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  1. Kinda funny, the group was having an email discussion about our quota game this morning, and it turns out that the person to whom I have been been referring, and who corrected my scoring at the end of the round yesterday, giving him the point that he needed to win, admitted that he made an error, and my scoring was correct, and that he had made it even with the other two winners.
  2. I used to run an ongoing Quota game for this group, and they bugged me to start it up again. I did yesterday. Guess who I got paired with? Guess who beat his target? Guess who did not? When you live in area that is 99% politically-incorrect Old Farts, and you like to play golf, and you don't like to play alone, like so much in life, it is what it is. In my 70 years I have learned that the -------s are not in power for long. The pendulum swings. 👽
  3. I found reason not to play with that group (about a dozen guys) the rest of last season, but this year they have been bugging me to play with them. Guess they want my dollars. Last week I did and had a great time. Yesterday, the offender was back from his European vacation, and was telling offensive political jokes on the putting clock before we even went out. Then, in a fitting irony, it was Captain's pick day, and we wound up in the same 3-some. He started as we were standing on the first tee, "See anyone in that big group of candidates that you like?" I did not want to spend the next three hours (we play quickly), so put an end to it as best I could. "Yeah, anyone of them." It's a shame he just doesn't get it, but he's got that reputation.
  4. The Winter of '12-'13, I supervised and trained the outside staff at a semi-private club in SW FL. Every Thursday at 3:00 they played a 9-hole quota game, which I like playing. Of course, they did not know me, so there was an element of trust. I told them what my handicap was, around 18 at the time. Then I shot 39, and won the entire pot. So much for my credibility!!!!
  5. I bought a set of used Square Two irons at Hilton Head a long time ago. Since then I have been replacing them, one-by-one, with mostly stuff from lost and found, or demos, since I work at a golf course. I take clubs to the range and hit them, then take them out a couple rounds, before I replace one in my bag. So, when someone asks if I hit a particular brand, say Titelist, or Callaway, or Cleveland, or Nike, or Square Two . . . I normally answer yes.
  6. I get an email from them and nearby Kissimmee Bay almost every day, with specials, if anyone's interested.
  7. After a round a couple of Autumns, I asked my old guys if anyone would be interested in going to/coming to Florida that Winter, and play TPC Sawgrass. I got delegated to set it up. The greens fee was over $500, and then you chose your 'Level of Service", at an additional charge. Let's face it . . . to play one hole. We didn't do it.
  8. Good luck with that . . . but it makes me happy my older brother does not play golf. 🤣
  9. I meant who set off the dynamite. 😎
  10. Hmmmm! Bill Murray. 😎
  11. Like a lot of people, I knocked around a golf ball, sandlot style, just like I knocked around a baseball, or shot hoops, growing up. Golf got serious when it was the alternative to Track as a Spring sport in high school. I made that decision after the first (indoor) track meet. It POed the football coach, but I lettered in golf three years. If I stayed in track, I still probably would not have finished the 440.
  12. One of my most memorable days was in league at the country club about ten years ago. The game was a two-some game, and I was paired with a really nice, older, seriously-ailing guy, now deceased. The other 2-some in our group was two really nice older guys, one of them also now deceased. I can picture it like it just happened, but on our second shot on the 9th hole, my partner played the other 2-some's ball. My partner did not know it, but the other three of us did. The other 2-some motioned to me to just forget about it, finish the hole, and not make my partner feel bad about it. At lunch, when the places were announced, we took the last paying one, one stroke over the 2-some we had played with. My partner was tickled, and I made a motion/look to the other 2-some, to take our place. They motioned back No, just let it be. Those are the things the stick with me.
  13. Cartboy

    Pace Problem

    My 11th year at this course starts in 2 weeks.
  14. Cartboy

    Pace Problem

    Y'all will be happy to know that pace is not much of a problem any more. We just pretty much ignore it. 😎
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