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  1. Cartboy

    Pace Problem

    and, speaking of walking, we don't allow it, but right in the middle of our full-tee-sheet morning yesterday, a guy showed up with his three sons. (My 3 sons?) None of the boys were old enough to have a driver's license, so they could only take one cart, and two of the boys had to walk. In addition to that being a pace problem, the turn does not come back to the clubhouse. It is along walk back. So, I showed him how to . . . if and only if there is no one on 15 that they would be cutting in front of . . . play 16, 17 and 18, and be back.
  2. Cartboy

    Pace Problem

    Yes. When the tee sheet is full, 100% of the groups behind the slow group are slow groups. 😁
  3. Cartboy

    Pace Problem

    We carry tablets, and can show them the tee sheet for any day, and book them while we're talking to them.
  4. Cartboy

    Pace Problem

    Yes, there is no easy fix. No one likes slow play and no one likes to be told they're playing slow. Everyone now is an internet critic, too. I like the idea of spending time with the people behind the slow group, and offering them another round at a discount. Happy golfers and more revenue. It's pretty much a thankless job, but we'll to be out there trying. I've been trying at this course for 11 years. We are in a touristy, golf-junket destination with a decent selection of top-notch courses. 3 of the top 6 courses in the state, plus some decent lesser ones. GM/Pro said the 5-tee-time-with-a-slow-group group got a big discount, and he'll remember them. A few more weeks and it's Winter in FL for me. 😁
  5. Cartboy

    Pace Problem

    All of these slow-play stories sound the same The other day we had a full tee sheet, with five 4-somes of golf-junket guys starting it off. Our course is situated so that we can see the 8th fairway (kinda a 2-hour marker) from the club house. So, I told the GM I would keep an eye on that, as well as being the starter. Well, their first group was right where they were supposed to be, the ninth tee, but their second group was on the sixth green. I politely advised them and they agreed to speed up and they said they would catch up with their first group. Going on, to smooth things over with the groups behind them, a member group said the beverage cart girl said the slow group had been abusive to her. Incidentally, the slow group was the youngest, most athletic, most fit of the five groups. Next time around, the slow group was one hole further behind, on a 5:15-5:30 pace. I called our GM/Pro for advice, which was to go to their first group (three holes ahead) and ask them what they wanted done. They said to tell them to skip hole(s) to catch up. They said that group is always a problem. As the slow group came to the 12th tee, I stopped them and told them to skip that hole, and then catch up with their first group after that. Of course, "no one was pushing them . . . they were playing a match . . . blah, blah, blah." I told them this wasn't my idea, this was their group's idea. Skip this hole, and then pick up pace. "No, we'll just speed up." "You said that last time, and now you're a hole further behind. Skip this hole or don't skip this hole, that's up to you . . . you've been told what to do. I can't imagine how taking more than five hours to play a round of golf is fun for that group or anyone behind them." They were the 8:10 tee time, and when I left at 1:00, they were on the 18th green . . . and the GM/Pro thanked me for getting them under 5 hours. So, just this week both the GM/Pro and I have been told to FO, literally or figuratively. There's no easy fix. Slow golfers are slow golfers, and they all have their excuses. Those who think there's an easy fix to slow play probably haven't had to deal with slow play other than to bitch about it.
  6. Cartboy


  7. Cartboy

    Pace Problem

    My swing/grip/etc. was so unorthodox that I have always been afraid that would happen. I never wanted anyone to try to fix it. Then, a couple years ago an older guy I play with suggested something very do-able when we were on the range. Starting with the high school golf team, I've been playing for 55 year, and my ghin-dex has dropped five in the last two. I was a regular 90-95 and my last two rounds were 83.
  8. Cartboy

    Pace Problem

    I dunno . . . I can shoot 100 in three hours pretty easy. 😀 After 13 years in this business, I've decided we can ruminate all we want, and do whatever we think will help, and slow golfers will always play slow and fast golfers will always play fast. Everyone I play with the first time says at least once during the round, "You sure play fast." I always answer, "Yeah, normally everyone is still talking when I hit." If everyone's shut up. I know I took to long.
  9. Cartboy

