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  1. I lived in Northern England for 4 years, the biggest difference to me between the US and the UK, is the steady rain and wind in that part of England. Here in the US, a lot of folks don't golf because of the rain, when I was in the UK I can't remember if I ever golfed when it wasn't raining. The one thing I really enjoyed in the UK though was that everyone was walking, only riding in a cart if you had a doctor's note. I think walking is more enjoyable, but a lot of courses here are just not good for walkers, where I think the UK courses are.
  2. I'm just busy, and probably lazy, and not really motivated to use them...
  3. Yeah, nothing like teasing you about free sensor's, then pile a bunch of BS in front of you in order to get them, but that seems to be the norm.
  4. I think it's a California law to have those, I was in L.A. a few months ago and they had similar notices in Starbuck's about coffee, the person I was with who was from there said there are these types of notices popping up everywhere now in Cali.
  5. And the UK Snicker's is 10 times better than the US one...making me hungry...
  6. I thought only @iacas would get that piece, but now I see there are 2 escapes out there...
  7. Congrat's Erik! That's awesome news! I'd say it's almost motivating enough for me to move back to Jamestown to have a great coach nearby, but since we both have been there, you know I would be lying a little. Anyways, a great accomplishment!
  8. ^^^This for me as well.
  9. From what I read, I think it's dead again. Costco is refunding money due to poor quality balls. Costco’s latest version of its budgeted golf ball flopped, but the company tried to make good - Golf Digest Costco restocked its shelves with its budgeted golf ball in recent weeks, but customers noticed flaws in the product
  10. I prefer 18, and agree with others that playing 9 just doesn't feel right. The only time I play 9 is if I go to the course after work and that is all I have time for, but even when I do this I still try to push to get in as many holes as I can before it gets dark.
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