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  1. I'm a 20.9 (right now). I play a 9 hole monday night men's. Its a modified stable ford system. Sometimes I come in the top three for that nights net. I'll pick up a belt thats been in there shop to long, or maybe a 5 year old shirt that hasn't sold. I'll shoot anywhere from 44 to 52 on any given night. The top two guys carry a +2. They win every night's gross. I have no visions of grandeur, no thought I am better than those +2's. But that group lets us all compete , have some fun, meet some nice folks and pick up some trinkets and trash.I only play fund raising tourneys. I think thats where the sandbaggers really shine.
  2. Ours doesn't stop. The season is short enough. Monday past...thunder boomer passed closely by
  3. Wonder if the bash brothers put a little pinch between cheek and gum
  4. Thanks. I'm gonna try that today
  5. Still reading. Just started Shot zone. I'm a lefty, 20 cap , I suppose the oval is opposite for me, and that make s sense for my own play. I may find this out as I read more tonight... but...is there any rule of thumb for which side of tee box to use vs hazards? My ball flight is basically a fade. I generally play the left side of a golf course fairway or left side of a green. Should I start taking that gamble and aim a little more right
  6. First saw this in the 70's-late night beer drinking in old montreal-I think it was the little box--ladies line got long, they started a single line...we all lived...visiting Ireland a few years back, on a bus tour...couple places we visited only had one bathroom. I was spending 12 hours a day with these folks so added another few minutes as a lady took a whiz in the stall next to me, then we washed our hands together...I think it was a Dane Cook skit I saw where he suggested that one of the things we humans all have in common...we will have a painful crap, lol
  7. Got mine last week. Thanks. Early in the book. So far separation value and weight forward have resonated with me ...weight forward...Unconsciously started a slight weight forward shift as a start to my backswing this past weeks and finding I am striking the ball a little more consistently ....SV...I am often 20 yards short on approach but put away those 20 yards due to clubs I think I wasn't striking well. Gonna rethink getting those 20 yards back. Maybe it is the faster back swing. I'm a very laid back person and so is my swing.
  8. I am not a member , I play munis and public. I have played a number of local private places, with members. The perks don't drive me: clean shoes, club storage, minimum monthly spending all the while dealing with the self proclaimed socially elite. Like others have said, I'll change in public places. I even bring my own snacks. I've a family friend who put down her $35M share membership and pays $6M a year for her family. She wanted clean shoes and was willing to pay for it. She is now trying to sell as she feels getting out ten times a year doesn't pay for it I like that comment about frats At the end of the day its your own priorities.
  9. My wife and I use a bushnell watch-front, middle and back. At our hcps, its good enough for ue. usually get two 18 rounds out of a charge As long as you don't mind using a watch its great. We walk so don't need another gizmo to have to find and open No fiddling with a phonie or draining its battery
  10. Our mens night plays at a course near a lot of water. Bugs were bad monday night. They were swarming around me but no bites. I use Muskol. I really use a lot. all exposed skin and my cap. Always wear long pants
  11. Koepka earned just over $7 last year and over $5 so far this year. Plus commercial endorsements and appearance money. Maybe he is that rigid in his thinking. He makes the choice of what equipment he plays. If he's comfortable with his gear, those major exemptions are worth big bucks. If he's comfortable with his gear maybe he does win his 10 plus majors. He seems a guy that has a goal. We all have egos. His might just be majors and maybe he is able to scrape by on $20 or more a year, until his share price really explodes and someone throws $100 at him.
  12. Finally broke down: ordered LSW...just waiting for delivery. Started the recluse series a while back, think I'm on book 16
  13. This is my game. Late last year, I started seeing my HCP creeping up a couple of points. I thought about that and decided to use my informal HCP app just to track the number of rounds I play. I'm out 13 times so far this year and it has decreased by 0.2. Now, all I'm trying to do is to play smarter. I've shot a high of 51 and a low of 39. Probably the range my ability drives. I've come to realize without additional time or more instruction, I am where I am. That thinking has really changed my attitude when I play. Way calmer. I just have to remember to take my medicine. No hero shots...I never make them
  14. I finally learned that I cannot hit a ball through a tree when the ball is up against a tree. Punch it out , take my medicine
  15. Read somewhere that us amateurs tend to hit the club that we hit the longest and that we might instead want to consider (after a tee shot on a par 4 or 5) looking at dividing the remaining distance in half (par 4) to thirds (par 5). If that distance is about our driver distance, consider a shorter club to give you a realistic chance at getting on in GIR +1 and giving your self a higher loft approach. (nothing like sticking a 3 wood approach lol) Trying to hit it further is too much work, I'm sticking with accuracy and moving up a tee box.
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