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  1. Ball back with driver??

    Just to add. People that hit low drivers, i.e. worm burners I see do 2 things, they tend to stand up at impact, which causes them to move forward causing them to hit down and usually the club face is before the bottom of the arc, and or they try to get their weight forward, to get more power, and the ball winds up way behind their head, and body. Watch any pro, or good player hit driver, notice the relation of their body and head position to the ball, it's always behind the ball, although the hips may slide in front of the ball. When staying behind the ball, you have a better chance to hit Up on it. This is where a video comes in real handy.
  2. Driving Range Closed

    Nope, did not see the Farmers..On a side note. At the range tonight, there was a boy and his dad hitting balls, got to talking with the Dad, he shows me this vid on his phone of Bubba giving his Son his golf ball..yes, it was on TV..he also got a signed pic with Bubba and the Dad..Pretty cool I thought, and so did his Dad.
  3. Driving Range Closed

    They were for us..The poles by the way are, or were the size of telephone poles, and they broke off about 10-12' above ground, iirc, there were 8 of them and all 8 broke.
  4. Driving Range Closed

    During the very high winds we had a few weeks ago, actually broke the wooded 50' poles that held the safety nets up, total devastation, it looked like a hurricane hit the place..Why they used all wood is kinda foolish, metal holds up much better, but then we don't get 65 mph winds that often. Now, I have to drive 12 miles to next nearest range..meh. Once we get our new pup trained, I'll be playing more and driving less. Did any other range, or course suffer major damage in So. Cali..?
  5. Well, this has been a year to Forget

    Thanks fellas...Hey, how are you guys doing..? I feel like I'm on a new site..will take some getting use to, but I like it..
  6. Man, what is with D.J..? He just can't seem to keep a lead when he has it..
  7. I'm pulling for D.J..
  8. Well, this has been a year to Forget

    Thanks guys..David, it was an easy decision to replace the 695's, as much as I liked them, the pw, 9 and 8 irons were pretty beat up, plus I was losing distance, hence the change. Some of my 695's are still in good cond..if anyone is interested..If I hadn't bought the AP 1's for a super deal, I would have gone with te AP 2's. I'm loving the Aeroburner drive too..
  9. What hybrid(s) do you use?

    I traded my Taylormade RBZ stage 2 22* hybrid for a 22* Adams tight lie hybrid. So easy to hit, I get a wee bit more distance with it too.I like the look at address, it's a smaller club head, and gets the ball up in the air higher than my old RBZ.
  10. Won't bore y'all with the details, but medical, dental, and personal issues kinda got in the way of everything these past 6 months or so. The good news is, I fell 100% better, we have a new dog, and I have a new bag, and clubs, although some not brand new, but new to me. I retired my Titleist CB 695's, and got some AP 1 714's with the XP 95 shaft in R .I now have a Tight lies 22 hybrid, and a new Taylormade Aroburner driver 10.5 in reg flex, and last a Taylormade Spiderbalde 12 putter. Finally got back to the range and am hitting some decent shots, although I still hit the crummy ones too..lol Next, I have to say I'm sorry for not being on much, but that will change, I look forward to seeing all the old folks on here from before. I also would like to take this opportunity to Thank, whoever stepped up for my Supporter fees..If it was you, Thank You..and I would like to reimburse you, if I can. Hope everyone is doing well..
  11. 2015 The Players Championship DiscussionThread

    So...the nay Sayers in that stupid mag where they said Rickie Fowler was over rated...Humble pie is what those guys got... Big Congratz to Rickie for the Win..I'm sure many more will come his way..

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