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  1. I'm only going by my experience between the two locations. When I golfed in England, the courses were set up as @boogielicious mentioned for older US courses, closer tee boxes and greens and parallel fairways, a lot of hills as well, but they were manageable. Most of the courses around me are built in or around housing developments where you could walk 5-10 minutes to get from a green to the next tee box, as well as numerous hills, which in my opinion discourages walking. I feel like course in the UK have walkers in mind when the course is designed, where here in the US, I don't think it comes into play at all, again based on what I have seen. I can walk my current course, but if I'm playing with others I usually ride because of the distance in between certain holes, it just takes to long to catch up to them.
  2. Looks like I'm in the majority here, went up 0.2 I think to 9.0.
  3. I'm in, hopefully can get out this week.
  4. I'll have to wait until tomorrow, Maryland (MSGA) is down until 7 January doing updates.
  5. Isn't it always windy, rainy, and cloudy up that way, don't think I ever seen the sun when I golfed, and the number of blind shots is ridiculous on courses around there compared to stateside courses.
  6. Forgot about the monopoly stuff, will have to put it on my radar as it should be a really good watch.
  7. I have a fitting scheduled, but outside of irons, you can only get 1 Gen 1 club for the Heroes price, from what I read you can't buy multiple fairway woods at that price, it is only for one of the options.
  8. Who is your provider? I have Comcast, you can watch on demand via the cable box or online.
  9. The last two courses I have been a member at the bunkers were/are horrible. I would rather them be grassed over if they are not going to take care of them. Some have been designated ground under repair just so they don't have to deal with them. There is an unfair impact having to play out of them, and I understand everyone has to so it even's things out, but it's just ridiculous having to play out of a dirt pile. I'm not the greatest bunker player, but I can get out of them, and this will be unpopular, but if I land in a bunker and it has the potential of breaking my wrist or damaging my club, I pull it out. And no, I don't record those rounds for my handicap, I'll play from them if I have to, but that goes back to the unfair impact piece.
  10. I lived in Northern England for 4 years, the biggest difference to me between the US and the UK, is the steady rain and wind in that part of England. Here in the US, a lot of folks don't golf because of the rain, when I was in the UK I can't remember if I ever golfed when it wasn't raining. The one thing I really enjoyed in the UK though was that everyone was walking, only riding in a cart if you had a doctor's note. I think walking is more enjoyable, but a lot of courses here are just not good for walkers, where I think the UK courses are.
  11. I'm just busy, and probably lazy, and not really motivated to use them...
  12. Yeah, nothing like teasing you about free sensor's, then pile a bunch of BS in front of you in order to get them, but that seems to be the norm.
  13. I think it's a California law to have those, I was in L.A. a few months ago and they had similar notices in Starbuck's about coffee, the person I was with who was from there said there are these types of notices popping up everywhere now in Cali.
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