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  1. I have ten, although I normally rotate through about four of them. Three are Etonics which I find especially comfortable. I have a couple older pairs of addidas, although the Tour 360 Tour II's I picked up this year are my current favorite. I also have a couple pairs of FootJoy Classics I've never bothered to break in and two pairs of eComfort Footjoys which I think are one of the better bargains out there. The eComforts are certainly the most comfortable shoes I have, although they just don't provide the firm support I prefer when swinging. I'm due for a purge and will probably jettison the o
  2. Actually CG031... I haven't played the track, but I've heard it's reputation. It's a tough course and breaking 100 was a good round. Congratulations... even though I'm sure the number stings. Good you bounced back with a better number so quickly.
  3. Wow. Did you pick the wrong forum to post such idiocy. You are what's killing golf in this country. Re-read your post. Does it not ooze selfishness? Why yes, it does. Congratulations. You are the protypical American golfer on public courses. I am thrilled you have posted your opinion because you are exactly the bane of all other golfers, golf course owners, and golf as a sport. Golf and golf courses are dying because most people aren't as lucky as you to have the time to waste an entire day trying to play a round of golf. You must be either so rich or so poor that your time is worthless. And
  4. I've been in the media biz for a long, long time. Mostly video. Given what I know about visuals, I think these pics are remarkable. Erik... I know you weren't fishing for praise. But you really, really did well here. Starting with the technical quality... you nailed it. Unbelievable color rendition and sharpness. Many of the photos are exemplary teaching examples. To be honest, thesandtrap.com has some of the best file pictures of the Memorial that exist. Good job. No. Great job.
  5. Winder/Scott: It is insignificant. Here's what Frank Thomas, former USGA Technical Director, has to say: "Originally, the USGA proposed a standard on MOI of 4,800 gm. cm ² (see http://www.franklygolf.com/Speak/moi.asp for a simple explanation of MOI), but soon modified this after the manufacturers suggested that it was inappropriate. The USGA explained its quick change of mind by saying that it was based on input from the manufacturers, and that going from 4,800 gm. cm ² to 6,000 gm. cm ² “doesn’t mean anything in real terms.” Studies have shown that the USGA’s statement is correct, th
  6. Any answer would be purely a guess. There are too many factors and differences between the Burner and Sumo2 to rely on loft alone as a comparative measure of potential differences. My advice is demo both lofts and see what you get. Or get to a launch monitor and see what's going on.
  7. Timely thread. After 3 weeks with the SuperQuad, I today traded it for a 9.5 Burner, stiff. Played with a demo yesterday on my home course and was flying it past where the Quad and another un-named driver had finished up. The longer, lighter shaft requires less of a hit and more of a swing. For me, that's good. Plus the sound is much more solid than the Cobras and world's better than the ridiculous sound the Sumo's make. I think the Burner is going to turn out to be the driver hit of the season. It's that good.
  8. Cool. And given your sig with Bubba in it, you gotta play Architects. It is a bomber's paradise. But you sure have to hit some good irons and putt like you mean it.
  9. I think I heard one commentator say that the lush conditions were the result of new grass. I can't imagine what that is supposed to mean except maybe that it's too young to roll or mow as closely as they would like. Still, from watching the event this week, I would have to say their multi-million dollar re-do to get firm and fast was pretty much a failure.
  10. This thread is very sad for me. I started playing golf before Palmer. For me, the idol was Hogan. And that only because I wasn't alive for Byron Nelson's career. I've watched and played and written about this game for nearly half a century. So here's what I think: Those here who acknowledge Arnold Palmer are right on the money. Whomever made up this poll is so ignorant or misinformed or, worse yet, young and unknowning, that I can't bear to vote. How could one possibly leave off the correct answer? Prior to Arnold, golf was a game of the country club. People like my father learned and fel
  11. I think I have to agree with Erik - and Tiger. Because it presents so few options and because, yes, the wind can be as much a luck factor as a skill factor. Is it fun to watch the best players in the world get dry-mouthed facing this hole? Yes. Is it appropriate for an event which aspires to major status? No. Unless the re-do at Sawgrass changes things dramatically, I don't consider the course a major-caliber venue. If Augusta is the Louve, Sawgrass is Disney World. Tom Weiskopf said playing there was like being in a pinball machine. There's only so much "tilt" you can apply before luck ta
  12. Fun, interesting question. Left front - cash in a heavy silver money clip; right front - two zero friction tees and a couple of quarters; left rear - Boy Scout ball and glove when not donned; right rear (when walking) - scorecard and pencil Watch, wallet, and keys go in the "valuables pocket" in my bag.
  13. I so swear! Slow play is killing the game. We need everyone to help save it!
  14. I picked up one last weekend. It was a demo day and I hit a whole bunch of drivers from Titleist, Cobra, Ping, Callaway, and Nike before I got to the SuperQuad. Here's what I think: Just as solid but noticably more forgiving than the original R7 I once had. Great sound - best of all the clubs I hit. The stock shaft is something special. I intended to buy a driver with an Aldila VS proto shaft. I tried a couple and it was close to what I wanted. But the RE*AX shaft was even better for me. I actually switched from a stiff Fujikura Tour Platform to a regular in the RE*AX. Actually, there was
  15. I can't speak from experience with the new finish, but I'm guessing it isn't "no maintenance" but rather "lower maintenance" than the 06 model. I prefer the new finish if for no other reason than it's not shiny so there's no glare. Even the pro platinum finish I had applied to my Circa 62 can get rust pitting if I'm not careful. I've had luck making sure I take the cover off when I get home, opening it up and making sure it dries out before the next round. I once left a wet headcover on a Scotty head with disasterous results. A spray silicone works even better than the cloth. I've dealt su
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