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  1. 41+ 43 on our usual par 68 muni. 4 pars, one double. One three putt. Felt pretty good. Haven't been feeling it the past 5 or 6 weeks. Good practice session on Friday, Really tried concentrating on set up. For me, this game is one of repetition: doing the things that work, stopping doing things that don't work: but then falling back into those bad habits. Repeat.
  2. He was a real gentleman-He was 5 years free of colon cancer when we met him, but it came back. He passed last winter. 47 years old, RIP Grant, you touched many lives.
  3. My wife and I were introduced to a local instructor, by a friend of a friend. We took 6 lessons each from him (the wife took a few more). He asked us what our goals were. What we thought we needed to work on. and then he gave us instruction on stance, ball position, grip. He the worked backwards, takeaway, hips , legs, arms. Just broke it down in little steps. He then sent us home, with home work, practicing the things he showed us. We both practiced and are both still golfing. We think, at least passable. The key for us was that he asked us about our goals and how we best learned. I've been in the company of other instructors who just tell people what to do, then tell them they are doing it wrong. I don't know shite from canola on the subject, but perhaps students need to find instructors who teach in a manner in which they learn, then practice, otherwise they don't.
  4. Funny, was thinking about the home depot measurement the other day. We could put those two misconceptions in the same bucket. Seriously, had to take a look at the PGA stats. Average carry distance, 10 guys over 300 yards and 87 guys, 280 yards and higher. That's as at July 9. That doesn't count the 100's who are currently carrying cards on the other various world wide tours. and who are probably really carrying 250. Groucho V. You are probably spot on with that last sentence. I don't see it as s--t disturbing. Just a fact.
  5. I played with two guys yesterday. Both were longish hitters, IMHO. I'm in the 190-210 area. They were anywhere from 20 to 30 yards further. We were all mostly on the fairway. Where I play, I rarely see someone as far as 250, including roll, unless they spend every driver hole looking for a lost ball. Hitting driver is golf to them, not getting the ball in the little hole
  6. Been keeping track the past three rounds. I've seen anywhere from 6 to 11 shots I would call execution errors. Often (I'm a lefty) approach shots, 145-175, into left side hazards, just short of the green, creating doubles and triples. So...do I club down and miss left over the hazard...or club up, and probably miss left on the fairway. Gonna check that out today. Gonna choose club up, avoid the hazards and see how that effects overall score and number of hazards. Putting and chipping from 50 in is fairly deadly. Starting to think improving GIR won't improve my score, until I get rid of the left side hazards. Worse case might be I hit it dead straight, short of the green, middle of the fairway. Could be worse.
  7. Played 18 with a client yesterday. We are always comparing our latest best scores. Played his private course. Very hot. Rode power carts. Played the mens blues, 6400 yards. Shot a 107, he shot a 98. On a positive note, stayed in the confines of the fairway all game, no lost balls. The greens are super fast but the roll is perfect. Left 4 or 5 putts an inch from the hole, and lipped out a couple of others. Couple of chunks but most errant shots came from approach shots. Misses were all left and close to the green. (lefty) Gonna spend a few minutes on the range over lunch and see if I figure that out. While I would have preferred the whites , had a fun day , great weather, great company. Couple of times we hit off the tips by accident. I didn't know the course. We had a good laugh over that.
  8. I like this. I have assumed a 10 yard gap as well and filled gaps with specific degree clubs, not club numbers. 12 degree driver, 16 degree wood, 20 degree hybrid etc. I used nine iron as a starting point as I found a range where someone shot a target for me. It started as only 85-95. I'm old and slow. With a little more experience that has moved out 10 yards. I went up and down 10 yards from 9 iron, up to driver and down to 60 degree. That doesn't handle partial shots, be it with any club, heck I use a hybrid when I am in the jungle just off the green collar. At some point, feel, spatial distance comes into play. Clubs are going to be unique to you but you have to know , even approx., how far a specific club is going to roll to. I'd love to be able to say I hit 7 iron 150. I don't. It's 110-115'ish. I can call it 150 all day long but will always come up short for 150
  9. Gave the breathing a shot yesterday. Deep breath as I walked up to the shot. Deep breath before shooting. Tried to make aim at a larger target when putting. Tried to remember to aim every shot, pick a high target. Managed 13 of 18 fairways, 35 putts. Managed a 85 on our par 68. The breath certainly relaxes. Once the shot decision was made, Tried to just think about the breath.
  10. Started reading Zen Golf this week. After finishing Hogan's secret, this book grabbed me. Any book that gives me a few thoughts to clear my head both before a shot or after a missed shot, is a good thought. Taking a purposeful breath before approaching setup, taking a purposeful breath and then swinging. I can remember that. Now I have to remember to also aim.
  11. On a positive note: I don't have to look at plumber crack: I have quickly gotten over the feeling of people watching me: I get to say hi to way more people.
  12. Sadly, this is the truth. Happily, shiny new things can easily be justified. If you are not married and will take no crap from a significant other, have the money, I'd say buy them...but...get fitted by a real fitter. I'm into my third year use of a set of KZG clubs, put together by a local well respected guy. I haven't been trolling for new shiny things since buying them.
  13. Spent a little time charting FIR, GIR and what number my approach shot was. Discovered, like IACAS is mentioning, my better short game is offsetting my inability to make GIR, often 10-15 yards short. I believe the good news is I don't need huge distance gains. But I have to spend more time on the longer shafts including becoming a little more aggressive. My swing mirrors my laid back attitude.
  14. The beauty of the internet
  15. Just heard about that this morning. Nor sure of my number but over the past two years my informal HCP has dropped from maybe 26 to say 19. But...the difference between my best and worst 18 for two years running has been 30 strokes. This year, so far, the difference is 21 strokes. Somehow I feel this translates to more consistency.