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  1. I just have a driver cover. It has a magnetic closure so I attach it to any club it grabs. Then replace after each driver use. Took the putter cover off on day one, threw it away. (As I do with all clubs) It is chipped and beat up, other than the face. Love my old putter
  2. I'm gonna stick with last years activities. Reduce my handicap by 3, from 18 to 15 through: -Better course management. I know, generally, my club distances. I have to remind myself of that fact every time I get to any 185+ obstacle. I won't clear it. (Driver 205 max, with roll). GIR +1 is OK -Stop hitting stupid shots after a bad shot. Have to remind myself, I'll lower my score faster through fewer double and triples, rather that a birdie once a month. -continuing to work on strength and stretching-Been walking , doing pushups, planks, stretching and no ball club swinging
  3. I voted No. It seems to me, an over weight grumpy old hacker, that distance for a large % of golfers is not an issue. The impacted courses appear to be those that house PGA (mini tour) events. They are extremely wealthy and extremely private and if land is available, can expand to what ever length they want. If the USGA and RAA really represent all golfers, they will not make those changes. There is a question tho: are they driven by the majority of golfers or contract revenue.
  4. Did the same. Bought Eye2+ two seasons ago. $100 in a used bin at GC. 5 through W. Just bought them for the nostalgia. No fitting, no thought. Got my own grips put on. Grips were crumbling. Contact just feels so right. Used them exclusively this season. They have replaced a GI set with graphite. And when golfing with strangers, often creates something to chat about. Especially Ping users.
  5. Good to hear you are staying home. You will be saving some ones life. I can't spend time bargaining/debating stats. Real folks are dying and our hospitals are almost unable to help the non covid cases. My individual rights-is to do my part to help the society that has been so good to me.
  6. Maybe see what that fitting suggests. I had one fitting and bought a set of irons and wedges. The actual heads were KZG. Never heard of them but know them now. But the shafts and grips are not (Matrix and Golf Pride.) I know nothing about heads. Nothing about shafts (I think I can tell the difference between Steel and Graphite). But I know how important the right size grips are to me. Since then, I picked up a set of ping eye 2+...early 90's, steel shafts, in a used bin for $100. Got the fitter to put the same golf pride grips on (with the extra roll). Hit them longer, straighter. T
  7. Hip turn-I find if I concentrate on starting the back swing and downswing with my hips, less mechanical things go wrong. Especially on the downswing. It feels (I know, feel ain't real) like my hands and arms drop down and have a clear path through. More in to out. My ball flight is just more consistent.
  8. Throw the sanitizer and mask in every car I drive. Gas pumps; use the sanitizer in the car before I start the car or close the door. Good hand wash once I get to my destination (or more sanitizeder) or home.
  9. I trust your friends have recovered and have no side effects. I decided early on not to get any covid 19 medical info from other than my health authority. So far , my wife and I have not been knowingly infected. We are both over 60 and in reasonable health. We were able to golf this season and felt safe. Our city did a good job of forcing social distance around the clubhouse. Others have not. Numbers are exploding in our city and hospitals are now getting infected to the point its effecting hospital service for our existing needs. 10 deaths a day. Most over 50. Our latest
  10. For me, the bottom changes. I don't play on a perfectly flat surface , like a range mat. The course is rolling terrain. Up hill, down hill, side hill, grass height...effects where the club bottoms, sometimes closer to the lead foot, sometimes closer to the rear foot. I can hit them thin in any position if I don't adjust for that.
  11. I'm 67. I walk and push. I don't listen to music on the course. I get my hour of music daily at home. I don't need the added hassle. Most folks who I am paired with, who do play music, ask if I mind. I always answer no, I don't mind. It's always low. Crazy thing...9 out of 10 times...they stream the late 60's/early 70's hits of my youth. Often I get offered a hit. lol Growing up in my house, my 33 year old son introduced me to everything from Jack Johnson to Lamb of God. We both play music. There isn't much out there that will offend me. I also don't want to be that old curmudgeon w
  12. A 48 Pitching wedge. If its short grass and no obstacles, I'll putt from 5 to 10 feet off the green, Depends on the rough. My wife will putt from 20 yards. She is deadly
  13. I am saving a small fortune (to me) on car maintenance and gas, clothing and lunches. Just heard, no plan to return until at least April. I get two hours a day of commuting time back in my life. Due to MS Teams use by the company, I'm getting my stretching and pushups done throughout the work day. I'm more productive at work., from home. After losing employment, My son and his better half, moved to a smaller community and both obtained full time employment immediately. Folks , stay safe and healthy
  14. I wear progressive transition lens glasses. I normally pick my line from behind the ball, line up and hit my mark. (usually) Never found it to be a problem. But I started golfing years after I started wearing the transitions. Maybe I'm just so used to them
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