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  1. I bought a set right after they were released. I had previously tried them in my local shop. I have had every Ping iron set known to man along with most other brands so I've hit a bunch of sticks. I really like the new look. The finish is not a plating like the i20/25 had - it's a brushed SS finish and should prove to be more durable. I opted for DG S300 shafts it's an old favorite of mine. KBS is great but not offered. Not a Project X fan. I have a high ball flight anyway so it helps a little (although to be honest I don't really see a huge difference in height) to have the DG shafts. My impr
  2. I have used a ten finger grip ( not a baseball grip) for 30 years. I'm 61 and carry a 12 mostly due to a spotty short game. I have tried like many others Vardon or interlock but it just feels like it's not as solid a connection. My first pro many years ago told me my grip was fine and if it ain't broke don't fix it. So can you break 80 with a ten finger grip? Yep. I have done it several times.
  3. I guess the same reason that Home Depot or Lowes hires people who are clueless about whatever department they are working in. I swear, go in and ask the guy if they have any left handed wrench sets and he'll actually go ask somebody !! I personally have had pretty good luck with Edwin Watts or the PGA superstore in Atlanta.
  4. The Eye 2 + irons were arguably one of the best and longest lived iron sets ever produced. Many low handicappers even kept them in play all through the 80s and 90s. I still occasionally see a set in a bag now and then. They are still very playable irons though not as technically advanced as anything from the last 15-20 years. The lofts are on the weak side compared to the sets these days. Nowadays you get 45 degree pitching wedges in most sets. Matching serial numbers are important if you ever want to sell - or if you want to keep them as a collection. Also the ZZ lite shafts were preferred
  5. Recently tried the new Callaway Super Soft. I really like the feel a lot. For me the driver distance was very good and the feel off my Wilson FG V2 forged irons is great. I really like the soft impact off the putter too. I use an old Ping Anser 2 - no insert. For $18.99 at my local golf shop they are probably going to be my new everyday balls.
  6. Well, I guess that's why they make a bajillion different golf balls . I have been playing since the old balata days so I guess that dates me... For me personally, (older feller, 14 HC) these are my findings: Best cheap ball - Nike PD Soft (green box) $15 Best mid range ball - Nike Vapor Black or Titleist Velocity $24 Better mid range ball - Titleist NXT Tour $ 30 Best premium ball - Titleist ProV1 $48 Best cheap wind ball - Top Flite (the cheap 15 for $12 t Walmart ones) they are kinda hard but they don't spin much so pretty good into a 30 knot headwi
  7. Try the Titleist Velocity or the Nike Vapor Black. Both are about the same price point and in my experience both good performers for the $$. If you don't want to spend the extra on premium balls, these are pretty good choices.
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