    Pace Problem

    My lack of presence here in this thread (that I started) should suggest that generally-speaking, pace is not as much of a problem at our very-challenging-for-a-tourist-area course. Our course is really too much of a course for many/most "resort" golfers. But . . . last week another course sent us a bunch of very-slow ---holes, retired cops if that matters. Our GM/PGA Pro is the most diplomatic person I've met in my 50 years of golf, and he did his best to coax them along, with a full tee sheet of golfers behind them, bitching and moaning about slow play. Every cart went out that day . . . lots of golfers. He was about ready to call the cops on the cops, because they told him to f-off, they paid their money and they would do whatever they wanted. Our GM/Pro told the beverage cart to not stop for them any more, and he worked the rest of the golfers behind them, offering rain checks or whatever it would take to avoid negative reviews on the Internet (since everyone, everywhere is now a critic of everything). One couple just gave up on 11, and told him they had to leave, probably for a timeshare tour 😎. He wound up booking them for rounds on two more days while they were here, at discounts, not rain checks. While we were bringing up carts yesterday morning, he and the Pro were talking about what they can do about slow groups because a slow, 3-tee time group was scheduled for their third day. They were going to talk to therm about playing a faster game. (and that group did!!!!) We've been booked pretty full recently with older golf-junket groups, and he was out there marshaling early, and I was putting eyes on groups for him when I was on the course, during gaps on the tee sheet, after 11:00 AM, and things were moving pretty well. When the tee sheet is full, asking slow groups to let faster groups play through is not a realistic option. Play faster or leave are. I don't think there is an answer for groups that play in 3 hours when the tee sheet is full and you have groups that play in 3 hours and groups that play in 5 hours. Well, other than to play at a lesser course that isn't busy.
  10. Kinda funny, the group was having an email discussion about our quota game this morning, and it turns out that the person to whom I have been been referring, and who corrected my scoring at the end of the round yesterday, giving him the point that he needed to win, admitted that he made an error, and my scoring was correct, and that he had made it even with the other two winners.
  11. I used to run an ongoing Quota game for this group, and they bugged me to start it up again. I did yesterday. Guess who I got paired with? Guess who beat his target? Guess who did not? When you live in area that is 99% politically-incorrect Old Farts, and you like to play golf, and you don't like to play alone, like so much in life, it is what it is. In my 70 years I have learned that the -------s are not in power for long. The pendulum swings. 👽
  12. I found reason not to play with that group (about a dozen guys) the rest of last season, but this year they have been bugging me to play with them. Guess they want my dollars. Last week I did and had a great time. Yesterday, the offender was back from his European vacation, and was telling offensive political jokes on the putting clock before we even went out. Then, in a fitting irony, it was Captain's pick day, and we wound up in the same 3-some. He started as we were standing on the first tee, "See anyone in that big group of candidates that you like?" I did not want to spend the next three hours (we play quickly), so put an end to it as best I could. "Yeah, anyone of them." It's a shame he just doesn't get it, but he's got that reputation.
  13. The Winter of '12-'13, I supervised and trained the outside staff at a semi-private club in SW FL. Every Thursday at 3:00 they played a 9-hole quota game, which I like playing. Of course, they did not know me, so there was an element of trust. I told them what my handicap was, around 18 at the time. Then I shot 39, and won the entire pot. So much for my credibility!!!!
  14. I bought a set of used Square Two irons at Hilton Head a long time ago. Since then I have been replacing them, one-by-one, with mostly stuff from lost and found, or demos, since I work at a golf course. I take clubs to the range and hit them, then take them out a couple rounds, before I replace one in my bag. So, when someone asks if I hit a particular brand, say Titelist, or Callaway, or Cleveland, or Nike, or Square Two . . . I normally answer yes.
  15. I get an email from them and nearby Kissimmee Bay almost every day, with specials, if anyone's interested.
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