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  1. What Are Your 2014 Golf Goals? Official Thread

    1. I've done fairly well with this. I can hit a draw or a fade pretty consistently when I want to, and had 10 GIR just a few weeks ago. 2. Most of the time, I've been smarter. Sometimes I have a lapse in judgment, but I'm generally planning around my misses and laying up instead of going for everything(especially when it's probably out of range anyway). Not going to count the 3w I topped TWICE instead of laying up and near-guaranteeing a birdie chance. 3. I think I only had a handful of rounds that weren't in the 80's this year. A few of those rounds didn't break 100, though. So, I'm pretty happy with how I've played this year. I'm hoping to break 80 in the next few weeks, or at least before it gets too cold.
  2. Crazy golf stories!

    Yeah, that would have been fine. I didn't see it as asking for trouble, since it was a slow day and if we had split into two groups we would have held more people up instead of just allowing them to play through, which we did whenever we saw someone coming up behind us. I think we had let 3 groups through in the first 4 holes, and then didn't have anyone behind us until that incident. I'm glad no one was hit or hurt, especially the kids, but there's no sense in hitting balls at anyone like they did. No plans to do that again, though. It wasn't all that much fun. lol.
  3. How to clean a club?

    Yeah, I meant the "ghosts". Most of them wipe away with a damp cloth, but some of them don't. Well, they don't easily, at least. I noticed that ones that I can't remove will disappear after I use the club and wipe it down a day or so later. Some remain faint for a while.
  4. Your opinion of Clone Clubs

    I recently got some Gigagolf irons, woods, and 56* wedge. I really like the wedge. Until I play an actual round, I'm not sure, but the irons seem more accurate, and the woods seem pretty good. Of course, my comparison is to 15 year old Wilson Staff irons, and cheap woods. Like others have said, price and customization options were my primary reasons for getting them. I'd love to have OEM clubs set up for me, but I don't have the funds. I got all of those clubs the way I wanted for just over $300, with a nice free bag.
  5. What Are Your 2014 Golf Goals? Official Thread

    1. Hit more consistent shots. 2. Play smarter. 3. Consistently shoot in the 80's.
  6. Club Slip

    Another idea: maybe you need new grips for your clubs?
  7. How to clean a club?

    How do you get rid of ball marks? Saw the post about ball marks on top of woods, but I mean the face. lol.
  8. Hitting most shots off the heel

    I was looking for posts about hitting off the heel and found this thread and a few others. I just started hitting my new clubs yesterday and could easily see the ball marks on them. I hit every club on the heel. My irons weren't too bad, but still too much towards the heel. Woods and driver were pretty terrible. So, I saw a post/s that said to try standing further away, which I had tried. What I hadn't tried was what another post/s said, which was to try standing closer. I hit 10 drives trying this, and 6-7 of them were in the center, 2 off the heel, and the other 2-3 were just off center a bit towards the toe. The off-center hits were mainly due to losing my balance. I hit pretty consistent little push-draws and straight-draws, otherwise. They were within 20 yards or less of each other, as well. It's too wet to really do anything with my irons or woods, but it definitely helped my driver.
  9. Experiences of a New Golfer

    Well, if you do end up looking for a ball OB and see there's someone waiting on the tees behind you, you can always just wave them through while you look. I wouldn't worry about how fast you play. If you're playing relatively slowly, and feel that someone behind you is faster, you can always let them play through.
  10. Crazy golf stories!

    Earlier this year, six of us played a 9 hole course, including my young cousin and his friend(both 13). We had cleared it with the people in the clubhouse and allowed anyone close to us to play through. We were playing best ball, and moving along faster than if we had split into two groups. We let anyone behind us go by, and didn't hold anyone up. We didn't have anyone behind us for quite a while, but as we were finishing putting on the short 7th hole's green, someone hits a ball that bounces and hits one of our carts. It bounced on up into the cart where I was sitting. I thought about throwing the damn thing into the pond nearby, but decided I'd just drop it there, that maybe he'd made a mistake and not seen us/thought he could hit that far. No, another ball gets hit nearby. Group of 4 guys at the tee. We made some sort of motion towards them, and then finished the hole and went on without the other two in their group hitting. So, we finished the 8th hole no problem, and hit our drives on the 9th(the group behind was in the 8th fairway and had a long second shot and cart trip to get to the green). The wife of one in our group came with his 5 year old daughter and was with us as we played the last hole. We've all hit our second shots to the green, except one, and there comes another ball hit right at us. Needless to say, we weren't happy, but especially not the father of the girl. We're up around the green when the group behind drive up and two of them start mouthing off at us. "It's against the rules of golf to play with 6 people". Yeah, it's probably against the rules to wear cut off t-shirts, boots, and hit balls at people, too. Anyway, there was a bit of an argument with those two and the father of the girl. They didn't even finish the last hole and waited for us in the parking lot. They just stood there in the parking lot watching us while we loaded up our clubs. Nothing ended up happening, but I was sure there would be a fight. Dumbest thing I've ever seen while golfing. It's one thing if we made them wait a long time, but we really didn't. They hit as soon as they got on the tees, and acted like we were holding them up all day, rather than briefly for two holes.
  11. This might sound weird, but try chewing gum. I noticed that I hit much better shots on the course when I'm chewing gum. If I try to hit it too hard, I tend to tense up and clench my jaw a bit. If I'm chewing gum, I stay a lot more relaxed and swing more free. So, try that and see if it helps. It certainly can't hurt, and won't put any additional thoughts into your head. No offense to anyone that has posted swing thoughts, but in my opinion, thinking over the ball is the worst thing you can do. Think about what you're going to do before you get over the ball, take a practice swing, and then just hit it.
  12. Swing Help - Shanks

    I had the shanks earlier this year for a time. A friend recommended weakening my grip. Since then, I haven't shanked it at all. As for why I was shanking it to begin with, I don't know. I know it happened when my arms seemed to swing too far away from my body. I also got them, and probably still would, if I tried to alter my swing path to draw a ball. I was trying to swing in-to-out more and exaggerating it a bit, most likely. I have a dead straight ball flight with my irons, but wanted to try learning to shape the ball a bit. I mostly gave up doing so after that, and just make adjustments to the clubface and aim now, instead of messing with my swing path.
  13. I hate getting paired up with "that guy"

    Wrong you are. The one time that I had a "that guy" deal, it was a middle-aged lady who I had to wait on most of my round. After I was done and loading up my clubs, she and her friend were nearby and started talking to me about my round. Now, she didn't see any part of my round, but I told her, as she had asked, that I hit the ball pretty inconsistent that day and didn't play very well. She proceeded to tell me that men are bad because they try to hit it too hard. I watched her play the whole round. She didn't try to hit it too hard, but hit ground balls more often than not. Anyway, she kept giving me advice for at least 5-10 minutes without me really saying anything. Seeing me swing and telling me I got off balance from trying to hit it too hard, or something along those lines, is one thing; Not seeing me swing at all, then telling me that my whole problem is trying to kill it, is quite another.