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  1. I can't find many places selling the combo set but many retailers offer a price match guarantee. Good value sites I have used are online golf, 118golf, direct golf etc. Maybe see if these sites can match the price of eurozone if you feel uneasy about ordering from eurozone.
  2. This site looks pretty legitimate but doesn't seem particularly cheap to me. Which items were you Looking for exactly? I may be able to suggest other better value sites for you to look at
  3. Lee Westwood to win, Paul Casey will miss the cut unfortunately.
  4. Fairway woods are usually heavier than driver shafts but it's up to you. I play the aldila wasabi shaft, it is 60g in my driver and 70g in my 3 wood
  5. Does this hybrid go further than other hybrids with the same loft due to the longer shaft? I am thinking of getting one to replace my 909h 17 degree but if it is too long it will hit too close to my 3 wood and there will be too much of a gap to my next hybrid
  6. Be sure to try out what Adams have to offer, they make hybrids for all levels of golfer. I recently got the original idea pro (peanut shape) hybrids and they are outstanding.
  7. I have just put my 004 model on ebay. It is a good looking club and feels great but I found it hard to judge distance and wasn't making any putts with it. My last round I switched back to my red x and it felt so natural, I made some putts with it too. After that round I knew the method just wasn't for me. I think part of the reason it didn't work was due to the blade style head, I need a longer alignment line like you get on a mallet to help me line up correctly.
  8. Yes they are the original idea pro's with the satin finish. I actually got them for £99 due to a 20% sale this week, I can't wait to swing them, just wondering if they will knock my VR split cavities and 909h's out of the bag. I just got my first ever adams club last week, a fast 10 3 wood. Apart from a lack of feedback I really like it, it's working great for me so far.
  9. Has any body played these? I wasn't really looking for new irons but found some pre owned for just £125 so thought what the hell. I'm really looking forward to trying these out, I have been wanting to try the black gold shafts for a while now as well as the idea pro hybrids.
  10. I really like the tour d, it is a really good ball all round but the tour is probably the shortest ball I have ever hit with my driver, it just spins so much. I have just played a few holes with the 2011 vapor speed and was impressed, it has a great feel good distance and very good control around the green. Probably the best mid sector ball I have played, it's certainly up there with the NXT tour.
  11. I bought a Nike Method putter a few weeks ago, had my eye on one for a long time but I just couldn't get used to it. I played a few rounds with it but couldn't make any putts or control distance very well. My last round I went back to my red x and it just felt so natural. The Method is now on ebay. It's a nice putter with a really nice feel but it just didn't suit my stroke.
  12. I am going to switch from playing premium balls to a 2 piece to gain more distance with my irons (see if the extra distance is worth the sacrifice in green side control) for a trial period. What do you recommend? I am thinking of the NXT, Burner or PD long?
  13. It was about 9*F today, the z-stars stopped within a few feet and the nxt rolled out maybe 10 feet more. I can understand the 2 piece balls going further but not sooo much further, and why not with the driver too? I am going to do some more testing tomorrow.
  14. I normally play a premium ball (z star or tour D) but found a TM burner and Titleist nxt extreme on the course today. I was just practicing on my own so I was hitting a few balls at a time. I discovered that the premium and 2 piece balls hit the same distance off my driver but the 2 piece balls were hitting up to 20 yards longer with my mid irons. 20 YARDS!!!! I was hitting 2 z-stars against the TM and NXT (obviously, I only counted the balls which were hit consistently). They were 20 yards longer with my 7 and 8 iron and 10-15 longer with my 9 and PW. Has anybody else experienced this?
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