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  1. It's your "private" forum, and you pay the bills, so you have the right to control content. That's the way Internet forums have always worked. Everyone go golf, stay safe. 😷
  2. I guess if one needs to choose how they wish to put themselves at risk during a nationwide pandemic, playing golf sure is a lot better than going to WalMart or Home Depot or a pool party at LOTO. Yes, my thoughts are part of "Is Golf Available Where You Live." People are pretty much welcome to do what they want to do now that things are re-opening, but a reminder from just one person that there is still some risk involved probably won't be enough to keep golfers from golfing, but it needs to be said, just for balance. Like I've already said, this is the first time in 14 years t
  3. By Associated Press, Wire Service Content May 23, 2020, at 3:22 PM Western Montana Virus Outbreak Tied to Luxury Golf Club An outbreak of COVID-19 in western Montana is tied to an exclusive golf and country club developed by financial executive Charles Schwab. - - - - - -KATU News requested and received records from Portland's Parks & Recreation Department and discovered that from March 1 through April 6, 2019, there were 23,089 rounds of golf played at its five municipal courses. During that same time period this year, from March 1 through April 6, 2020, Portland Parks Golf sa
  4. As to the question at hand, "Is Golf Available Where You Live?" from a course operator's point of view, my GM said this to me on March 24: We are closed as of today. (Course Superintendant) and I are the only ones left and we are tasked with keeping the golf course alive until we re-open. This really sucks but I’m glad to still have a job. I just feel really bad for everyone that had to be laid off. Are you still in FL? It has since reopened, but is not very busy. This is the first time in 13 years that I am not back working by March or April. So, not working and not
  5. I very seldom fail to find the answer for something like that if I google it. Normally I find a video that steps me through it. I just replaced the power window actuator in our Escalade and the water level indicator in our washer. A similar thing was when I disconnected the rear air shocks on the Escalade, to find out how to disable the warning. I did that on our old Yukon, too. I just google stuff, google-search the parts, and fix what's broken. The answer to just about everything is a click away.
  6. "Coronavirus started spreading in the U.S. in January, CDC says"
  7. That was at the SW FL course I had just played the week before, when it was business as usual, no noodles and no precautions.
  8. Glad to see there's a sense of humor among us. That's hard to come by lately. 😷
  9. generally speaking 😷 Yeah, thanks, I've been getting help with my formatting. I take it you understood what I was saying. 😷 (I normally smile when I talk/post, but you can't see that through my mask.) 😷
  10. Concerning COVID, unquestionably there is a difference of opinion between those who have been affected, who have the virus themselves or someone close to them does, because they did not take precautions themselves, or are around people who did not take precautions, or are health care or frontline workers, and those who have not gotten the virus.
  11. Whether it contributed to the pandemic or not, I am going with what I witnessed and what has been determined to be true. During the very-busy Snowbird Season, and when a pandemic was well underway, it was business as usual at Florida golf courses, with no precautions being taken. Y'all have a nice day, and get at least one birdie.
  12. That's March 1, a time when the spread was well underway in Palm Beach, an area that became a hotspot, and has since re-emerged as a hotspot. If they had known then what we know now, that scene might have looked at lot different, if at all. - - - - - - Palm Beach: Florida on Monday night removed data from the Department of Health website that showed 171 patients had coronavirus symptoms or positive test results in January and February, before any cases were announced to the public Coronavirus Florida: Patients in Florida had symptoms as early as
  13. The good news is that golfing now is no more dangerous than going to WalMart or Home Depot. The bad news is that golfing now is no more dangerous than going to WalMart or Home Depot. 😷
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