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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Whenever I am paired with strangers, I take that as an opportunity to tune them out to concentrate on my game. Most often, they are fine folks, just trying to hack the ball around like me
  2. Spent the past week trolling the shelves. Picked up a pair of FJ pro/sl's. Very similar to the last pair, dry joys. Very comfortable. Thanks for all your feedback. I suppose at $1 to 2$ a round, having a pair for 90 to 100 rounds, walking, often in wet conditions, isn't too bad. Plus I never take them out of the trunk, lol
  3. Thanks DBB. Gonna get to golf town, find a model or two that fits well and buy a couple pairs. Hopefully on sale.
  4. I've only had three pairs over the past 6 seasons-first was a pair of foot joy sandals. Felt good but were too hot. Had a pair of contours and now dry joys. Both bought on sale , both breaking down in the front under the ball of my foot, after about 90 rounds over 2 years each, walking 18 in all kinds of weather. What do you folks usually do-buy 2 or three at a time on sale and throw them away after a couple years or buy very expensive. How about forefoot support, especially under the balls of the foot? suggestions? Thanks
  5. Musicians who golf

    I'm both an amateur golfer and amateur musician. The only thing they have in common for me is schlepping gear in and out of a car. Guitar amps are way heavier than golf bags. and I don't have to be polite to customers when I golf.
  6. You gotta love free merchandise.
  7. Listening to K and M on the way home tonight. John mentioned he now plays music while golfing. It drowns out the sound of his drive hitting the ground, LOl
  8. 25 Handicap and struggling all of a sudden

    I'm jealous. Perfect lies on a golf course. I play munis. A large step above goat tracks but I never see a horizontal surface for an hour. and I'm a hacker and my ball does not end up on the perfect lies the often
  9. 25 Handicap and struggling all of a sudden

    For me basics are all I got. One thing that helps me in the set up is the practice swing. I might hit great on the range, but it's a prefect lie, every time. On the course its never a perfect lie.I take a practice swing or two to see where the club bottoms out then I hit, making sure I set up so the club hits the ball first. Otherwise I tend to chunk it. I hate chunking hit.
  10. Golf Snobbery

    I rarely play private clubs. I'm a muni guy. The one thing I have noticed at the private clubs tho: plastic surgery. Often, quite impressive.
  11. My boss is married to a guy who played D1 college golf somewhere in the states. Blew his hips out (familial issue) who was telling me a story last week. One of his non golf buddies phoned him. The buddy had shot a hole in one. The guy asked him what he shot both before and after the hole in one: snowman, snowman. It's a bitch of a game. If you can't hit the ball, even a straight 50 yards, every course your on thells you, you are to slow. How do you improve without playing on a course : you have to go to the range, take lessons etc. You can play pick up baseball with your friends, on almost any field, be as shitty as you want, and still have fun. No wonder so many people start this game and then quit. You have to be: really thick skinned, or have a little bit of skill for it and a lot of patience
  12. Exactly. Hitting the ball down the middle, keeping it in front of me, and breaking 95 is like a couple hits on the slow pitch field or a couple of goals at the shinny game.
  13. This is only my 6th year but have discovered its a damn strange game. If this was baseball, we all wouldn't be trying to play in the bigs. If this was hockey, we wouldn't all be trying to play in the nhl. We'd all just go out with our friends and play the game, laugh about stupid play and then go for beer. Not with golf. Golf, we all want to be scratch golfers, despite the fact it is not a reasonable expectation. Regardless of how much time I play and how many lessons I take, at my age and my bodily physical abilities, I believe I will only play at the level I am at today. I have to accept that and enjoy the game every time I go out.
  14. Indoor golf dome. We hit it once the snow comes and the courses permanently close. To me its pretty much the same as hitting mats outdoors. Other than you get to trudge through the snow at 30 below. and the simulators feel more like real golf in the winter But, we still have about three months of outdoor golf before the snow comes.