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  1. @Missouri Swede that is a good point that there is actually another PhotoCaddy which has nothing to do with golf. So for others, just make sure the photo is the same as my profile photo on TST.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm excited to announce that PhotoCaddy is finally released. It is available for Android [URL=https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.b24.android.photocaddygolf]here[/URL] and iPhone [URL=https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photocaddy-golf/id911777055?ls=1&mt;=8]here[/URL]. It is available for free today but the price will change to $0.99 this weekend so make sure you get it now. If you do download it, I welcome all comments and suggestions as I will be starting to make improvements now that it is released. Just send me a private message if you have anything to say. For t
  3. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share that PhotoCaddy is nearing completion and will be available in the App Store and Play Store in a couple weeks. We are working at fixing one last bug, and once that is fixed it will go live. I'm very excited to release it into the app stores for people to use. For those of you who aren't familiar with PhotoCaddy, it's an app which allows you to input each round of golf you play including golf course, date, group members, score, and photos, then plots each round on a map. The map displays all of your rounds and allows you to view them later, it’s es
  4. Welcome, looking forward to chatting with you!
  5. I write left handed and play golf left handed. I do tend to do a number of things right handed though. I throw with my right arm, kick with my right foot, and play racquet sports right handed.
  6. Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment, hopefully I get there someday.
  7. PCaddy

    Trophy balls

    I just have a collection of balls from courses I've played. I now wish I kept my first par, birdie, and eagle ball though, I didn't even think to keep the ball when they happened.
  8. I suppose Batman would carry his clubs in his utility belt, but I would still need a spot for my clubs though. Maybe the optimus prime suggestion is more feasible then since there should be lots of room on that cart.
  9. I was watching The Avengers last night and there was a brief part of a scene which showed a golf course in it. It made me think about which super hero I'd most like to golf with. I finally decided on Batman because the bat cart would be really cool to ride in. I googled it and it looks like someone has made one already, I don't see any place for bags though. So which super hero would you most like to golf with?
  10. I'm sure a lot of you will be out on the course this weekend since it is a long weekend for many. I created a leaderboard app last year called The Leaderboard . The app is free to download but normally costs 99 cents to create an event. If anyone is interested in trying it out for free, I'm giving away a bunch of demo codes here . Just go to the link and use the secret code sandtrap . I'm looking to overhaul it over the winter so any feedback would be appreciated, for anything you'd like to see added or changed, just send me a private message. The demo codes only wo
  11. I've always hit my irons well and I hit the ball fairly long so I go with a driver, 3 hybrid, then standard irons 3, 4, 5, etc. I've been struggling with the hybrid though so I only use it on rare occasion, usually opting for my 3 iron instead.
  12. @mknoebel , the app will cost 99 cents. I'm also working on another give away, I'll announce that next week.
  13. Thank you to all of you for the warm welcome. I definitely plan to stick around and chat with you all (and not just about PhotoCaddy or apps)! Thanks for sharing your favourite golf courses too, there was a nice variety listed. I realized I didn’t list my favourite course which is TPC Stonebrae. I’ve only played it once but it was a lot of fun. Congratulations to the free app winners: @davechen @RonTheSavage @David in FL @billchao @Shindig (generously given by @Abu3baid ) I will send the 5 of you the details on how to get your
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