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  1. Hi, I live in Hong Kong and getting to a golf course or range isn't always convenient (and can be expensive ). For lessons i need to take a one hour train trip to Shenzhen, China and because of this i can't go every week. I'd like to set-up a simulator at home to help me practice my swing (and for a bit of fun). I am interested in something that gives accurate feedback and that could help me improve my game. I have looked at a few threads but most are a couple of years old. Curious about current simulator options. Budget of maybe 1-1.5k USD (excluding projector costs etc). Thank you all
  2. No yet. Inserts are being shipped from US to hk. Hopefully arriving next week
  3. I'll give those a go. I'm gripping the clubs less tightly now. So perhaps this could save an expensive upgrade. On a positive note. My wife was out shopping and just bought me an early birthday present she found on special. A Titleist 910d2 (10.5), 910f(15) and 910h(21). I really don't deserve these but how can i resist such a lovely gift. (Though they all have different shafts types-all regular flex but ilima kalil and bassara ). Best of all. She is interested in learning to play also. You are all very kind. Hopefully i can contribute meaningfully one day
  4. Thanks for your responses Mr. Desmond . Just one more question. Since i like my clubs and have no problems other than jarring - are there other options? Absorbent grips, special gloves etc?
  5. Thanks everyone. It seems i do need to switch to graphite. I am a guitarist and really want to protect my hands. There are mizuno fitters in hk so i'll seek advice on whether they can fit new shafts or if i should get new irons (and keep the 800s for friends to use). It is a bit ironic. In buying the 800s i bought clubs that were better than i deserved. I thought i wouldn't need to upgrade for a while and could sink future $ into lessons. I'll stick with mizuno though. The clubs are really nice. Thanks again
  6. Hi folks, I recently started playing and bought a set of jpx 800 irons with steel shafts. As i lived in China at the time i bought them online from the US because they were cheaper. I started practicing and ended up with tendonitis. I have just got full movement back in my hand. My doctor has oked me playing golf again but recommended i get graphite shafts because there is less jarring. I'll move to Hong Kong soon. Does it make sense to change the shafts on my current clubs? If so ~any tips? Any advice is really appreciated
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