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  1. I'm expressing an opinion and putting out there discussion points by saying what could be the causes... by no means I'm stating laws in here that need to be vetted ... How are all you guys replies to my posts adding any value, by just saying u have no proof, no data, and such...
  2. So you're telling me that when you think of Nike for golf only related quipment or clothing, you don't think of Tiger? Also, being a fan is one thing (i'm not), understanding and recognising that is the greatest golfer of the past 2 decades is something different (my position)
  3. correct... and that's prob why this country is going through a hard time: we outsourced all the manufacturing!
  4. oh, and how is it a blind statement?!? Pretty clear how those players' game went down from where they were before: (Rory could barely make cuts, Casey is a ghost, Watney didn't do much...) adjustment period? probably, but it's not good publicity for Nike IMO when players paid so much to switch then don't perform
  5. I didn't just say Tiger, but puposely said Nike fans and haters as well... which in my opinion is hard pretty much the same as saying Tiger when talking about golf...
  6. 1. Nike is fairly new company to golf compared to the others 2. Nike made it through the golf world because of the amount of money spent endorsing Tiger and fitting everything for his game and his needs (and rightfully after what they put in him) 3. Nike overpays his players: Rory contract is something to be ashamed of. These players then all of the sudden do not perform on the golf course as good as before: a. They are getting paid too much money b. Nike selects players who have no mental game and cannot perform. c. Nike focuses all his efforts on Tiger only Now, on all the bashing you guys gave me for my commets, why don''t you relax? This thread was meant to be an instigation to see who is a Nike supporter and who's not, who is a Tiger fan and who is not. We ALL very well know that the clubs have nothing to do with Tiger since he dictates exactly how his clubs need to be (see commercial from a few yrs back of Tiger in the "oven")
  7. Rule #5 is a must in this time of the year after 2 minutes of search... Lately due to lots of rain and less maintenance on the course due to bad weather we've been playing lift, clean and place (also in rough areas). Bunkers can be raked to get some fluff and place the ball on since they are too packed and frozen
  8. What I am saying is Nike (as a company) and not necessarily clubs. So far, aside from Tiger, a lot of growing talented players endorsed by Nike fell off the wagon. Is it the clubs, is it the ton of money they pay the players, is it whatever: Nike is the common ground.
  9. I usually talk to hit when I hit a too pure of an approach shot and ask her to sit, cause i know i just bombed it 10 yds past...
  10. Mefree post just made my day... thanks for the laugh and the absolute stupidity of people... (not that surprised)
  11. with that said I do believe that Nike equipment is not as good as others... see Rory, Watney, Casey, Dyson...
  12. That's it... it's the pressure of performing and being consistently in the spot light for any and every move, word, look he does... The expectation of greatness at all time that he created in the past decades is what he's battling against...
  13. Welcome Marv! New member here as well but really enjoying the comments and people!
  14. 48*, 52*, 56* or 60* for the 60-80 depending on how i'm trying to play the shot. One thing I learnt though is to never hit wedges full (and for that matter not even the irons) so the difficulty in hitting the 3/4 or 1/2 swing is not there for me... I'm actually trying to focus on hitting all my wedges with a lower trajectory to avoid balooning: still a WIP and not that easy to achieve for me but when executed correctly is a great shot.
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