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  1. uitar9

    I Thought I Would Be Shooting in the 90s by Now...

    This is my seventh year. There are a few things I try to remember. #1.Enjoy the walk #2. Ignore the other folks-they are thinking the same way you are #3. Ignore your own expectations, they lie to you. It's a humbling game. #4. Forget the last shot As some famous golfer said: hit the ball, go find it, hit it again.
  2. uitar9

    11 Reasons You Stink at Golf

  3. uitar9

    11 Reasons You Stink at Golf

    Regarding that cart: two in a cart doesn't speed up the game. Single carts might. Once that first ball is found, that second persons ball is still waiting to be found/hit. Can be agonizing to watch. Us slow walkers are at our ball waiting.
  4. uitar9

    Stableford Strategy

    Our mens night is a stableford using handicap. Trying to shoot no worse than bogey appears to be the strategy.
  5. uitar9

    The $5 Bucket

    Our mens night fee includes a small bucket. You can refill it as necessary.
  6. I know I'm opening up another can of worms but Is there a part B driver to this feel vs real debate: Ball flight? What are we trying to change when we look through the camera lens: A swing we don't like the look of , because it doesn't meet some ideal in our heads...or ball flight? Which imho is the purpose of the exercise.
  7. uitar9

    Can't Seem To Get Better...

    My 7th year. I'm 65. Shot a 160 and stopped counting. This year have shot a low of 79 and a high of 104. The last two months I've decided to try and keep the expectations under control. I have reached a plateau that I appear to have settled. I just want to enjoy the walk.
  8. Another post suggested you might live in BC. BC Golf https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=BC+Golf+association&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 could be a place to start...or whatever organization covers PGA/CPGA in your zone. There are a number of teaching pros in my community who were Web.com card holders for a while. These folks will give you a lot of great information and possibly hook you up with folks who could become your team. My experience is limited but the few guys I know who are playing monday qualifiers don't do it on their own. Coaching, financing, someone to manage the travel side, caddies(unless the better half cn travel, caddie and plan for you) Enjoy the ride.
  9. Don't know if you have access to local teaching pros...but...go to your local teaching pros and book 30 minutes...They are great folks and will give you their thought and direction... The big but...they are going to tell you the truth...
  10. I play munis. I meet all kinds, most are great. Respectful. Good golfers, high handicaps, like me. There's probably no more than 1 arsehole outa 50. Even the drinkers, the weed smokers, the newbies don't bother me. They have as much right to be out there as I do. Arseholes are everywhere
  11. uitar9

    Why make a full shoulder turn?

    +1..It's probably a "feel vs real" deal, but..lately I have been stopping the arms in the back swing without breaking my wrists. Been stopping the arms once I '"feel" I can't tun more. Been hitting it a little more consistently, straighter..."past that point and it "feels" like the arms, wrists , hands are flapping around.
  12. uitar9

    Putting Tips

    I try to remember: 99% of all putts that are short, won't drop...and us hackers underestimate the break....
  13. uitar9

    How to become successful in golf at 17

    Good job man. Enjoy the walk!
  14. uitar9

    How to become successful in golf at 17

    Was reviewing other younger golfers results-Justin Thomas shot a 65 at one of the Wyndham rounds and made the cut, when he was 16. A friend of mine, a 2-4 hcp gave monday qualifiers a shot, for four consecutive weeks, on the Mackenzie Tour (Canadian PGA). two years ago. Travelled and practiced on the road for a month, four cities, four provinces, all the expenses associated with being on the road for a month. Entry fees. Practice rounds , range costs etc (Had a couple of local sponsors supported him). Had to be in the top 10 for that weeks tour event 4 in a row, shot 72 or 73. Top tens all shot sub par, down to 65's, very Monday. All kinds of competition, ex PGA guys, ex Web guys, up and comers Have you started competing at the local level. How are you doing. Be realistic, Your results will tell you where you are at and drive what you need to do at golf. Get that education. Like Iacas mentioned, maybe its a golf management program. But...you gotta have a dream...You won't know, unless you do. and who know's what you'll find along the way
  15. I spend range time shooting targets with 2 or 3 clubs, 5 balls max per clubI, tend to finish off any range time with 5 balls saved for driver. and with my limited skill set, hit it as hard as I can with no thought to where the ball goes. Just hip turn and swing as hard as I can. That's always one of my practice activities-practice swinging faster

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