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  1. So im 21 and last summer was my first real season that i actually played for "real" and tried to get better. I've played a little before but really was just farting around. I'm still in the learning process but am struggling with some things like a pretty bad slice off the tee, inconsistent hit direction with my irons (which stems from probably an over the top swing motion-same with driver) and an overall inconsistency with my shots. I have no prior help or instruction and want to do some lessons just to get someone else eyes on me to help me out. now there is a few different ways i can go and want your opinions as what to do. first is golf tec. very expensive to do multiple lessons but they do offer an hour long swing evaluation for $99, the question is, will they give me a whole lot of info in that initial session or hold back because they want me to pay for more lessons? they probably wont tell me very much. another is a local pro who does lessons with the k-vest. fairly expensive but not as much as golf tec. i think for $299 you get 5 hours of instruction with the vest. ive heard mixed reviews on the k-vest. one said that it might be a good thing for an already decent player who is just trying to fine tune a couple thing in there swing. maybe, thoughts? the last and most likely thing i will do is just go to a local course where they offer instruction from there club pro. one i already thought about i think was $125 for four 45 minute sessions which is in my wheel house as far as money goes. i can afford more but why pay for something i dont need, right? One concern with this route-will he be able to recognize my issues with the naked eye? i know the appealing thing with the other ways are the technology and cameras being able to see your problems and am just worried about wasting my money with some Joe schmo, which i mostly feel wont happen. Anyway, just want your opinions. thanks!
  2. thanks for the advice! at this point, im not worried about hitting it 400 yards. id be happy with a 250 yard STRAIGHT drive and land in the middle of the fairway haha
  3. so im 21 and have only seriously been golfing for about 7 months. i have played a few times here and there for a few years but never really made the effort to really play and get better. but this year i have. i have no pro help or instruction (not yet anyway) and frankly am still learning about things as i go (rules terminology etc.) i mean i know what a birdie, and bogey are though. anyway, i have a mean slice with my driver. it seems to have really gotten worse the more i have played. maybe its because my swing speed has increased? my irons on the other hand seem to be ok. i will occasionally hit a slight fade but 4/5 times it will be straight (i do need to work on my consistency though, sometimes will blade or hit it fat) my drives on the other hand, 4/5 shots will slice, or sometimes all 5 haha. any advice that may help? i know it hard without seeing the swing and its a bit of a shot in the dark but anything will help. i will try to get a video or pictures up soon. thanks for any help.
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