

    I try to remember: 99% of all putts that are short, won't drop...and us hackers underestimate the break....
  3. uitar9

    How to become successful in golf at 17

    Good job man. Enjoy the walk!
  4. uitar9

    How to become successful in golf at 17

    Was reviewing other younger golfers results-Justin Thomas shot a 65 at one of the Wyndham rounds and made the cut, when he was 16. A friend of mine, a 2-4 hcp gave monday qualifiers a shot, for four consecutive weeks, on the Mackenzie Tour (Canadian PGA). two years ago. Travelled and practiced on the road for a month, four cities, four provinces, all the expenses associated with being on the road for a month. Entry fees. Practice rounds , range costs etc (Had a couple of local sponsors supported him). Had to be in the top 10 for that weeks tour event 4 in a row, shot 72 or 73. Top tens all shot sub par, down to 65's, very Monday. All kinds of competition, ex PGA guys, ex Web guys, up and comers Have you started competing at the local level. How are you doing. Be realistic, Your results will tell you where you are at and drive what you need to do at golf. Get that education. Like Iacas mentioned, maybe its a golf management program. But...you gotta have a dream...You won't know, unless you do. and who know's what you'll find along the way
  5. I spend range time shooting targets with 2 or 3 clubs, 5 balls max per clubI, tend to finish off any range time with 5 balls saved for driver. and with my limited skill set, hit it as hard as I can with no thought to where the ball goes. Just hip turn and swing as hard as I can. That's always one of my practice activities-practice swinging faster
  6. uitar9

    Golf Saved My Life!

    Enjoy the walk
  7. uitar9

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played an 81 at our usual muni par 68 yesterday. 39/42. Managed 8 GIR's and 8 pars. 1 triple, 2 bogies. New swing thought yesterday-just be one with the club (Grasshopper). Have needed a little more distance on second/approach shots and spent an hour on full swing the day before, changing club face to slightly more closed and reducing takeaway slightly-feels more controlled somehow
  8. uitar9

    Has this ever happened to you? What should I do?

    Excellent. I'm a 20'ish, down from a 24'ish. Gotta constantly keep the expectations under control and enjoy the walk
  9. uitar9

    My Fitting Experience

    My wife and I were recommended a fitter 4 years ago. We were both prepared to buy new clubs (been golfing two years with gifted clubs) Turned out he is old school-some type of flight scope, a couple of manual devices. (You can tell I'm old school). Works out of a local indoor range. 25 years in the biz He spent considerable time with both of us, bent the wife's putter, gave her clubs a thumbs up (apparently the buyer had a good eye) and suggested my clubs were shite. I purchased new clubs and wedges. I Ended up with Golf pride grips, matrix shafts and GI KZG heads. He probably spent 4 or 5 hours with us, all in 4 years later, I have played into those clubs, they feel like a family friend. Last winter had him fit me for a new driver , also KZG (I didn't want knobs to change as I won't use them) The experience was awesome. Between fitting time and delivery time, I had three hours with this guy. I see him regularly at the indoor range in the winter, regularly comes by and checks out my clubs for wear. I"m thinking about a new set next year, my last year of work, take advantage of a pay check and before he retires. Has my golf improved because of the clubs, maybe, but I really enjoy the buying experience better than a box store. Is it expensive, not in my mind.
  10. uitar9

    Good score for beginning

    Enjoy the game and enjoy the walk
  11. uitar9

    Lose Weight

    Try a weight loss app like "lose it". Like Iaacas said "eat fewer calories than you burn" You either eat less, exercise more, or some combination. One thing about an app, it really makes you look at what you are eating. Give up a scone a day (insert your treat of choice) could be a pound a week at 500 calories per piece. 3500 calories is around a pound. or Saying no to any food that is offered to you in the office. Plan ahead, reduce restaurant food.
  12. uitar9

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Trying to improve while I'm playing. Forgetting the last bad shot Forgetting what my handicap is Forgetting to enjoy the walk
  13. uitar9

    The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    Played with folks on Tuesday. I shot a 99, counted everything. My down fall was 6 or 7 skulls. they were pounding balls into the water, trees, skulls and one guy tells us he has shot a 91, with 8 pars. Keeping track of my own handicap really keeps me honest.
  14. uitar9

    A Massive Shortcut to Improving Your Golf

    Thats what I love about this site, the sanctimonious assholes
  15. uitar9

    first set of irons..28 hc

    If you have a chance to get fitted, you'll at least get a set of clubs for your swing type. If you don't, buy used, there is so much good stuff out there

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