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  1. As I said in the other thread, i'm not a cheap guy, but in my experience most rangers/marshals at the courses I play don't do anything to help the speed of play. They drive around once or twice and then BS with the starter the rest of the time. They are there to clock their time, that's about it. When it's slow you ask them what the hold up is, they point out it's the group so many holes ahead of you, then you ask them did you say anything to them, then you get the dear in the headlight look. It was cart path only last weekend, a group in front of us were riding all over the place, I told the ranger he needed to say something, he rode off, when he came around about an hour later he just drove by them. We had to drive up and remind them. Golf is already expensive, I don't need to be nickel and dime'd for everything else around the course.
  2. I'm not a cheap guy, my issue isn't tipping for service, my issue is tipping someone to do the same thing I did the entire round. I clean my clubs after I use them so there isn't any reason for someone to take a dirty wet towel and wipe them down at the end of the round. But most are taught pretty well, start cleaning them when you're on the last green so you feel stuck tipping them as you walk off.
  3. That makes more sense then, the Maryland State Golf Association (MSGA) allows you to select that it is a solo round, it's included in your scoring results, but not included in your handicap.
  4. Not sure that I agree with your assumption here, I thought you are allowed to enter solo scores since you can identify they were solo and not counted towards your handicap?
  5. Great write-up/story! Glad that you enjoyed the moment, even though your game wasn't the best. My wife and I went down to Hilton Head last September for a week's break, we stayed by Palmetto Dunes and I played the three courses there. We went out to Harbour Town, but I didn't play, it's on the list for when we go back down there. I was planning to play it, but since this was a make up vacation I didn't want to spend the extra cash. 2 months before this trip we went to the outer banks for a week, but I ended up having to work everyday, which didn't go over to well, but she understood that it was out of my control. But looking forward to getting back down to Hilton Head, that is our favorite get away now.
  6. Welcome and Congrat's on your career, but with Humana's continuing huge fail with managing Humana Military for Tricare East, I don't know if I would advertise that. Maybe they'll listen to you, can you tell them to get their heads out of their A$$.
  7. To funny... (not the competition itself, just that there is one, never heard of it)
  8. Just a thought as I'm not an instructor, and it's almost impossible to say what is wrong without seeing a video, but my first thought is that you are not shifting/transferring your weight forward in order to make proper contact with your irons, it sounds like you are hanging back on your rear foot. With driver, fairway woods, and hybrid's you can get a way with this a lot more than you can with an iron. Or it could possibly be that you are casting, which would cause you to hit fat shots. As others have said, to receive the right advice you will need to post a video in the My Swing Thread.
  9. Good write up, it's been a long time since I have been so a few things are new to me, but overall I think if people visiting and those playing or associated with players were honest it would line up pretty well with your thoughts. I think people just want to keep that majestic thought on top of everything else. When I played the Old Course when I lived in England I couldn't get over the fact that I was playing there, but once the dust settled I couldn't believe how bad of shape it was actually in. I was stationed in Augusta back in the early to mid 90's and they would do raffles at Gordon Lakes, the Fort Gordon golf course. I would take a bunch of folks out to lunch and have them sign up and if they got a ticket they would give it to me. I was lucky enough to go 3 years in a row, which was awesome, but they wanted us to be in uniform, man it was hot. I used to buy merchandise throughout the year, it was pretty weird ordering things and going to the side gate to pay and pick things up from the guard shack.
  10. Not sure if it will help, but I was fighting an issue the past month, what helped me was to slow down my back swing to make sure I was in the right position. My back swing got really quick, which caused a lot of issues, I would try to slow your back swing down and see where that puts you at the top of your back swing.
  11. Good thought, but wasn't the problem. Actually was at the range/course for 3-days straight trying to figure it out. I'm pretty sure I have corrected the issue, even though Saturday at the range it creeped back in on about 5-7 swings, but I played 9 after and shot a 40. I still had to regrip a couple times before my swing to make sure it was square and comfortable, didn't shank any, but still had a couple pulls. Cause (the best I can tell): Back swing got very quick and lazy. I was very quick on my back swing, which I didn't realize how quick I actually got, and I say I got lazy as well because I wasn't focused on getting into the proper position. With a quick back swing, my swing gets way to long and my hands get way to high and force the head of the club to cross my left shoulder, which I think was forcing my right hand to want to turn, which in turn twisted the club in my left hand. Solution: A very slow back swing, which allows me to reduce the over swing, and allows me to rotate my hands/wrists on the way back that puts me into more of a flat back swing. When I do this correctly there isn't any fighting between my two hands and I make solid contact. Still have the issue when addressing the ball with the club face closing some, but am learning to be patient and just readjust it at address.
  12. I usually where it for full shots and remove it around the green, but lately I have not been wearing one at all. I'll probably go back to wearing it most of the time, but do like the feel of not wearing one if my hands are not sweating.
  13. MARYLAND 1. Bulle Rock, Havre de Grace (m) 2. Lodestone, McHenry (m) 3. Lake Presidential GC, Upper Marlboro (m) 4. Links at Lighthouse Sound, Ocean City (m) 5. Whiskey Creek, Ijamsville (m) 6. Musket Ridge, Myersville (m) 7. Rocky Gap Casino Resort, Flintstone (m) 8. Queenstown Harbor (River), Queenstown (m) 9. Worthington Manor, Urbana (m) 10. Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay (River Marsh), Cambridge (m) I have not played 1, 2, 3, 7, or 10, and it's been at least 8 years since I played 4 & 8. Whiskey Creek, Musket Ridge, and Worthington Manor are all within a 15-20 minute drive of each other, I agree these should be on the list based on my location and the courses I have played. I think Musket Ridge is the best of the three, when you consider course conditions, scenery/view, difficulty, and price. Whiskey Creek is the most expensive, but has great views and is a tough course, and Worthington Manor I think is the most difficult, it hosts a lot of tourney's and qualifier's.
  14. It's not a bad thought, I did somewhat try that but the right hand still seem to over power the left for some weird reason, my wrists seem to be doing weird things when I grip the club. I was thinking more about where it ends up at impact, when I go out to the range this evening I'm going to see how gripping the club at an impact position works just to see the difference in my right wrist when moving back to address.
  15. Just a quick update, went to the range last night and tried the suggestions, but nothing seemed to help, just more frustrations. A couple things I noticed though. I did notice that there is a gap between where the base of my pinkie sits and where the heel of my hand rests on the club. I can feel that part of my hand rubbing and turning the club. As soon as I place my right hand on the club and address the ball there is an immediate pressure of rolling it to the left that closes the clubface, which i'm thinking is the main cause of the club twisting. Also noticed at the top of my backswing that my left hand feels like it is trying to prevent the club from turning, while my right hand seems to have a lot of pressure trying to twist it closed. So my thought, is that my right hand is doing the twisting and it's actually turning the club in my left hand. Not sure what the fix is, but will continue to work on it until it is fixed or I throw in the towel.
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