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  1. I've been looking into these. What color lenses did you buy for golf?
  2. I bought the PXG 0211's and the T200's kicked them out the bag. Still have them if anyone wants a set. LOL! T200's are pretty soft for the forged face and I like the strong lofts.
  3. I think a lot of this is related to swing path (cut spin, straight on strike, hooded spin), turf interaction, and club choice. Just a few things that help me create a shot that gets me up and down.
  4. My thoughts on reading a chip is "what you get out of the shot directly reflects what you put into the shot". Take your time because you may see a certain break if you take your time and read it at eye level. As of reading the green for a pitch shot. Its important to know the slope/speed/firmness of green but its also important to know how your spin will affect the outcome once it hits the green.
  5. Wondering if anyone has hit these yet and what were your thoughts. I'm looking more into the T100 and T200 sets as I don't like the more bulky top-line of the T300. Thanks for the input.
  6. Has anyone hit the new Titleist 714 CB irons? Please share your opinion. Thanks
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