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  1. I use a Calloway 7 wood and picked up a cobra f7 9 early last year. I can't hit a 5 iron or 3 wood worth shit. I'll give up the distance for a little more consistency.
  2. No worries-I play 50-70 times per year during our short northern season. I take it seriously. Skill level, frequency of play--nope, doesn't bother me...shit I'm only a 19 Engaged to me means: ...being on time for the first hole...not spending a round fishing for water balls...paying attention to others around them...being reasonably courteous...not treating the round like a night out at the bar...it goes on...thats the extreme of course Did they come out to play golf? I'm not a stickler for golf etiquette and realise golf newbies have no knowledge of that.. I realize it takes all types and the industry needs the dollars...and realize as a single on a muni I get stuck with what I get... Their just not engaged in the golf activity
  3. I play once a week with my wife, once a week with 9 hole mens after work and once a week on my own. Really enjoy my wife's company. We just play, enjoy the game and each others company.. I met one guy at mens that we get along well...we both walk...both show up weekly and are both engaged in the game. There are a couple guys at work who I get out with two or three times and we get along well. Otherwise I play alone, get matched up with strangers and play my own game. For me, I can't stand folks who aren't interested in the game...are more interested in politics or whatever opinions they want to spout off during a round. Over hundreds of muni rounds I've only met a couple of folks that I've been matched up with that are really engaged in the game. One rides a cart alone, chain smokes cigarettes and brings a martini shaker with him. He is great to play with. He's engaged in the game. Another is an older out of work plumber who is a hunter and brings smoked meat (which he's done himself) sandwiches which he shares with all parties and always smokes some weed on the 10th hole. But he's engaged. The other group I like to be paired up with are the hard core lady golfers who are often members in my wife's league and who come out to just play golf. They are engaged.
  4. Get the better half hooked on golf. Now mine plays more than I do.
  5. Yup, I'd take those Vancouver days right now. Its 26 F in Vancouver right now. Unfortunately -21 F in southern Alberta. Three more days forecasted. A bit chilly. Might warm up on Sunday. Haven't touched my fixed 12 degree head in weeks.
  6. They look like those bins you see in used golf club places-those bins of decades old clubs-wedges, irons, real woods-that haven't sold for decades. Priced from $0.50-$5.00. A great deal if you are looking to make a set of clubs for a visitor who wants to play once in their lifetime, or you have a desire to make refinishing old clubs a hobby to fill in your spare time and giving away to kids groups. Yer better off putting the $800 against credit card debt and save 18-24% Most people won't buy this stuff-too much shiny newish stuff out there for cheap. No work involved. For nostalgia I bought a set of ping eye 2's (5-PW) for $100 Canadian. Old clubs but in VG shape and very playable.
  7. There might be a used club shop in your area. Many of those places also buy unused two or three year old sets and will give you enough advice to get you started. We can't buy a good golf game. Most gear from the top manufacturers is perfectly good for us weekend warriors. Instruction, practice, playing rounds will improve your game. ....but shiny clubs will make you feel a whole lot better, lol
  8. Reduce doubles and triples. Examine my misses: striking, shot selection, club selection? etc. I will shoot lower scores with fewer doubles and triples than an extra birdie every 5 rounds.
  9. I improved my score quickly by spending time on putting and chipping. It wasn't until I read LSW that I figured out what these crazy forum guys were talking about. We can all (assuming normal physical condition) improve putting and chipping quickly because it doesn't take as much effort or skill as improving full swing. Improvement happens faster. PGA stats currently have Kevin Na making 20% of 20 foot putts. For most folks, full swing improvement takes longer, more physical effort and skill. That is why the crazy forumites suggest folks should spend more time on full swing , all things being equal. It takes longer for improvement. But, it is important long term improvement-If I can get more GIR's or NGIR's because my approach shots are on the Green in regulation or within 20 yards, I'll have a better chance to score more pars and bogeys. I can be a great putter and chipper but if my first putt on a par four is for 6, my scores are not gonna fall long term That doesn't touch on the importance of course management but that's all in the book
  10. I play as a single whenever my wife decides to pass. Our muni trys to make foursomes and it usually works out. DavePO43 mentioned trying to play the same tees. While I prefer the whites I'll play the blues to fit in. Surprisingly, many strangers I meet prefer the whites. It makes a difference. and often a duo or threesome do not feel comfortable golfing with a stranger. I'll give them two or three holes then ask to join them, not play through. Normally nowhere to go. and I get to chat while waiting for folks ahead of us. That usually works out.
  11. I'm old, OCD and very methodical. Recognize speed of play so make a few decisions to not slow down the strangers I'm often with: -Bring my push cart with me, when looking for a "probably" lost ball. Not walking 50 yards back to a club and another 50 back to the ball (and if I find myself a ways away-drop my hat at the ball so its not lost again) I have a habit of following others ball trajectory and if feasible let them know where it is. If in my walking line to my ball, I will look for others balls. -play ready golf-I usually get to the next tee well ahead of playing partners. I play the whites...I see no point waiting for 20 cappers to hit off the tips, waiting for the green to clear, on a 400 + yard course. I can't stop people who want to play from any tee box and whose shot shape is one or two fairways left or right. -Get there early enough to do what I need to do-I play with guys who are singles , in power carts, who bring a small bar with them, ice , shaker,-drink martini's all round, and never slow down place of play. They are ready to play at start time. -mark my ball or play a color-I know what ball I'm playing-many don't
  12. 66 here. I now believe "bad score excuses" are another form of course management techniques and should be added to your golf notes. You have full permission to use "Age". Its not an excuse, its a reason, when you need it.
  13. I'll driver between 175 and 225 , so 200 is probably my spot. My favourite course is a par 68 with 7 par 3's. The whites are about 5,100. From there I can break 80. Even got a 5 over this season. My wife and I play the whites. On my own , with walk ons, I let the testosterone set in so play wherever that group choose. They usually choose blues or sometimes blacks. That becomes painful. I'll still break 90 but those folks just shouldn't be there. They don't hit driver even my length, and its a painful day watching them loose a dozen balls each. For most of us hackers, Choice of tees seems to be testosterone driven. Score nor risk reward enters the equation
  14. Had a blast of winter. commuting is brutal. -5F/-21C right now. As jetfan1983 says, April is just around the corner.
  15. If its is really beat up, I'll leave it on the ball washer. Otherwise its the water hazard or mystery rough
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