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  1. I'm a little late to this, but I align pretty closely with this student. My main struggle is tinkering, mainly with my transition as one will work one day but not the next, so I change it until it works, at least works to get me around the golf course. But late last year after getting my new irons and moving into this year, I have tried to slow things down on the range and focus on one thing at a time, which has helped, but it is a constant battle with myself to stick with it. But will also add that I have taken 3 separate lessons the past few years, and nothing against the folks I
  2. I have mainly used MCC +4's in the past, but recently got new irons the end of last year and had the Pure DTX grips put on them. The few rounds I played it bothered me a little having different grips, mainly because my other grips were old and ready to be changed, but getting the rest replaced with Pure DTX next week.
  3. I understand the odd's and the point about taking a chance, don't argue either one. When my number is called maybe I will have a different opinion, but for now I'll continue to educate myself until that time comes.
  4. That's a pretty bold statement, I don't really believe that is or will be the case. Ok, let's be real here, we all know that is not a true statement.
  5. We can agree to disagree on if this is a 'trial' or not, and again not making this argumentative, we all have our own opinions based on what we have read and/or heard. There is not enough data proving these shots are safe and effective, just because they were approved under the Emergency Use Authorization doesn't mean we know everything we should know about the short and long term effects. Again, I have no issues with anyone getting them, it's each individuals decision to make. Again, not arguing anyone's take on this, just curious on people's view. And I think everyone should
  6. So out of pure curiosity, for everyone who is so anxious to get the COVID shot(s), how many of you have volunteered for free clinical trials/studies in the past? My guess would be a very small amount, so i'm really curious on why this is different in your mind? This is not meant to be argumentative, just really curious how everyone views this, especially if you have not, or would not, sign up for other free clinical trials/studies. And no, I am not in a hurry or plan to get these shots anytime soon.
  7. Doesn't look like a camera to me, looks more like a radar device, but could be wrong.
  8. I'm in again this year, knocked out half last year, hoping to get them all this year.
  9. Agree on the no risk part, and the meshing with the team I think is the key piece here. I'm not to worried about bumping heads on the leadership side, I think he knows what his role is. If he meshes well I think it will be great for the team, now if they could just learn how to manage and keep the right goalies...
  10. I still don't know if I like or hate Chara coming to the Cap's, I guess time will tell.
  11. I think Maryland's is right, at least from a 'safe' perspective, it is 15 Mar - 14 Nov. We can get decent weather into December, 1 Apr - 30 Nov makes a little more sense as the heavier snow fall seems to be Feb-Mar, at least in my area.
  12. Would like to claim the 'No sixes challenge', I posted the score card in the topic thread. Thanks.
  13. Thanks, and I wondered if I would ever beat it, a great confidence boost, hopefully it lasts until spring.
  14. FINALLY...this challenge has been in the back of my mind the past year or so, I haven't gone into a round thinking about it as a goal, but usually somewhere during the round I remember it. First thought of it today was when I made the turn and noticed I had no 6's on the scorecard, which put a little more pressure on myself on the back, but was able to finally beat the challenge. Today was the 4th full round with my new irons (TM P790s), minus the par 3 performance, I was hitting them really well. And a thank you to everyone who recommended Pure DTX grips, I have never seen these in a s
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