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  1. Kuchar is getting better though. He is starting to look more put together. It used to be really bad.
  2. Thanks @boogielicious ! We had fun with it.
  3. Shoot! I was coming here to post this. We actually did a quiz as well. Feel free to participate to see if you got the same guy! http://foursum.com/otd/which-pga-tour-pro-are-you/
  4. I was talking about Rory but Tiger is a good example as well! Not feeling either one right now.
  5. I'm not liking the shirts they're putting him in at all. I have noticed that he has looked pretty bad the last couple of tournaments (maybe it's the secret?)
  6. Her Twitter account is pretty funny. She was definitely trying to get his attention (and is still trying).
  7. Haha, her face is pretty too.. @mvmac .
  8. Definitely! I also found it tough to walk the golf course for a week and not take a single swing, haha.
  9. No idea! I thought they all had caddies. They should have.
  10. He worked it both left and right depending on the situation. What impressed me most was how he would draw or fade iron shots into greens.. and spin them towards the hole. It wasn't a ton of movement, but it was noticeable. He is a very good putter. He is incredible from 6 feet and in. I think he might have missed one all week. He made a few 20+ footers as well. Made it look easy!
  11. No problem at all! He hasn't asked me to caddie any more. He has a full time guy he regularly travels with. He had an family event and had to miss that week though. No complaints here! Absolutely. Those guys are GOOD. Love it! I was secretly hoping he would! I am batting 1.000 after all. I don't think there are official contractual agreements but can't say for sure. I told him that I was going to write about my experiences and he was cool with it. He was a great guy. Thanks! He's a wicked player. So mentally strong.
  12. My guy won! It was such an awesome experience. I wrote a long blog post about my experience that I'd love to share. There are a lot of pictures and videos embedded though, so it would be hard to copy and paste. If it's ok with the mods, I will include a link: http://foursum.com/otd/caddie-experience-web-com-tour/ If you guys ever have the opportunity to caddie for a pro golfer.. do it!
  13. Thanks, @David in FL , and everybody for commenting. This story really touched us at Foursum. Many of us are young and know how tough it can be going through school (especially as golfers). We wanted to do something big for Spencer. The attention the story has received has really surprised us.
  14. I am hoping TST can help me out! I am looking to find out what courses a number of PGA Tour members call home. If you know how I can most easily find this info, or if you know where any of them are members, please post in here! Thanks a bunch.
  15. I will keep my mouth shut then. Thanks! Feel free to DM me if you have suggestions or feedback.
  16. The OWGR calculator takes over this week. He'll be moving into the top spot. I feel like it would be more satisfying with Tiger playing, though.
  17. Hoping DeLaet breaks through this week!
  18. Entered. Thanks @David in FL !
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