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  1. I unfortunately didn't have the surgery so can't help there but did suffer from severe sciatic pain for about a year and a half. It was brutal. I was treated with meds until I got it under control. I gradually pulled off the meds and can function well without anything now. But still not 100%. If your pain is anywhere close to as bad as mine was... surgery is a smart decision. A couple of months away from golf is better than the agony. Best of luck!
  2. We are in a similar situation in Atlantic Canada. The snow is melting quickly, but it will be at least 3 weeks until we're golfing in the cities. A couple of courses are open about 2 and a half hours away. Not sure I'll make the drive though.
  3. It will be mid-end of May at best. Courses in Nova Scotia usually open in March-April, so definitely behind schedule.
  4. Took this picture in Moncton, NB last week. I live about two hours away from here in Halifax where it's bad too. Too much snow!!
  5. I am having a good winter segment. Wish I had been playing Draft Kings for money too!
  6. Our snowbanks are still 6 feet tall.
  7. I always find the WGC events challenging too. Smaller fields... all big names.
  8. That looks perfect. Booking my ticket now!
  9. We're getting more snow today.. really want it to end. Maybe I'll move to BC where I can golf year round.
  10. Sorry to hear about your father's health. Wishing him a speedy recovery! Have you tried the online classifieds? Not sure which one would be best in this case. Posting on TST is a good start.
  11. I'm not having a great week either. A few big names surprised us.
  12. Golf Channel just reported that Azinger wasn't interested in doing it either. He recommended DL3.
  13. A bit of a low blow from Scobee in my opinion. As a professional athlete, he should know not to poke at somebody during a slump.
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