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  1. Key Stats? Woods and Oosthuizen topped the Total Driving category across all 3 of their triumphs. Expanding on this point Lee Westwood, Paul Casey, Henrik Stenson and Rory McIlroy finished in the places in 2010 so it follows that all 4 of these excellent drivers still rank highly in the PGA Tour Total Driving stats 5 years later.
  2. In-truth this is one of the most open, and most anticipated US Open's for a long while. These conditions are sure to play to the strengths of some European Tour regulars.
  3. Just a couple of comments: 1) World Match Play tiring Rory McIlroy - Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood in 2012 made it into the weekend's action at Dove Mountain (McIlroy finished runner up, Westwood finished 4th), flying east and contending for victory at PGA National the week after. Rory won the Honda Classic, with Lee Westwood finishing 4th. He's got previous! 2) A 5th Major Championship - I totally agree. We could do with another Major outside of the US. China makes the most sense. Hopefully the field strength would remain as high.
  4. Thanks for the information. The course looks very unique in it's layout. An old quarry I believe, and the youngest course to host a US Open since Hazletine in 1970.
  5. I'd have thought that FedEx would have something to say about it. 4 weeks intense coverage becomes...........a few days. Not sure the Marketing Director would like the idea.
  6. Any view on why they are so bad? It looked to me that the Orlando part of Florida had received quite a lot of rain from the turn of the year.
  7. How can a guy who has won the US Open, PGA Championship and Open Championship by the age of 25 be overrated? He has weaknesses, but so do all professional sports people. It's going to be fascinating this week to see if he can cope with the really high winds and fast opening 36 hole conditions at PGA National this week.
  8. Love these behind the scenes views. Thanks JetFan. Although he ultimately couldn't convert (again) Sergio impressed last week in his first US start of 2015.
  9. How does Kikuyu differ from say Perennial Rye or Bermuda when it comes to the fairways and rough?
  10. Q. Did you this about going for it at all? J.B. HOLMES: I thought about it, but it was on a, if it would have been five yards shorter or three or four yards longer, it was really on a down slope to the hole and it was just a lie that my tendency is to hit it a little bit further and hit a draw and long and left is dead. If you hit something over the green there, it's not really an easy up-and-down. It's not really the best access to the pin. The best lay up is to lay up and hit a wedge. I had the same thing again, I would lay up. I had the wind and that and you can't ask for much more tha
  11. Robert Allenby. How could it not be?
  12. Yes I concur, I'd like to see Tiger get a solid tournament under his belt. Will be fascinating to see how he performs across the rest of the PGA Tour schedule.
  13. The European team already looks impressive on paper; but there will be chinks in the armour. G-Mac not playing well up till now and we can add Poulter, Westwood and Donald to that list. Could be a case of them peaking for later in the season; that's if they all make the team.
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