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  1. That appears to be about how you go about it. Some golf shops offer a "anti-rattle" kit, that's a foam of sorts to stop this. You'll have to read up on the instructions, I've not done one myself. http://www.golfsmith.com/products/82...r_1_oz_Package
  2. Before you cut them down, put a piece of tape on there to act as a reminder to choke up. Some folks prefer this anyhow (Anthony Kim is one that comes quickly to mind) When you do cut them down, using a hacksaw is a tough way to go. A tubing cutter (with a wheel for cutting steel tubing) does a good job, so does a chop saw, or a die grinder with a cutoff wheel. Be sure to buy new grips, or wait until you need new ones before cutting away, they'll pretty well get ruined in getting them off (I don't even try to save them, I just cut off grips)
  3. It should really make for some exciting tournaments. Admittedly, I don't watch much European tour golf, even when it's aired, simply because I don't recognize many of the players. I'll tune in to more of them this next season though. Dubai's on my wish list for amazing places to visit before I die. It's absolutely gorgeous.
  4. Look at used offerings, you may really find a good score. Also, ask if the price marked is final; often they can adjust pricing on used clubs (especially if you're a good customer to them) The new Cleveland putters are supposed to be in that range, aside from that, I don't know of any off hand in that price range new. Check and see what all they stock, and hit them all. It should be fun to go and hit a bunch of new putters, to find the one that fits you, and your game, the best.
  5. Count me in. I love surprises! *be sure to include your return address on the package too.
  6. I've got an impact panel net at home, and after looking around for quite a while, I just wouldn't be happy with any of the fiberglass pole jobs that are offered at the golf and sporting goods stores. I ordered from http://www.brunsonnet.com/index.cfm?...category_id=70 They're super nice folks, and build a super quality product that will last for many years of hard use and weather. For my practice screen, a mat and the hardware to hang it, I've got about the same $ invested as what I would have spent for just a practice net from the sporting goods stores. For pics of my setup: ht
  7. Interestingly, the two worst courses I played were both located near a trailer park (
  8. Here's one idea how: Get your company associated with AGC or ABC. Sign up or volunteer to work on one of their golf committees that organizes golf tournaments. You'll make contacts galore. (they may call it a social or fundraising committee)
  9. I say go for it! Start listening to bluegrass music if you want to hear some of the best uke and mandolin players out there.
  10. I lost all respect for Nashville when they started pimping a bunch of poofs with frosted hair wearing turtlenecks as country artists. Give me Max Stalling, 1100 Springs, CCR, Daril Dodd, Hank III (plus Assjack, I still love punk too), Robert Earl Keen, Shooter Jennings, Randy Rogers, Brian Burns, Ray Wylie Hubbard and the rest of their ilk any day.
  11. I stock up on balls once or twice a season, so sometimes there's 3-4 dozen in there, and others there's only 3-4.
  12. You're a madman!!! I'm jelous. That's a lot of cool stuff that the Santa in the brown truck's gonna be delivering to your place!
  13. OK - here we go: #905 - shows how I set my bag and mat #907 - shows the bungee that I use to help absorb some shock, and keep the net just taut enough that the ball doesn't whack the shed, but loose enough that the ball doesn't bounce back to me. #908 - these are the stakes I use. It takes 5 to set it up the way I have it now. 2 for the bungees on the sides, and three across the front.
  14. Here ya go (more pics in following post, with some explanation): #902 - shows my setup #903 - shows my mat. It's this one: http://www.golfsmith.com/products/29...9;_Hitting_Mat #904 - shows how I hang my net. Simple, cheap, weatherproof, and effective. I can take down the net in just a few minutes with standing on a 4 foot ladder.
  15. Hee hee, maybe. Interestingly, BOTL wasn't cut out, just the vendors. Here ya go, cheap cigars that don't suck: http://www.jrcigars.com/index.cfm?pa...rand=CONSUEGRA Stick with the natural, the maduro isn't quite as smooth. http://www.jrcigars.com/index.cfm?pa...itemcode=JRAFS These are a awfully darn good alternative (clone?) of the Arturo Fuente Hemingway. I've had them a number of times, and continue to order them when I can. http://www.jrcigars.com/index.cfm?pa...temcode=JRUPSW I've had the real deal *wink, wink, but I've been told from a couple of buddies that t
  16. Hang tight. I'll toss something out at ya this evening, IT blocked tobacco sites this week... We're going to have a talk about that.
  17. Can't go wrong with any of the Tat's. The LaRiqueza's are pretty darned decent too. (I've not had nearly as many La Riqueza cigars) For the Tat's, I definitely prefer the brown label, in a ~6" x 45-50 ring gauge (Regios size, 5-1/2" x 50. The Noellas size is very popular, because it is near a traditional Cuban cigar size) The Cabaiguan isn't my favorite, but it is a decent stick, for a little less cash than the others. BTW - that's a very cool deal that they're offering, if you can swing the cost of a box, that's a lot of cool stuff to get for FREE, and the Black Labels, you can only
  18. I got mine from Brunson Netting (extremely nice folks, BTW) The rumor is, that I can tear up an anvil, with a rubber mallet; so I wanted something sturdier than the flimsy one's I found at the golf and sporting goods stores. I ordered a screen (flat net) and hung it from the rafters on the side of my shed. I picked up a mat from Golfsmith, and I can smash balls until I fall over dead. A few stainless eye bolts, and some aluminum snap link carabiners and it's easy to take down when I want to also. http://www.brunsonnet.com/index.cfm?...category_id=70 I ordered my net in a heavier H
  19. I'll leave the wetland birds to y'all. I want no part of it. I don't like being cold, and cold while wet is an even worse idea. (yup, I've got a heater in my blind, and I'm in Texas. I'd never make it up north, although I could tough it out for a elk hunt)
  20. There's no telling why someone would have removed the ground. I've seen some pretty wacky stuff that doesn't make a lick of sense like that before. Remember, nobody realized, or gave a flip about grounds until the late 80's when electronics really became a part of our culture, and the importance was finally realized. I'm not sure of the soil conditions, but if you suspect that the old ground rod is crummy, go ahead and drive a new one, I use 5/8" x 96", and sink it all the way, burying the acorn connector. If it's rocky, you can get creative with putting it in the ground. (I've had to hir
  21. I would love to get out for a few more rounds of sporting clays before dove season opens. (in a little over a week ) We've got some promising looking bucks coming in on the game cameras. I need another long weekend to get out to the farm to help Dad finish his new deer blind. He's been mowing like crazy, we got a lot of late season rain, and all of the underbrush is so stinkin thick you couldn't see 50 yards in any direction, some of the roads were even grown up that much.
  22. Which one did you have? (they make loads of tasty smokes) http://www.ashtoncigar.com/index.jsp
  23. It sounds like you're describing an old Edison style fuse panel. As far as hooking up the ground goes, be careful. There's not much room in there for any 'oops' on your part. Yes, you do need to establish a ground. A ground rod is one way of doing this, tying into the steel in the slab is another, as well as bonding to a metal water line. If you're not a sparky, I'll echo the concerns of the others, and advise her to call in a local electrician. Look at Angie's List for good recommendations if you don't know one off hand. - Gummi (master electrician)
  24. If you're liking the Edge Lite, lay hands on an Edge Sumatra. It's by and large the best offering in the Edge line, IMO. A fine smoke, and it even made the Cigar Afficionado 2007 Top 25 (#24)
  25. I wash mine after every round, or session at the range. No need in the back yard, I hit off a mat. They get the full treatment, soap and water, scrub from grip to toe, rinse and dry. I usually wind up washing my wife's and daughter's at the same time.
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