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  1. stealthduffer

    Your First Set of Clubs

    I had a few sets of junior clubs but my first full set were hand me downs from my dad. McGregor Tourney DX2 irons. Sometime in the mid-80's K had the heads restored but Dad wouldn't use them as they were too heavy for him by then. I reshafted them a few years back and will hit them from time to time. Still feel sweet when you get one flush. First driver was a Ram Fastback with aluminum shaft and laminated maple head. Still have it in the basement but won't hit it as I'm afraid that the shaft could be fragile. Nice conversation piece though. Putter was a Hogan Rail which I "liberated" from my brother several years ago and still practice with it. Lots of other bits/pieces as well.
  2. stealthduffer

    Tee box etiquette

    Normally I would only stand in front of or behind someone on the tee box (3 or 9 o'clock relative to their shot). However, some of the more (ahem) senior members of our group need some extra help with locating their drives. For these gents I'll often use the 4 or 5 o'clock position. That can be helpful especially if hitting toward the sun.
  3. stealthduffer

    Anyone wear UV sleeves?

    I started wearing sleeves last year. Live near Atlanta and with summer heat and humidity felt like sunscreen wasn't lasting long before I had sweated it all away. Sleeves add some evaporative cooling as well. Have three pairs now so always have a clean set to wear. I have a wide brim hat but don't really like wearing it. Make sure I put lots of SPF 50 sunscreen on before my round . I need to put more on at the turn but somehow always seem to forget.
  4. stealthduffer

    "Pro" shoots 127 in U.S. Open local qualifying

    C'mon give the guy a break. He was only 58 shots off the lead. Shoot a solid 18 the next day and he's right back in it. Had a buddy tell me about a local "assistant pro" (or was that assistant "pro") who entered a qualifier. Went something like quad, quad, triple and was then asked to leave so he wouldn't distract other players. Can't vouch for truthfulness of the story but have no reason to doubt my buddy either.
  5. stealthduffer

    Have you played golf on Thanksgiving or another holiday?

    Have played on all except Christmas. One caveat is that golf on my wife's birthday or our anniversary has been with my wife or she has played with her group too.
  6. stealthduffer

    R.I.P. Arnold Palmer

    Truly a sad day for the world of golf. RIP Mr. Palmer.
  7. stealthduffer

    Course hole cutting condition/quality

    Our company league plays at a course that, it appears, changes pin locations every week or so. Sometimes it seems that the cup is dramatically smaller than it should be. Putts lip out and roll off pretty frequently. Fortunately my home course has great greens and holes are crisply cut and cups are properly set. We do use the cup liners (the sleeves that extend from the cup itself just below the top of the hole) which I think helps the edges crisp throughout the day.
  8. stealthduffer

    Cycling - disc brakes and tubeless tires

    A few years back I bought a cyclo-cross bike that has disc brakes that I really like. On the other hand the standard brakes on my road bike are fine too. Since I don't race any rules on use of disc brakes don't really matter to me but not hard to see that the edges of the discs could be a hazard in crashes.
  9. stealthduffer

    High School Season starts again.

    I remember Oak Brook - my wife and I used to golf there sometimes. Also played at The Hills in Lebanon last spring when we were up for Easter. Congrats to your #1 on her ace! Two (at least) by that age is pretty awesome.
  10. stealthduffer

    High School Season starts again.

    Good luck to you on your season Coach. Wondering what your home course is. Used to live in Collinsville and still have a lot of in-laws in Lebanon. Always looking for new places to play up that way.
  11. stealthduffer

    Most Number of Pars in a Round

    When I got done I told my buddy that it was nine straight (all none holes on the back) and he said that it was 11 because I'd parred 8 and 9. I said that, either way it was fun and he admitted that it was fun just to watch.
  12. stealthduffer

    The vintage movement

    My first "real" irons were McGregor Tourney Dx2's that were hand me downs from my father. I got them around 1973 or so and he must have gotten them in early to mid 60's. They sat in the basement for a lot of years and sometime in the mid-80's I had the heads redone for my dad. By then they were too heavy for him to use so they sat around again until 2015 when I reshafted them. Have since used them on occasion and they feel great when you get one in the sweet spot. Problem is that the sweet spot is pretty small. Found a set of McGregor woods at Goodwill for $2 each that I paired with them. They are newer vintage with aluminum inserts which seems to hold up better with the modern balls. Don't use them a lot though since I'm worried about shaft integrity.
  13. stealthduffer

    Most Number of Pars in a Round

    My best would be 14 or 15. But my favorite was finishing with 11 straight for a 77. Boring but in the best way.
  14. stealthduffer

    How are your courses fairing with the heat?

    Our course north of Atlanta was looking a little rough a month ago but some regular afternoon showers has it looking in good shape. Played yesterday and rough was thick and lush (er, so I heard from friends) and the greens are wonderful. Aeration was 5 or 6 weeks ago and they are now back in peak condition. As long as we keep getting the afternoon rains we should be good.
  15. stealthduffer

    That One Shot???

    Lots of shots that I could pick from but a few recent favorites. My buddy and I won our club Member/Member the other week and I hit some quality shots. The first was a 12 foot for birdie when our opponent had put his shot inside 2 feet. Also hit a tee shot on a par three to 8 feet when my opponent was inside 6 feet. When I sank the birdie putt it turned his into a must make. Kudos to him for making but he walked away with a half when he must ve been thinking sure thing after his tee shot. Favorite two were on the last 2 holes of the shoot out partly because there was a decent size crowd around us. After my buddy crushed his drive on the 4th (of 5) shootout hole I was able to throw the approach to 6 feet or so. He made the birdie putt (shootout is alternating shot) to move us to the final hole. We were on the par 5 in three with our opponents making bogey. My buddy left the first putt about 6 feet below the hole so I needed to make for the win. Never felt in doubt and rolled it right in.

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