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  1. My driver is typically 225-240, 3 wood is usually 210-220, 3 hybrid is a consistent 200 club. Starting with the 4 iron (TaylorMde Burner Plus) I hit 180 and each club going down to the gap wedge is a 10 yd gap. Full 54 degree wedge is 65-70 and full 58 degree wedge is 50-55 yds.
  2. This is what I did to fix my slice that I just worked out a few weeks ago. 1) I put the ball slightly forward in my stance. 2) Slight shaft lean forward. 3) After I address the ball I take a deep breath and exhale before bringing the club back. 4) I bring the club low and slow straight back keeping my arms straight until my arms and body turn in unison and a lighter grip pressure. Feet must be flat on the ground and not let them roll over in either direction (this is hard to correct without alot of practice) 5) As I rotate back I let my right leg straighten o
  3. Here goes: Driver : 230 3W : 215 3H : 200 4H : 190 5H : 180 6I : 165 7I : 155 8I : 145 9I : 135 PW : 120 AW : 105 54* : 90 58* : 75 P : Various lengths in sets of 3 per hole.
  4. You may want to try www.ironfinder.com , they show pics and years of manufacture for alot of sets and you can search by manufacturer. Plus you can purchase sets or single clubs if needed.
  5. An older gentleman I have been working with about a year suggested I use my knees to start the rotation slowly while keeping the "V" and the when the knees go as far as they can then pull the right arm back into position and keep the left shoulder pointing at the ball and get the right shoulder under the chin on the downswing. When it is done right the ball has a beautiful flight and a slight draw to it. Once I got this method down I knocked about 8 strokes off of my handicap this past year.
  6. Over the last 3 years I have played with several different models of golf balls and here is what I discovered: Callaway - Haven't had any problems with any model I have used. Titleist - ProV1 - Excellent / ProV1x - Lost distance and feel from the ProV1 / NXT Tour - Same performance as ProV1 TaylorMade - Didn't like any model I have used, for the record my entire club selection in my bag is TaylorMade Nike - Love the One RZN, I won a dozen at an outing and proceeded to shot my best scores over the next month and a half. Bridgestone - Used the B330 series for
  7. At the end of 2012 I was sitting at a 24 handicap based on my league scores. With some help from a gentleman at the local practice facility over the winter and early spring I am now down to 17.7. As the previous poster stated the initial drop is the easiest as you are hitting woods and irons better. The real test as I am finding out is in the short game from 100 yds in. During the summer I was practicing chipping, pitching and putting a minimum 3 hours a week and still didn't get to where I wanted to be. The run down to 10 or even single digits will be the hardest part. If you can find a local
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