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  1. JGus

    My Swing (JGus)

    @iacas, All I can say is WOW, what a difference! I know I'm not there yet, but wanted to post a quick update. I've done a lot of mirror work at home, went to the range Monday as my new wedges came in and I needed to practice with them before my 2-man better ball tourney this Saturday, but focused more on getting into a better A3 position. I spent about an hour on the range yesterday before playing 9 with a buddy, and again just focused on getting into a better A3 position. While focusing on the A3 position, it had a direct impact on two other areas as well. It helped me keep my right elbow tucked into my side and changed how I start my transition. The past year I have felt like i was forcing my hip turn, whereas now while focusing on the A3 position I feel like I am bumping/sliding first and then making a turn, resulting in much better contact. I plan to get some video in the next week or two, which will show if this has really changed or if it's all in my head. So my question, I'll continue to work on a better A3 position as my priority piece, but is it okay to also focus on my right elbow staying tucked to my side and my transition? I don't want to overload my brain, but it seems like these two things automatically come into play when I focus on the priority piece. And I have to also add that I shot my lowest ever 9-hole score yesterday, shot an even par 36! Can't wait to get to the course Saturday. Ok, guess it wasn't a quick update...
  2. JGus

    Bucket list courses you got to play!

    I think my only bucket list course is Augusta, just because there is no chance I'll ever play there. I've played the Old Course and the other courses at St. Andrews and had a great time, just wish I was a better golfer back then. There's obviously plenty of courses around the U.S. I would like to play, but I think it comes down to what each person is willing to pay and if they can make the time to go there and play. To me, some courses would be great to play, but I don't think I would ever pay that much money to play them. I agree here, and actually got invited recently to play there, just waiting for everything to finalize. But since I know this person, who has a relative that's a member, unfortunately time may pass and it just falls to the wayside.
  3. JGus

    My Swing (JGus)

    Eventually I'll get some video's uploaded, but need to shorten them up a bit. @iacas, thanks, I started some mirror work last night and will start to focus on this the next range session. Hopefully I can get a couple practice sessions in this week before our 2-man better ball tourney on Saturday. Just doing a little mirror work last night, I was very surprised how quick my left arm wraps around when my left shoulder isn't under or close to being under my chin at A3. Excited to start working on this.
  4. JGus

    My Swing (JGus)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 20+ years, but didn’t start playing seriously (practicing and trying to get better) until about 8 years ago. My current handicap index or average score is: 9.5 My typical ball flight is: Army Golf (left, right, left). Up until about 1 ½ years ago my typical ball flight was a draw, but after tearing my quad tendon in my left leg my ball flight is now a little unpredictable. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: This is also a tough one to answer as sometimes I pull it left or push it right, so I would like to eliminate both, or in other words, be more consistent and get back to a ‘typical’ ball flight. I took lessons about 7 years ago, I think I was a 24-26 handicap. The lessons helped me understand the golf swing better and helped me play better, but they didn’t really help to ingrain a proper swing. So with some self teaching and of course reading and learning from here I was able to get down to probably a 16. My last set of lessons were 3 years ago, which seemed at the time and for about the next year to help build a better swing and helped me to get down to a 9 handicap, but then my swing started getting worse. I was slowly working to get back to where I was, but then tore my quad tendon and my swing hasn’t been the same sense. I was hoping that I could get my swing back to where it once was before creating a My Swing Thread, but I am at the point that nothing I have worked on the past year has helped fix the things I think need to be fixed. And what I think needs fixed could be totally wrong. I know I need to identify a priority piece, which has been really hard for me to figure out exactly what that is, as like most, I seem to work on to many things. The things I have been working on, unfortunately not that successfully: Shortening my backswing – can’t figure this one out, as you’ll see in the pic’s Keeping my right elbow in front of or even with shirt seem – not doing this well either, and think it’s because of #1 Transition into Down swing / Hip turn – I feel like I do turn, but don’t think my weight shifts properly And just grooving a better swing – but think the above is preventing it I haven’t had time to figure out how to cut down videos yet as I usually record 3-4 swings at a time, so am only posting pic’s for now. Pic’s are with a 7 iron and Driver. A1: A2: A3: A4: A5: A6: A7: A9: A10:
  5. JGus

    Out of Bounds versus Lateral Hazard

    I'm not a course designer or superintendent, but my guess is the reason some areas are marked as OB instead of red/yellow stake is because for some reason or another they don't want you playing out of specific areas. Obviously OB on property lines imply you are off of the course, but the areas you mentioned are probably protected and they don't want people running in and out of them or hitting from them, which you could do if it is a hazard.
  6. My current wedges match my Ping i20 set, I currently have a PW (46/12), GW (50/13), SW (54/14), and LW (58/don't know the bounce), but am thinking about going back to only 3 wedges for a few reasons. First, I currently have 15 clubs in the bag that I rotate in and out depending on the course I play, mainly swap between a hybrid or 5 wood and either my GW or LW. Second, I think I want to only focus on distances and different shot types with 3 wedges. And third, I think I am missing out on better wedge play by using the i20 wedges compared the Glide 2.0's. My 9 iron has a loft of 41, so thinking about going with the Glide 2.0 PW (48/SS), SW (54/ES), and LW (60/TS or WS). @iacas, I just noticed on the spec sheet that the PW comes in 46 and then jumps to 50, do you know if they will bend it if I order a 48? My local store where I have always got fitted has closed, the owner decided to retire, so i'm basing the grinds on the current wear marks on my current wedges. SS is standard for PWs, and I use my 54 mainly in the sand, unless i'm close to the lip, which is why I like the ES, and still undetermined for the LW, but leaning more towards the TS for more all around use compared to the WS. I think I can go to Golf Galaxy to get fitted, but I can't buy from their stock as I want an unstandard loft PW and will add the KBS shafts, so figured I may as well order straight from Ping.
  7. Thanks, not sure where I heard it, could have been a discussion here or I'm just thinking of another tool.

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