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  1. I flare my back foot more to help get a centered pivot, but don't always remember to flare the front foot. It hasn't hurt me to much I don't think, my issue is starting the transition, one day I'll figure out a trigger that works.
  2. Agree, definitely a birdie... I watched Bad Boys For Life and Collateral Beauty this weekend, the Will Smith connection was a coincidence. Bad Boys For Life I give a birdie, I thought it was good and a good close to the trilogy. Collateral Beauty I give a birdie as well, I didn't think going into it I would like it that much, but it was a good story and thought all of the actors did a good job.
  3. MD still shutdown, and heard WV shutdown last night, at least the course close to me. Jumped the border to VA today, so many MD and WV plates in the parking lot.
  4. Got caught up with day 4, 5, & 6 today at the range, didn't have dimes so I had to cheat with ball markers, still a tough drill. And worked on Day 3 drills a little more. Was great to get outside today, was really nice out. I feel like i'm getting the club back where it's supposed to be in the backswing when I take it nice and slow (at least from previous positions), but still think my lack of executing the initial downswing (weight shift, rotation, etc) correctly is causing all of my inconsistency. Looking forward to those drills...
  5. Completed Day 3, spent a little extra time on these drills this weekend. Catching up with Day 4, 5, & 6 today (outside of a few hours of work Saturday, tried to stay away from my laptop this weekend). Hoping to get down to a course in VA this afternoon to practice/play.
  6. Well at least they can do maintenance in Maryland, but still planning to sneak across the WV or VA border to play.
  7. Looking forward to Day 3 drills, this has been my priority piece the past 2 months.
  8. Day 2 complete, I like these drills, but need to step outside to get a better feel. Don't feel my right shoulder getting as high with a club in my hand trying to move inside.
  9. I missed the last few weeks, but have watched it since season 1. I like the show, but get annoyed with the stupid guesses, then when it's time for the reveal, somehow on occasions they pick the right person out of the blue. It's hard to keep up with the clues if you aren't recording it or taking notes, but they usually lead you to the right person.
  10. No video on my end, but day 1 completed, on to day 2.
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