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  1. Was out with a guy and his 19 year old son yesterday. He invited me to play at his private club. It was warm and busy. Early on the back 9, twosomes were getting bunched behind us and 4somes infront of us were slowing us down. He drove himself nuts, worrying about what was going on behind us, when he could do nothing about it. There was no where to go. The club allows folks to play two's or three's. I never turn around. My job is to keep up to the folks in front of me. Your job, if you want to, is to ask me to play through, if you can. We started 5 minutes late. We finished in 4 hours 10 minutes and probably waited 2-3 minutes 5 or 6 times. It was a beautiful day, surrounded by forest and the foothills. Did I mention, I never turn around.
  2. Yup. Music is easy. Its the people that kill the joy. I got lucky. Been with the same group of old farts since 2005. We have no band drama. The bass player , practice space and sound owner, is the musical director. We all try to act as hired guns and let him do the heavy lifting...at least for band direction as he is legally blind and has a heart condition....he loves it and we like the drama free atmosphere.
  3. I'm getting older by the minute (66 and counting) and have had constant lower back aches and pains brought on by life I think. In January started doing planks, pushups and a light stretching routine. Can't get over the difference. The previous back pain from walking 18 has subsided significantly, especially looser feeling in the hips. Still play in a band and the rigours of a three set gig are much less telling on the body. I'm not running marathons but that core strength and stretching sure makes a difference.
  4. Hey man-I can relate..I'm 66 and still playing with a similar age geezer rock band. Also a golfer who wants to always improve. Managed to get that hcp below 20 this year I have a 94 year old friend, she has serious health issues, but gets out her door and walks three times a day sometimes for only 10 minutes at a time. Whenever she sees me she says "I walk like this,,,so I can continue to walk" I'm gonna keep playing with the guys until Jimi or Ronnie take that guitar out of my cold dead hands. I'm gonna keep playing golf until I meet Mr. Palmer. We gotta keep going so that we can keep going. The biggest thing that has helped my quality of life: no more drugs, alcohol or tobacco: and finding a stretching and strength regime that works for me. I gotta keep going...to keep going
  5. Does this mean I have to stop eating meat ...and...stop golfing...to save the planet? It will have to be meat
  6. Seems to me that just having your own expectations met in a relationship...any relationship...isn't a relationship.
  7. I am over 65. I fell into golf 7 years ago. We had no idea her brother and partner were golfers. Move forward 7 years. I play in a mens league once a week. I play golf with my wife once a week. She plays in two ladies leagues weekly. We plan golf trips with my BIL/partner. She also attends church 4 or more times per week. (We even plan the weekend golf around her church activities-I believe I am a druid priest) She is retired, I am not. When I really think about it, other than golf (and the other,lol) we spend only about an hour a day together. Thats often over food-i cook a fair amount. I often listen to my wife discuss the trivia/minutia of what goes on at her church. We have some of her church buddies over for suppers.We've even brought her RC priest golfing a couple of times. Winters its a bowling league for her. It could be a lot worse. We both stopped drinking and drugging. Family members have died from drinking and drugging...some haven't died from it yet. I gotta put things in perspective ...for me...
  8. Golf is a hard game for most of us. Long stick with a metal piece at the end trying to hit a small ball. The trick seems to be to get the club face back to the ball after swinging in the same place you started. Its all about physics. There are thousands of books and online options and they are mostly all different. Like many here will say...find a pro to get you started. We are all bodily different. A good teacher will give you advice for your swing type. That old Ben Hogan book-5 lessons , gives you some fundamentals. It's dated, but much applies
  9. Out on the muni yesterday paired with two friends, one who was golfing for the second time, and another single. He was "that guy" who angrily told the new guy how he was flagrantly breaking all the golf etiquette rules, especially stepping on his green line. on a busy course, the number of people who have stepped on my line...for hours...before I ever got there...unknownst to me...is probably in the 100's... poor guy may never come back...Life is too short....
  10. 41, 40 at the regular par 68. Lost shots to the water and two more due to poor bunker swings. 9 pars, six singles, a triple and two doubles.
  11. No stats here but... -Boomer numbers have to be effecting rounds due to health and passing...in my community there are three residential subdivision golf courses closing or struggling...two public courses have closed. With a very few exceptions, Private courses are all offering "annual tryout deals" and are reassessing share price buy-in...folks can't sell shares so are offering their annual access on kijiji...its gonna take a while before the millennial cohort start effecting golf rounds -mobile computing has to be effecting golf rounds in the same way it has affected or killed many industries. If you have grown up on a screen, many will play golf on a screen. Pay as you go, no weather issues, less time away from family, job, friends and other screen activities...If I had the $$ and house size, I'd have an indoor simulator -and I wonder, going forward, if the climate change issue is also going to somehow create a backlash against golf...water use, chemical use etc...courses may have to do a better job of environmental advertising (recognizing courses probably do a better environmental job than a multi level parking lot i.e. animal safety in cities, water retention) -all this means, as #'rs decline in my area and while my health is still good, I'll continue to easily get my rounds in...the wife and I are probably getting +100 rounds in...we are doing our part
  12. Keeping those PGA stats in mind sure helps keep my expectations in check.
  13. Reading a bit of hogan before going out on monday past. Was thinking about the comment regarding the little finger of the lower hand grasping the knuckle. I tried that. Not sure if I got it the Hogan way but did notice I ended up with both hands locked more closely together. Don't know what that physically changed but ended up hitting all clubs differently...a little more distance...a little straighter...with a little less effort... Managed a few more pars and a couple more GIR's than normal...
  14. Just bought a pair of ecco boom spikeless. 4 rounds in, they are very comfortable. I also use a FJ pro Sl. They are also a great shoe.
  15. Bought and read LSW-really trying to pick that safer shot zone (For me). Its helping reduce those blow up holes.
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