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  1. You're welcome Chuck... And thanks again to all that participated!
  2. I hope our service helps create many this year, but I will personally create one myself for sure! Count me in.
  3. TSTers, I am pleased to announce that the winner has been chosen and replied to our inquiry to claim his prize late last night. Your winner is TeamRoper60 who hails from Troy, MO. Congratulations! Thank you all again for entering. This contest has yielded some great and insignful reviews that other golfers can use to make better informed decisions about who to see to help them with their games. Thanks again, and please help us spread the word about our service to others who you know can contribute to it, and benefit from it.
  4. Dirtfrmr, While you missed the window on the Bertha contest, please head over to our site and post a review of Dave there. Our next reviewer drawing features an Orange whip and a Dead Aim putter as key prizes.
  5. Thanks so much for the great response so far. Only a week away from the drawing. I just wanted to let you guys know that I have several folks who set up their reviewer account but did not post a review of a pro. Per the rules you must review your instructor to be entered. If you are affected you will receive an e-mail from us today informing you that your entry is not complete. I am posting this in case some ST members don't check those e-mail accounts regularly. Good luck to everyone in the contest and thanks for your support!
  6. Thanks for stopping by the booth. We met lots of great people this weekend and hopefully this will help lead to some of that needed critical mass in NJ. We appreciate the support and feedback.
  7. Ringworld, just click the link above create a reviewer account and post a review of one of your past instructors and you will be entered. if you don't see your pro in the search results click "add a pro" and you can add them and review them at the same time. It's no typo. Big Bertha Alpha has the extra level of adjustability (The Gravity Core) and as a result is the higher priced model at $499. Sorry Matt, not enough coffee this morning!
  8. Thanks Matt not just for the reviews but for the great context you put into the comments as that is so important for the golfers that search for Pros. Good luck in the drawing! Very sorry that we can't offer this outside the US. I know that happens a lot. Our business isn't global at this point but Canada is our logical next move. Hopefully later this summer. Thanks for your interest though, Tmac20 (and now EJ)
  9. Nowhere near as technically savvy as you guys, but I recently had the chance to hit both BB and BB Alpha at a demo day held at my local golf academy here in NJ. I could not believe how much better my not so stellar strikes felt and then travelled. Was very impressed with both, but I really liked the Alpha...
  10. This is great advice. The more active role you take in your lessons by trying to understand what works and doesn't for you from a learning perspective the better off you will be. You should have high expectations of a coach/instructor and expect them to work with you on a learning and practice plan to reach your goals. With many instructors you may need to ask for help in creating a plan. If you don't have any goals for your game you need to start right there... As our database of reviews grows we will be able to help you move from just asking your friends (better golfer or not) abou
  11. No question, but the folks who aren't on the top 100 lists (even if they are awesome) are not exactly rolling in the dough, and may not have experience with such things or know who to go to. Its why there are about 5 companies out there trying to become the "website builder" for all golf pro's presence.
  12. All, I'm researching a blog post I am working on for the RMGP site. The first time I saw a pro I didn't ask him anything before agreeing to take lessons. The second time I asked one or 2 questions. Now I think I'd ask even more. Did you interview your pro? What did you want to know first? And did your Pro resist answering any questions you may have had?
  13. I don't know BJ? I have a really hard time believing lessons aren't the way to go TO start hitting the ball consistently. If I was learning this game from scratch my first step would be a few lessons to learn the basic movements that I need to make, and have interactive help from a real pro to help me FEEL them so I could have a chance of making consistent contact. Then I would go off and practice like crazy till I got good at it. I can't see starting from scratch on my own and am only modestly more confident that the myriad of on-line help would be a great place to start either. But that'
  14. Thanks Chris. I'm sorry you have not had good individual instruction experiences but maybe you just didn't find the right teacher. It raises a good point about ReviewMyGolfPro.com though. Many people think all we want to see are good reviews. What we want is the truth about any individual's experience with a given golf pro, the good and the not so good, so this may be the one time where if you don't have something nice to say, well, say it anyway. If you want to remain anonymous all you have to do is pick a user ID that won't identify you. So if you are so inclined we'd love to have you r
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